Sapa Khai Hmong Treks
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Experience: 10 years
Speaks: Basic English
Locations: Mount Fansipan
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Khai Hmong is a Black Hmong tribesman who lives in the place of his birth, the village of Lao Chai in the hills near Sapa. He knows every track, village, and view in the Sapa region. Khai's personal purpose is driven by a deep passion for the Sapa region, Lao Chai village and the culture of the Black Hmong ethnic minority. His vision is to sustain the village culture and bring its magic to international visitors. Through this, his aim is to provide opportunities to the local village people and provide the means to build a local school to improve the education and prosperity of future generations. Khai is formally trained in tourism and the English language. This allows him to appreciate the needs of adventurous world travellers and clearly communicate the Hmong culture along with all aspects of the Sapa region and landscape.
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101 reviews
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