Oasis Bay Party Cruise

The Oasis Bay Party Cruiser is the newest edition to Viland Travel's Fleet and it is one of the largest boats in Halong Bay. The team combines cruising with a series of activities: kayaking, water trampoline, swimming, boat jumping, rock climbing and beach volleyball on a private island to make your cruise experience unforgettable. Expect to cruise in style and make new friends from across the globe!
5 years experience
Fluent English
Refuse Plastics
4.7 / 5
40 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.7 out of 40 helpful reviews
A friend and I booked the 3 days / 2 nights tour with Oasis Bay following a friend’s recommendation without quite knowing what the tour would entail. Our friend did the same tour 6-7 years ago and reported a a somewhat different experience. The overall summary is: this is a massive booze cruise. If you’re expecting it to be anything else or if that’s not quite what you’re after, then you should check out alternatives (of which there are plenty). Having said that, the tour is professionally organised (from pick up to drop off, all logistics were very smooth) and great fun! You’ll see plenty of Halong Bay, can go swimming, kayaking, do beer yoga, enjoy the sunset, chill on a remote little island, play pool, dance your bums off and play lots of drinking games. The cabins on the boat are very spacious and luxurious, an experience not matched by the dorms on the island but we didn’t mind. The one little complaint we had was the food. It simply lacked in quality and quantity, which isn’t s surprise given it needs to cater to a broad audience. My advice to Oasis Bay: go back to basics with regards to food. Keep it local and simple and the experience will be fantastic.
04 Jan 2020
Firstly I’ve got to give a big shout out to Harvey/Pinky! He was extremely helpful/funny and kept a great and welcoming atmosphere. Can’t thank him enough for being such a legend! We decided to book on this cruise with a travel agent but booked with no knowledge of what we were truly getting ourselves into. It was the best New Year’s we’ve ever had. The boat lived up to way higher than our expectations. It was luxurious , clean and entertaining! Freedom island on the second day was idyllic and felt so grateful to have been there and experienced it even with the slightly overcast weather. Book with Oasis Bay!!!
03 Jan 2020
This cruise made my Christmas!! Christmas Eve on the boat and then Christmas Day on the island...what more could we want? However, what made the trip was having our amazing guide Bobby! Hands down the nicest guy and went out of his way to help and made sure we all had fun and felt welcomed and like part of a giant family!
01 Jan 2020
I gotta give a shout-out to Bobby was the hero of my trip. I'm so happy to be able to write this review for my experience. Bobby was an awesome guy, he was super quick to save my phone my life when it was falling off my pocket, I was just losing the beat of my heart for a minute till bobby said "I got you". Oasis Bay team did an amazing job to look after us while on the ship, we felt so much home and welcomed when we were arriving at the boat from the shore, people were waving and smiling at us. Corly Patrick were our host and they were great at ttheir job, Bobby was knowledable, clever and very very very friendly, he was for sure a good mate to hang out with. we paid around 209$ each for 3 days 2 night (one night on boat and one night on the private island), we think we receied more than what we paid hoestly during the trip we had so much fun and we are thankful for that.I would love to bring more friends here next time to party like hell. It would be a shame if I don't mention anything about Halong Bay, it's absolutely a beautiful place where dotted by thousands of rocky islands and islets. The bay is unique and not like any other place I have seen both on TV or in person. you must visit this place sometime. The highlight of this trip is literally the island, we were so pleased to watch the movie Skull island at outdoor cinema, imagine how cool and amazing it is when you're watching the movie at the place it was filmed?? Just amazing. Lastly thank Oasis for organizing this trip so well.
31 Dec 2019
atmosphere was fab, met some great people and had an awesome time with Corey and a Michael hosting. However despite this we have been left with a very sour taste in our mouths. The room we were put in absolutely wreaked of stale urine. At first we thought that maybe with it being a cruise ship that some unusual smells were to be expected, however it’s only after talking with other people we discovered that it wasn’t normal. This was raised with one of the crew and to their credit they immediately sent cleaners in there. Later on in the evening we returned to the room and it smelt slightly better, now a combination of bleach and dry urine. We left the room to go have dinner in hope that it would get better once the bleach smell subsided. We then returned to the room around midnight and tried to sleep, however the smell was so repulsive it was unbearable. I went to get one of the crew members to come into the room so they could smell how bad it was which they agreed and and we were then moved into a different room which was x1000 better. I raised this with management in the morning and asked that if we could be reimbursed in any way as for one night it is an expensive cruise and we had been caused a significant amount of disruption to our Xmas celebrations, this was a flat out no from management and only after relaying that I would be posting an honest review on social media I was then offered a measly $15pp refund (which even then they short changed me on). It’s a real shame that the management weren’t interested in sufficiently offering reimbursement or anything which showed a gesture of goodwill. Once they have your money they’re not really interested. Such a shame as the rest of the cruise was great but I certainly won’t be recommending this to anybody.
31 Dec 2019