Sin Suoi Ho Village Homestay

Sin Suoi Ho Village Homestay was started by one of the students of Sapa O'Chau in a neighboring province of Lai Chau. Just a few hours away this homestay is a world apart from the bustling Sapa region. The friendly family in Sin Suoi Ho Village will make you feel right at home and introduce you to its unique history and surrounding nature.
7 years experience
5.0 / 5
6 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

5.0 out of 6 helpful reviews

Good authentic stay, wonderful surroundings, guests with little care. Monsieur took the time to show us around his house and show us his productions. Very good value for money and delicious meals. Good place to walk along the waterfall.

Valentin Courtin
20 Sep 2019

sin suối hồ is so wonderful place first time Iam going there I enjoyed a lot the things and I feel the people in sin suoi ho village every friendly with the customer come to visit their village .i hope one day I will be coming back in sin suoi village.

Hầu Sơ
24 Jul 2019
Sin Suoi Ho is incredible. Lovely people, beautiful waterfall and amazing nature. It is a great opportunity to explore the Hmong culture. What will make you amaze more is the story of their village's transformation. They have bungalows, homestays. Camping is also an option. I have visited this place many times. And I will surely come back. Highly recommend this place.
Huyenthy Le
08 May 2019
A day of experience with the orchid version: the morning is the program to give the blanket, clothes and sweets for the children of the primary school of Sin Stream Ho; walk the forest to watch the heart waterfall; lunch at the homestay in the version with pretty special. The impression of me is the wild version, the people are extremely enthusiastic, if the copy is clean like this is very good. It's just a pity that I came to Sunday so I didn't get to participate in the 7th session market, it's interesting to hear. will definitely come back
Do Thi Bich Ngoc
06 Jan 2019

Came back after two amaizing days i spend in the village. One of the most beautiful places i ever seen. friendly pepole, nice homestay and nice food. not touristic, highliy reccomend !

Lotem Patt
02 Dec 2018