Sayuri Healing Food
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Speaks: Fluent English, Bahasa
About Your Host
Based in Bali, the healthy lifestyle destination, vegan restaurant, Sayuri Healing Food Café is a leading edge of that scene and it continuously inspires many visitors from all around the world. Here Sayuri Healing Food shares its love through the food that makes your soul happy, nourished, and lifted, where the community gets together, where you feel at home and welcomed, and where you feel good and safe to be your authentic self. They serve many raw-living food for its higher light & vibration to enhance healing processes, healthy rejuvenation & longevity on physical, emotional & spiritual levels. We also serve deep nourishing simple-cooked vegan meals, that incorporated the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Chinese, and Macrobiotic. Their passion is to share, teach & remind ourselves that we all are fountains of potential. You can do anything you want & you can become anything you want to become
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5 reviews