Sukau Backpackers B&B

Sukau Backpackers have simple and comfortable cabins, well-suited for travellers who are looking for a back-to-basic experience in nature.
11 years experience
Fluent English
4.0 / 5
26 reviews

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All Adventures

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.0 out of 26 helpful reviews

Clean room with A/C, water heater & private bathroom. Nice scenery surrounded by greenaries. Free breakfast.

Azri Yusoff
01 Jul 2019

I like their guide so funny and sporting

Kingo_ Shah
01 Jul 2019
Stayed there 3 nights and booked a tour package. Room was basic but clean and as expected. Food in general was ok but lacking in variety. Good was their flexibility even if you booked a package: you can move activities or replace them by others. Extremely good is their guide whose name is Rex: buttom line he made the stay worth it and I fully recommend him: he has deep knowledge about animals, nature and the ecosystems there, is an unbeliebable good wildlife spotter, speaks good English, is a fun guy and great personality. If you go there ask for him. As to the rest the staff was not very helpful. They have another guide who does not explain anything and is by far not such a good spotter. All guests only chose for Rex. Also the reception lady did not speak a word and therewith did not make us feel like welcomed guests. Nevertheless overall I would give the experience 3-4 stars. BUT here is the reason why I rated with 1 star only and strongly recommend not to go there if you love animals: On our last day one of their dogs was murdered on the ground of the guesthouse (probably by any staff or member of their families and based on the injury probably by a knife attack). While all guests enjoyed dinner you could here an awful scream of that dog in the garden. Some minutes later it came to the restaurant, whimpering and severely injured. As the lung was damaged it blooded out of its mouth and blood spouted out of its wound. So other guests immediately gave notice to the reception staff but she did not care at all. So it died wretched straight in front of the restaurant. All staff passed the dead and bloody body later without further notice and no one felt responsible or surprised at all... The dead dog remained in front of the restaurant at least until midnight. So based on that shocking incident I strongly recommend to stay at another place!!
Mirko Hannig
01 Jul 2019
This place is great. It’s a simple, budget accommodation. The buffet lunches are good, and they are accommodating to special requests and dietary needs. It’s a beautiful lush green property, and the surrounding rainforest on the river is exquisite. Make sure you ask for an English speaking boat tour guide. We didn’t opt for the package deal. We did our tours a la cart, which worked out better because we didn’t want to do the walking tour. Definitely add on the Pygmy elephant safari! And bring extra sunscreen!!!
NicoleXOX, Mammoth Lakes, California
03 May 2019
Even 1 star is to much for this place ! We stayed here one night to do the river safari. All 3 of us had the same diner and all 3 of us got food poisoning, 4 houres after dinner we all started Puking and we had to skip the morning safari. When they knocked on the door in the morning to ask if we were ready for the safari and we told them all of us were sick they just said oh ok and walked away.. about 2 houres later someone els knocked on the door to remind us that check out was at 9:30, No one asked if we were feeling any beter.. I highly recommend everyone to avoid going to this place !!
Max Widdershoven
01 May 2019