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Studio An is the first studio that offers art buffets in Singapore - where you get to experiment with different mediums and art forms. To spread and enable creativity and freedom of expression, Studio An is always on the look out for new things for people to try. Studio An (安 - ān (safe/peace) in mandarin) aims to be a safe space for everyone beginners to professionals to be creative, and to make art accessible and affordable for anyone and everyone.
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4.8 / 5
34 reviews

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All Adventures

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.8 out of 34 helpful reviews
Ruth was extremely patient and kind when teaching my dad and I how to use the tufting gun, which I really appreciate! I will say though, that communication with the studio on the day itself was a bit lacking due to them being understaffed (Ruth had to take care of 3 pairs of people at the same time). There was an issue with the elevator that left us stranded downstairs for about 20 minutes, causing our session to start late. It was difficult to find a phone number to call, and only after quite a few calls and emails did the studio finally pick up. I think in the future if such issues occur, the studio should try their best to communicate any issues in a timely manner so as to set people’s expectations. Other than this, we had a great experience!
Min-Wei Lee
05 Feb 2023
30 Dec 2022
Really enjoyed the experience of tufting and making of our own mini rug! It was a very fun and engaging activity to do with your loved ones and do something from scratch to finish! It’s definitely worth the penny as a lot of time and effort goes into making a small yet simple piece like this… would def recommend friends and family to try it out.
Vivian Yong
12 Dec 2022

Staff was friendly and welcoming, very helpful throughout the whole process! Would definitely recommend others to try out! However, if you are not driving it will be a little hard to get there.

Iris Teo
11 Dec 2022

Instructors are very friendly and accomodating. Our session started half an hour late due to some technical issue but extended an hour for free so that we can finish the entire piece. Great experience for first timer.

21 Nov 2022