Saloma's Village Stay

Saloma, a Sarawak native, is a gracious host who loves to show her guests the best of the Bidayuh cultures and tradition. Through Saloma's Village Stay, with the income from tourism as well as the cultural exchange between her guests and locals, Saloma hopes to bring new opportunities for her home village of Sadir.
10 years experience
Fluent English, Bahasa
First aid
4.9 / 5
51 reviews

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What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.9 out of 51 helpful reviews
What a wonderful experience in the Saloma family! Bamboo cooking, trekking in the jungle, visiting the village, the farm, swimming in the waterfalls ... Everything cut off from the world in a sublime little house perched in the middle of the jungle ?? The welcome is so warm that we we felt at home with the real feeling of being part of the family ... The meals are excellent ... A real treat for the taste buds ???? What unforgettable moments that I warmly recommend you to live thanks to Saloma and its great family! It remains our most beautiful experience in Malaysia ... I specify that it is an authentic experience, far from the tourist circuits, it is rare and it is GOOD! Our only regret ... Staying only 3 days and 2 nights !!!!
03 Mar 2020

We had an amazing time with Celina and his family. We were with our two children and had a travel companion. They were a kindness. And she cook beautifully. Really an experience to live

Christelle Derriennic
22 Feb 2020
To visit Saloma Village means to enter the heart of hills kampung life of Sarawak. No touristic fakes or artificial reproductions. You stay with the family, in the family house and eat the local (delicious) food. The place is simply beautiful and clean, all made of wood and totally surrounded by nature. Saloma and her colleagues are awesome guides who explain you the local flora, fauna and traditions with mastery. This is a unique experience not to be missed!!! Thank you Saloma for letting us love Sarawak and the tribes living on its mountains!!!!!!
06 Dec 2019
One of best hidden gems around if you're looking for a short break from the city and out into the wilderness. They have great local guides with good command of English and an indept knowledge of the surrounding area. Main attractions would have to be the waterfalls, as there are four or five waterfalls which are within walking distance, but do so with their guides since you walking into the jungle and definitely not wanting to be lost. Jungle cooking with bamboo is a must for any food connoisseur, and do ask them to make tea in bamboo too. Would recommend this place to anyone who likes natures and up for a good hike up the mountains for a little insight of what heaven may looks like. The host are very hospitable and you are actually staying with the family in the homestay, hence the name I suppose.
Paddy Raymond Bang
09 Nov 2019
The pluses for this homestay during my 3 day stay.. - not too far or difficult to get to from the city of Kuching - excellent communication with hosts leading up to arrival so you know exactly what is planned and what is happenning - great hosts, the family is very welcoming and hospitable, and the food is fresh and tastes amazing. They also have some amazing pets that are so friendly, 2 dogs and 3 cats. Also, everyone else you meet in the village is really welcoming and friendly so you don't feel out of place once you're outside the homestay. - Very interesting tours, with very knowledgable guides, and you learn so much you wouldnt from google and youtube. The tours are also quite varied and customisable so something to suit all tastes and energy levels. - A real genuine insight into how life is lived in jungle areas. - Accomodation is clean and for a junle homestay, has everything you need for a comfortable stay. The minuses - Well just one minus really, if you're hoping to encounter or view lots of wildlife, it may not fulfil that wish. So I'd advise to also book a trip to Bako nature reserve during your stay in Sarawak. In some parts you can explore some quite dense primary tree and plant life, but it's quite uncommon now to encounter, or even hear bigger animals like monkeys or flying foxes which were very common in the area around 20 years ago. This is of course part of a bigger problem being played out around the world. You may see some bird species but there's plenty of interesting insects if you like that (luckily not in the homestay, but the jungle areas!) Room tip: Make sure you really choose your tours carefully and ask plenty of questions to ensure you get what you want out of this stay.
29 Sep 2019