SY Dakota

SY Dakota is the quintessential catamaran for extended cruising and circumnavigations. Built in 2018, she is fitted with all of the latest in comfort, safety and entertainment for pure enjoyment on the water. SY Dakota is easy to sail and is designed for powerful performance in all conditions, for an awesome sailing experience at any speed.
4 years experience
Fluent English
4.3 / 5
4 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.3 out of 4 helpful reviews
I booked the trip with Seek Sofie, and there are things that I thought I would be getting are in fact not part of the deal. Such as the rooms, toilets, water scooter, snorkeling equipment, etc. Because it is my first time booking a yacht, I ask many basic questions so that my guests will be comfortable. Seek Sofie took a long time to get back on the questions because they have to check with the operators. When I ask the operator, the operator choose to answer some questions and not others, maybe because the questions he felt were too "silly"? Despite asking so many "silly" questions, we still managed to be disappointed. When asked why wouldn't we informed about the limitations, I was told that if I go to SY Dakota website, I would have found out. Well.. now I know. I thought that this person is just "rude" in whatsapp, but in person, when I ask him questions, he said "I've already said that in briefing earlier". I have 23 pax which included many children and some elderly. Most of us were 1st time on board and the children were understandably excited. We have to watch over the kids and pay attention to the briefing at the same time. Is it so hard to accept that some of the details mentioned during the briefing will be missed out? There were 2 crews on board and one of them, named Hal, is an angel though. He smiled at us, he chatted with us, he answered our questions PATIENTLY. He cooked for us also (Although it is probably included because I paid $300 for the bbq grill add on)! Anyway, I give 2 stars. One for Hal, and the other for the cooking.
25 Oct 2022

Thanks for your comments. Feedback is important.
Its disappointing you feel this way as we strive to make every experience special and all the reviews we have ever received have been fantastic until this one.

A few specific comments:

1. The water scooter is no longer available and removed from our website. Im not sure why it was still represented as available to you by your broker.
2. Rooms and beds are not for use on day trips. They are for overnight trips (unless booked and paid for). This is also explained on our website and at induction. You will find that almost no other charter boat business allows rooms to be used on a day charter. Day charters are for experiencing sailing, bbqs, swimming, exploring and enjoying the outdoors and not sitting in bedrooms or sleeping. We do allow one room for getting changed in. We have 2 bathrooms and 3 showers which we feel is ample. This is all explained at induction.
3. We have excellent snorkeling equipment for use. My crew tell me you never asked to use it…..
4. My crew tried hard to please you and its disappointing you would review us this way. Quite unfair in our view given the circumstances and your expectations were unrealistic. You are expected to listen during induction its very important particularly on safety.
4. We take on board your view that your quieries on whatsapp were treated rudely. Our staff are highly trained and i would be very surprised if their was any rudeness on our part but i will review that aspect.

We wish you all the best and its a shame you didn't enjoy the wonderful Dakota.

SY Dakota 26 Oct 2022

We had such a wonderful experience on the Dakota with Mark and Shahril taking such fantastic care of us! Their friendliness, helpfulness and attention to detail really made all the difference to my team event. My guests had an incredible experience thanks to them!

Tasha Laz
11 Aug 2022
Jason was so friendly and he put us at ease immediately when we met. He was also very flexible when planning the itinerary. We bought our own food for BBQ and Mack was an excellent chef. The food was cooked beautifully. The water toys were fun and the boys loved them. I would definitely go again. The catamaran is the perfect size for a family of 4.
19 Mar 2022
Prycille Caboche
03 Feb 2022