Orca Dive Club Flores

The ORCA Dive Club is well equipped with 20 equipment sets. For excursions between Flores and Komodo, the divers have access to 100 aluminium bottles with DIN connections, which can be filled quickly with a high performance Coltri compressor. In contrast to other ORCA Dive Clubs, no Nitrox is available at Flores.
12 years experience
Fluent English, Bahasa, German
SSI Certified
4.7 / 5
15 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.7 out of 15 helpful reviews
One more dream came true. Since I started to dive the Komodo National Park was on my bucket list. After the first day with the great and professional Team of Lisa, I booked directly for a second excursion to south Rinca 2 days only regret is that planed my time in Fores to short and only had two days time for diving.
MarcelHeiniger, Lovina Beach, Indonesia
30 Apr 2019

We had very nice days diving with this diveclub. The staff was friendly and professional, the dives was more than beautiful and we will return as soon as possible for a much longer stay.
Thank you Liza to make all dives possible and thank you to the staff who helped alot!

ja ques
04 Apr 2019
Good, helpful and friendly employees of the diving school Orca Divers in Flores - Komodo. They will pick you up at the hotel and bring you back later. If you ask to stop at the supermarket, they do this without any problems. They take care of all your diving equipment. The diving bottles are well filled. The food is tasty on the boat. There are enough biscuits, water, tea and coffee on board. On the upper deck are mattresses available for about 10 divers. Very nice diving in Komodo National Park. They also visit the Komodo Dragon with you once. On the last day they clean all your diving equipment and bring it clean and dry to your hotel the next day. Excellent service from Orca Divers in Flores - Komodo The disadvantage of diving by government is expensive and there is no government protection available. Unfortunately, because this very beautiful piece of nature must absolutely be protected and the government failed. The government all receive the money and do nothing. The diving school on the other hand, protect it as much as they can. Complain, for example, to a skipper who is anchoring, which is actually forbidden on the beautiful coral. Take waste as they find it in the sea on board. Good institution of Orca Divers Flores - Komodo.
adcdiving, Belgium
18 Nov 2018

We had such a great time! The stuff was really helpful and friendly. The boot is nice and big and the cook has prepared fresh food every day. Tasty :) The underwater world was so beautiful! The holiday was perfect!

12 Sep 2018

We can only recommend the OWD! We were very well taken care of and have gained unforgettable diving experiences. Many thanks to Liza and her team

Manuela Hagner
19 Mar 2018