One Thousand Hills

One Thousand Hills is one of the newest guesthouses in Ketambe and one with the most comfortable accommodation. Joseph, the owner, is meticulous about maintaining his property as well as taking care of his guests. His staff are also wonderful cooks!
9 years experience
Basic English
4.5 / 5
71 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.5 out of 71 helpful reviews
One Thousand Hills accommodated us by offering vegetarian meals, and willingly prepared meals at various times in the day to accommodate our schedule. The staff were so kind and helpful. We really enjoyed the location near the trek and the peacefulness of the property. I highly recommend the simplicity of the environment and proximity to nature.
Elaine Alford
29 Mar 2020
Beautiful guest house and bungalows in ketambe. Perfect to disconnect from the world. Gentle staff. They offer jungle trekking for 1,2 or 3 days with an expert guide, walking through the jungle, camping in the night time and so have an amazing experience in the jungle. See wild animals in the jungle, cross rivers...they provide breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as camping material. Just amazing!
13 Jan 2020
The trip was great value as we were picked up from Medan in a private car and taken six hours to Ketambe. The guest house was nice and comfortable and I loved the outside bathroom. The two days trekking was good and the guide showed us lots of different things and explained everything. The camping out was fine and they gave us sleeping bags and floor mattresses. The area we slept was next to the river so no bugs. The food throughout was really good. On the second day we saw a massive orangutan about five meters away and then later that day another two. It was an amazing experience to see these wild animals and one that may not be around for much longer so I felt very privileged Worth all the hiking, long drive, camping out !!! Definitely recommend
Sarah Pratt
01 Jan 2020

Nice homestay for trekking trips! Very nice and helpful staff. Breakfast could have been a little more varied, but the overall food was very good. Good guides at the treks with a lot of experience and knowledge with mostly good English skills. Very recommendable!

Verified traveller
22 Sep 2019

I recommend 2 days maximum in the Ketambe Jngl trip, the guesthouse was fine

Luke Duke
13 Sep 2019