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Sunrise Day Cruise is owned by a team of experienced bus and boat operator in North Vietnam. Travellers praise the well-coordinated team efforts for providing a relaxing and stress-free trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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What Others are saying

What others are saying

3.9 out of 15 helpful reviews
We tour Hoa Lu - Tam Coc from Hanoi on October 31. The first is the good part: the driver is very safe on the road, the temples in Hoa Lu are very interesting and the highlight of the day is a boat trip in Tam Coc, that's great. The bad part: cycling in Tam Coc is not as advertised. The journey says that you ride along quiet village roads, this is not the case. Instead it is just a gravel road, very rocky and uneven. The bikes are very old and not maintained and in my opinion is dangerous with broken brakes and flat tires, especially on uneven ground and without a helmet. I ended up walking with my part, which did not please the instructor who seemed to not care about our safety. We had previously arranged to be released at Ninh Binh station for our night train, but instead they left us at Tam Coc and we had to take a taxi for the rest of the way. He even had cheeks to ask for a tip before he left. Overall, the area is beautiful, but choose a different company.
05 Nov 2019
Our whole family enjoyed a relaxing day with our tour guide Bruce Bruce Lee. We have rented a boat just for our family so we can make the trip that best suits our family's interests. We go kayaking, discover amazing caves and then go swimming at a small beach. The boat is perfect for our family.
05 Oct 2019
We book a Tam Coc tour to the so-called „Dry Ha Long Bay. The bus arrived quite early in the morning and the tour guide welcomed us friendly. The bus stopped for the first time at a large souvenir shop after two hours by car. There are many other tourists and it's just a big makeover. Why is this necessary? Afterwards, we went to Nin Binh and took an average tour through the old city, which was a component of two rebuilt temples. Than we have a lunch in a big and crowded restaurant (Buffet). . . It fills your belly. That's it. The biketour after lunch is horrible. The bikes are just a pile of trash. Break does not work, lacks pedals, flat tires. Not only is uncomfi really quite dangerous. Not ok to offer, not even for a short tour. The boattour is fun. The scenery is more beautiful. The return trip is fantastic. The bus was packed with people who were not there when we started in Hanoi. There is virtually no space for comfi seating if you are larger than 160 cm / 60 kg. Tutorials have tried their best to take care of everyone's needs. It is just not possible. I will not choose Vietnam Open Tour again.
03 Oct 2019
For two nights / three days of cruising on Halong Bay, I was assured that improvements were being made. . So I have updated my review accordingly. . . The company has assured me that they will clarify exactly what you get on the ad: This is a three-day, two-night trip. It Tricked two half days a day on a boat much worse. What they don't tell you is that during the trip, they gradually leave when you are on the train. Collection late, earlier and earlier started and dropped early. Day one: We arrived in the city at 630 am and we gave the worst instructions and pictures to find the office for the collection. In the end, we were lost, the agent had to come and find us. We were informed that we had a free upgrade, but street guide 1, Tony Tony, said that the boat we had had had enough people to book in advance so they could ship us all. onto another journey. Never before was his boat clean, tidy and extremely helpful. It has a three-hour bus ride from Hanoi to Hanoi, but it seems every company stops 30 minutes at a workshop for people with disabilities, a factory designed to pull heart strings and high prices. more than a can of coke. Make sure you pack up some drinks and snacks in advance for the bus. Finally, you make it two boats around 13:30, have lunch (very good) and then be taken to LIVE beach in about an hour and a half. You said there was a wanderer on the top of the island but it has 400 steps you can take in flip flops. I even dipped my toes in the water on this first beach. Rubbish everywhere, oil / slippery / dirty on water and no seats (not what you want). If you're booking through an agent Make sure you check before you leave if you've paid in full: That night they went to a card machine to pay for three days, I think. Id paid through booking. com and said I wanted to check the email because I confirmed it. During my dinner A real cell phone was pressed in my hand and an angry employee on the phone shouted that I did not pay. Second day: Breakfast is 630! And then your packing is transferred to another boat, boat on boat, in about 7 hours. During my dinner A real cell phone was pressed in my hand and an angry employee on the phone shouted that I did not pay. Second day: Breakfast is 630! And then your packing is transferred to another boat, boat on boat, in about 7 hours. During my dinner A practical mobile phone was pressed in my hand and an angry employee on the phone shouted that I did not pay. Second day: Breakfast is 630! And then your packing is transferred to another boat, boat on boat, in about 7 hours. You swim the first thing on a nicer beach but this second boat doesn't have a shower or change means or even clean water to wash your hands. Make sure you check to see if your boat changes means, however, the open tours of Vietnam have assured me that they will speak clearly about the ads if not. wet for lunch and then you leave a floating ice cream shop to relax. Please check: They use relaxing work instead of waiting. On the floating ice cream shop (oyster museum, but really just a shop) they are nowhere to relax noisy music, no sunbathing beds, etc.You have left there while the boat really you Pay to go new customers. However, after some discussions with the company, they told me that they are now offering more training for tour guides. Please note: tour guides have very little to do with boats - they are the same company but VERY good: We can handle all of the above, but after raising it, he is concerned about the tour guide, that's when the problem really begins. The tour guide was very aggressive, angry and would not be able to give any solution to the problems. He just shouted at us. I never saw just a poor screen of customer service. He lied and tried to blame the other employees. Be alert. To name the active member of the team is Strength. Avoid this guy. He's a nut. He kept stomping on the boat when we and the other 4 guests told him we were not happy with the trip going and how bad the boat was and this made it clear that this was going to happen. out when we make a reservation. He was very impatient and even offered to write my review for me to make sure I got it right haha! ! ! The third day: again, you get up at dawn on the holidays, you visit the BusiEST cave, with a shop at the end of it. It was just a row from start to finish. It is really not worth a visit, I recommend talking on the boat, enjoying breakfast and sightseeing. You check out at 09:30 and bring back to shore. Then you relax with what you can pay for your bill. NOTE: if you pay by card, they will ask 3% to pay the fee. Get cash before you go. There is not a cash point at the ferry terminal. On the way back to your home again to the handicapped workshop, the price is high but the commission is commission if you buy anything. WiFi on the Board is limited to 530 pm - 10 pm, but you must request to turn it on. As I said this company has assured me that improvements are being made, so I updated the review.
25 Aug 2019
We had a lovely day with Quong. The first stop was a temple, the English of Quongs was very good and he was very knowledgeable about the sights and history of the place we were seeing and Hanoi in general - it was very interesting. He blew us a lovely flute! The boat ride is really beautiful and the scenery is great as well as cycling around the local area! Please do not miss the negative reviews - I highly recommend this tour! Thanks Quong
Becca H
24 Aug 2019