Halong Silversea Cruise is a 4+ star cruise in Halong Bay which launched in 2015. It is designed from metal in a modern and luxurious style. Halong Silversea Cruise has 18 fully equipped and spacious cabins, bar, elegant dining area, large sundecks and a professional team of crew, dedicated to every detail of personal services will make your trip with Halong Silversea Cruise a truly unique and unforgettable experience.
8 years experience
Basic English
4.7 / 5
32 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.7 out of 32 helpful reviews
We had such a really nice time, with a great itinerary and an amazing crew. The people here are so friendly! We had the 2days 1night option and we slept on the boat. The rooms are super clean and made of wood, is such a nice vibe. You shoul visit Halong Bay with this cruise, it will worth it!! Power was a member of the crew, really, this is his nickname. He borrowed us a guitar to play in the night and also a box to play music later in the night. Amazing guy!!
vladdmh, Romania
07 Jan 2020

Lovely food,activities and service on the cruise. Nice rooms to stay overnight. Power was great in taking care of everyone on the boat and very friendly. Will be back again!

07 Jan 2020
Went on this cruise with a friend in November. We did the 2 day/1 night cruise. Although the schedule was tight, the time was perfect. This would be hard to do on a one day cruise. We had an amazing experience! Halong Bay is beautiful! The staff did a great job keeping us engaged, there were plenty activities, the food was amazing, and I haven’t laughed as hard as I did on Kareoke night. I really recommend this boat and company. The staff was absolutely amazing!! Thank you Silversea Cruise!
guzzynyc, United States
04 Jan 2020
We really enjoyed this trip up until the last day. There were some hiccups at the start with the hotel pick ups taking longer than usual but the boat was lovely, the tour guide Minh was great and the food was really high quality and generous. The activities like kayaking were fun and we were well looked after. The surroundings themselves were incredible and we definitely recommend a visit here when you are in Vietnam. However on the second day when we were due to return home there was a lot of waiting around and we went to visit the ‘amazing cave’ which was extremely busy and not that amazing! It was like we were forgotten about because we were going home. The bus on the way was lovely and spacious but the way back was awful. It was tiny and cramped and we were sat at the back bumping around. The driver was absolutely awful and we genuinely feared for our safety. The tour guide did speak to him for us but it didn’t change much and he continued to drive on the wrong side of the road. We also didn’t like the fact you had to pay for all of your drinks, I think tea and coffee should have been available free of charge.
sheilalakwy61, United Kingdom
03 Jan 2020
This tour was a last minute booking for my last days in vietnam,it was perfect way to cap off my vacation!! Bao was a very informative and interactive tour guide! The ship,and staff were amazing! The activities were well organized! The living quarters were great, food was great! Absolutely recommend this tour to , families, groups, or solo travelers!!
03 Jan 2020