Sapa Sisters

Sapa Sisters is an all-female guide owned and operated company. The company was started in 2009 by a group of six friends. They saw that it was difficult for young H'mong women to find decent jobs. So they started Sapa Sisters to empower the young Black H'Mong women by giving them fair paying jobs and good skills. All their guides speak English and have long experiences working as guides.
13 years experience
Fluent English
Social Enterprise
4.9 / 5
42 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.9 out of 42 helpful reviews
Giuseppe Palermo
16 Feb 2020

Awesome trecking with Sapa sisters. We did 3d 2n and would've liked to do it even longer. Great guide, food and accommodation!

Sofia Storkaas
11 Jan 2020
I have just finished a one day hike with my guide Phinh. The weather was not great, so after meeting Phinh we went to hire a pair of gum boots (wellies) as I did not think my trekking trainers would be suitable. We were straight into the hike from the town. The routes are well trod but not for the feint hearted especially in the wet. Phinh was great by offering advice about the best way down but if you take care it is not an issue. We trekked for several hours before we got to her village where she took me to her home. There her husband and he cooked lunch which we shared with the children. I was so glad I chose to do this than eat in the village places. We sat around the fire/cooker and chatted. She poke perfect English but sadly the rest of the family did not but we spoke through sign language! After lunch we continued walking this time through the rice fields which was hard work ensuring your feet were well placed otherwise it was easy to get stuck in the mud. We finished after 3pm and I caught a minibus back to Sapa. The day was memorable despite the weather. Phinh remained cheerful all day and we talked about many things during the day and I learnt about the tribe customs and traditions. I would strongly suggest anyone trekking using the gum boots or similar as the mud and water are deep and extensive especially after rain and there is a good reason why all the trekking guides wear them.
Otteryman, UK
03 Dec 2019
Trekking with Sapa sisters was one of the absolute best things I’ve done in my life. We had one day of rain which meant sliding around and sometimes falling in the mud but it truly wasn’t an issue as long as your dressed properly. I went with my mother who is 50+, our WONDERFUL guide Chai made the trip so much easier and she might be short but she is as strong as an oxe and helped us up and down the rice fields. The second day with sunshine and warm weather was the best though. We choose the medium trek for the first day and the longer trek the second which meant going up hill a lot ( the second day) it was tough but absolutely worth it! I couldn’t recommend Sapa sisters enough!! I would advise you to look up the weather though as I was told they have snow in the winter. I’m pretty sure we visited during one of the last really nice sunny days ( 25-26 November ).
siriasly, Sweden
02 Dec 2019
The facilities and services provided were really good. I ll say, you get what you pay for. Our tour guide was Chai. She herself belonged to one of the villages, to which we visited during our trek. We had a great time with her and even helped my wife at certain difficult points. We chose the medium trek as the easy one was like just walking on the road in the pollution and the difficult demanded a lot of stamina. I guess, all the treks finally lead to the same destination but just with different paths. I recommend to go for the private room stay if your sleep is disturbed easily. I paid extra for the private stay, breakfast after pick up from La Coi and for the pickup from La Coi. But, again i got what i paid for. All in all, highly recommended. I will say Bamboo forest was the main attraction of the entire trek.
Deepak G
02 Dec 2019