Ocean Prana

Experience world-class free diving courses in Ocean Prana. It is founded by Yoram Zekri, a former World vice-champion of freediving and French National champion multi-record holder, Yoram was among the world elite of this discipline. The forefront of Ocean Prana's training syllabus is quality teaching and safety for all freedivers. It will allow yourself to free dive without worries in the silence and beauty of the underwater world.
5.0 / 5
39 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

5.0 out of 39 helpful reviews

Very nice place to be and to learn with great and humble Peoples.
I did 6 coaching session as an newly Aida 3, with Yoram, Dave and EJ. It was fantastic, they bring your skill and performance to the next level !!! Thanks to everyone. Can’t wait to be back for the Aida 4.

04 Jul 2019
Had a great time hanging out with like minded people poolside and on the patio hammocks, Ocean Prana is super chill. I came to take my AIDA 3 course, and with Dave's coaching I was able to take my diving to a completely new level. He focused on technique and relaxation, and before I knew it I had completed the requirements of the course that I had previously been the most worried about. Even had a lot of laughs along the way! Thanks Dave, and Ocean Prana, looking forward to more training with ya’ll in the future.
brie s, New Zealand
08 May 2019
Excellent service and teaching!! Highly recommend. My husband and I have high expectations for courses and this exceeded it. Yay! Lunch is amazing as well (chicken curry) which is included. Morning is theory 1-2 hours. Very well explained and not boring! Then you spend time in the pool. The pool was made just for free diving! Johan (lovely French man) built the place and is a world champion free diver. Very kind and patient. Then had lunch and went to the ocean. Felt comfortable and in good hands. Went to 10m comfortably. He swims down with you every time :) then takes a go pro video at the end of you. Did course with my husband. One day beginners course. You do one swim in ocean. Other companies don’t offer one day, only two days and first day is heavy on theory. Where as here you have the option to come back next day and have a guide and do E.g. US liberty ship wreck free dive for US 50 Highly recommend. Organized company and excellent quality.
14 Nov 2018
Great experience to the big blue. Thanks to Max my performing and funny coach to teach me more let go and to have a guide to go to the dephts. Nice progression during 4 days. AIDA 3 is a complet and very interesting course to go further to self- understanding of physiologicals mecanisms. Thanks Yoram for welcome rigor and advice. The center growing it s a wonderfull and quiet place for learn freediving. I recommand this place
Stefy Jollien
11 Oct 2018
WE only came to Amed for the AIDA 2 course and then we found paradise. We have had so much fun freediving with Yoram for two days. I did my PADI two years ago and haven't had nearly as much fun I've had with Yoram during AIDA 2. He's such a great teacher/instructor, all was really playful without any pressure. My partner Tom turned within three days from "i can't snorkel " to literally a fish in the water. Furthermore, the Ocean Prana place is such a nice hangout place, loving the vibe and people and it's not even fully finished yet... Can't wait to come back for AIDA 3 and more diving fun. Thanks Yoram for reminding me that under water is the place to be :)
Dana F
10 Jul 2018