All our practitioners are highly experienced and dedicated in their fields to bring their full light. They teach with their heart and adhere fully to the Shambali's spirit in the sense of a higher cause: the awakening and the enlightenment of a maximum of people to have a large radiation of Light. That is why Shambali has a strong human, humanist and humanitarian dimension allowing to rely upon each of the branches of its tree of Life. Shambali Holistic Wellness Retreat in Bali is limited to a small group with a maximum of 20 people to grow deeper connections with each other and gain new perspectives and learn mindfulness through various principles and values. A significant amount of the profit is given to an orphanage in Ubud.
4 years experience
Fluent English
Balanced Body Pilates Mat / Reformer Instructor Certificate, E-RYT500, RPYT, RCYT (KRI certified) Yoga Teacher Certificate, Sound Healing graduate of Tama-Do
5.0 / 5
7 reviews

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What Others are saying

What others are saying

5.0 out of 7 helpful reviews
My retreat experience was profoundly transformative. It opened me up so much to the energy that ties us all together and how I fit into it all. It was amazing getting to experience all these different modalities in a small group environment. The magic never stopped. Since the retreat I’ve felt more rooted in myself, am seeing any difficulties I encounter in a larger context, and am looking at the world through more wonder filled eyes.
Hallie G
18 Sep 2019
We had a wonderful 5 days experience with the Shambali Retreat team. They are all really deep and unique with their own sensitivity and personal approach. We came back home with many operational tools to apply in the daily life ! Still processing but Shambali retreats showed me the way.. THANKS SO MUCH...
Samy G, Indonesia
25 Aug 2019
I had joined this retreat during this summer with my partner. We had an absolutely amazing time. There was a lot of exploration and different experiences. We came across many different retreats but this was really a versatile and special one compared to many others in Bali. The hosts and instructors are just amazing people and we could feel the passion for what they do. I highly recommend this retreat for people who want to have a unique wellness experience in Bali.
24 Aug 2019
First of all, I really need to tell you guys that Shambali Retreat is amazing. It literally helped me to change my point of view in life. I used to meditate a lot and do some reading and try to attach to spiritual life. Yet, something was missing in whatever I was doing and I knew that I need professional guidance. In July, I joined Shambali Retreat in Bali. Experiencing Shambali Retreat was beyond words. I learned a lot, practiced a lot and enlighted a lot. The place is like heaven. Everyone was so nice and helpful. I recommend this dream kinda experience to you all. Grateful for everything, thank you.
08 Aug 2019
Literally this retreat changed my life, it changed my vision on life, after a few months I still have revelations and some flashes coming back. It was so intense, so full of information and It revealed me in many ways and allowed to discover some aspects of my deep and higher self that I ignored. SHAMBALI team is just amazing: their approach is unique, the way of teaching is breathtaking and they have so different sensitivities among the practitioners, some many abilities beyond the numerous activities that each people can evolve at one’s own rhythm and according to one’s own point of departure… SHAMBALI is near SHAMBALAH the paradise on earth but allowing us to understand it is a state of mind, deep inside us…
AndreasBerliner, Germany
03 Aug 2019