Padi Box Sekinchan

Padi Box, a cosy homestay and café exquisitely designed from freight containers offering a relaxing space amongst the famous paddy fields of Sekinchan. Located just approximately 1.5 hours drive from the hustling and bustling of the KL city centre, you will experience a unique hospitality concept and be greeted with a breathtaking view of lush greenery. At Padi Box, you will wake up every morning in the serenity of picturesque paddy fields and fresh air, guaranteeing a relaxing holiday where you can fully wind down.
5 years experience
Fluent English, Chinese, Bahasa
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What Others are saying

What others are saying

3.8 out of 57 helpful reviews
Ng Siew Kheng
02 Jan 2021
Stylish Container Homestay *With Bike Rental & Farming Activities

Bad maintenance of the room and hygiene. Bed sheet is very dirty and smelly. Staff is unfriendly too, very disappointed

Alvin Chia
17 Jun 2020
It's a fantastic place for the gram and airconditioning here was off the hook and super necessary for sunny Sekinchan. The colorful container rooms overlooking the golden paddy fields awaiting harvest was an amazing viewpoint. The owners have also taken some efforts putting up swings to perfect the idllyic views available here. Nevertheless, housekeeping was not as detailed as they should have been with an unusable fan and empty water bottles left in our room upon check-in. If they did more to maintain the interiors of the bathrooms and amenities we'd have given a higher rating. Still, worth a visit for the amazing views.
Trav Wong
24 Mar 2020

Nice panoramic views of the paddy fields, though need to check about the harvest/planting season to ensure best sceneries. The washroom is moldy and dirty though.

J Phoon
20 Mar 2020

This is a nice place if you intention is to live among the paddy fields. Unfortunately, when we were there, the padi was just planted & rather a shoddy job if i may say. But good for sunrise photography.

Siang Yu Ng
16 Mar 2020
we checked in at 3.30pm & went to my room to rest & clean up before dinner. When I opened the room, cool air met us. it was so nice & considerate of the staff for this gesture. then we found out that there was an electricity slowdown & had to get the generator to cool down our room. Thank you staff for this small gesture but made a great impression of the service you provide.