Rumah Konservasi Kunang Kunang
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Locations: Ubud
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Rumah Konservasi Kunang Kunang, situated amidst the local plantations and farmlands of Taro village, is a sanctuary devoted to the preservation of fireflies. It lies nestled beneath the shelter of numerous palm trees, surrounded by a lush tropical environment, creating a perfect habitat for these luminous insects. Our mission is to dedicate our time, space, and efforts to safeguarding their natural habitat and boosting their population. We aim to extend our outreach to farmers, encouraging them to adopt non-chemical farming practices and embrace organic agriculture to support our cause. This campaign not only promotes a healthier and more sustainable environment but also seeks to preserve biodiversity and sustain the firefly ecosystem. Furthermore, we work tirelessly to enhance our understanding of these tiny glowing creatures by conducting research on their species, lifespan, behavior, and anatomy. Our laboratory facility provides a unique opportunity for close observation, but we are also fortunate to have the largest laboratory of all: nature itself.
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