Radiant Retreats

Radiant Retreats is a hospitality group specializing in corporate team-building, training and educational camps for schools, in Janda Baik, Malaysia. At Radiant Retreats, you can be assured of creative programming, bountiful nature, top-class instructors, high-quality facilities and superb service!
Fluent English, Bahasa
4.6 / 5
40 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.6 out of 40 helpful reviews

Very nice place to gathering with a big group. Owner together with staff is so friendly & kind. Plus, the place is so comfortable & cosy. It will never enough for 1 night. Must check in at least 2 nights 😍😍

Faridd Zailan
01 Sep 2020

This is one of many places where we can reconnect with the nature with your family. One of the activities that i think the kids like is fishing. Give them a try.

28 Aug 2020
Excellent facilities, extremely helpful, considerate and polite staff. I've stayed here 3 times at site A, site B and conducted a girls camp here once. Had a pleasant experience all 3 times. The activities packages are conducted at multiple locations in partnership with Horse Riding schools, Waterfall visits, archery, paintball, nature hikes and river escapades. Awesome!
Marcel Fabian
26 Aug 2020

The space was as listed. Everything was sparkling clean & our team had an amazing time. The space both indoor and outdoor is big to do group games and BBQ session. Would definitely return!

16 Jul 2020
Leaving city life for 3 day 2 nights, this was really a nice, peaceful orchard for the six of us (the Retreat building, I think could take in 15 persons). The land area was quite big and planted with mainly dukung, durian and mangosteen trees. A staff member brought breakfast for us at around 8.00am. The first breakfast consisted of nasi lemak with sambal, fried eggs and fried chicken while for the 2nd day, we were served fried beehoon, bread with peanut butter, jam and butter (or margarine?). The nasi lemak with sambal was okay. The fried chicken and fried beehoon were delectable. We made our own dinner for the two nights - steamboat for the 1st night and bbq for the 2nd. For bbq, Radiant provided the charcoal and fire starter for a fee. We only participated in two activities – fishing for tilapia in the pond within the orchard and shooting hung plastic bottles with an air gun. There were other outdoor activities within the retreat area for camping and team-building exercises. The management ought to fix the sharp edges of the metal sheets covering the lower interior surface of the bathroom doors and the metal sheet on the surface of the outdoor large table at the activity area. We took a drive to Pulau Santap, a place suitable for a family outing and picnic by the riverside, about 6 km from Radiant Retreat. We bought a packet of 4 figs costing RM30.00 (30 Jan 2020) from Figs Malaysia Farm, about 300 metres walk from the pedestrian/ motorbike bridge over the river.
William Wong
03 Mar 2020