The AN Retreat Hoi An

The owners of the An Retreat would like to share a little place of peace and tranquility with you, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. With the beautiful art, cosy interior, and delicious home-cooked food, they hope that you find yourself a home in the heart of Hoi An.
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4.9 / 5
56 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.9 out of 56 helpful reviews

The staff was very friendly. They did an amazing job, honestly to say. Bed is comfortable. The bathroom is spacious with a wet shower and good pressure. High quality with afforadable prices.

17 Jul 2020

I stayed here for 1 night with my friend. Everything was perfect from the moment we checked-in until we checked out. Room was clean and the bed was so smooth & comfy. Definitely recommend!

16 Jul 2020
My partner and I found An Retreat on Google Maps - and were so impressed by the photos and reviews that we decided to book 3 days online; little did we know we'd end up staying for over a month! When we first stepped into the living room - and took in the view and the incredible vibe - both our reactions were "Wow!!" The bright open concept kitchen, looked out through the living room, to the deck, and out into the rich green rice fields. The view is just spectacular!! The house was stunning in its Zen simplicity. Clean fresh lines, with bright vibrant colors, with smooth polished white cement floors with rattan mats on the floor. Overall, it was bright cheery yet very relaxed and comfortable and really beautiful. The large open concept kitchen/living area, with a long family style table, is where we enjoyed home-made Vietnamese breakfast offered every morning, and was the location of many wonderful conversations and with our fellow guests, and host family. What we both loved about the design of the living area was that you felt like you were part of nature, always. Every morning there was the ducks waddling around, the egrets catching fish, Kingfishers, sparrows, dragonflies, water buffalo - nature right out in front of the deck just meters away. As the afternoon transitioned over into the lull of the evening, Vietnamese families would come out with their young children to fly vibrant coloured kites. Writing this now still puts a smile on my face. During out entire stay at An Retreat, we went on a few short trips to different parts of Vietnam - Hue, DaLat, Hanoi - but always found our way back to our 'home away from home'. We also stayed in a few different rooms at An Retreat. Two of the larger rooms (203, and 303) looked out into the rice fields and had cute balconies, while our room upstairs in 404, was smaller, but more private, and also looked out over the fields. It was wonderful to have the windows wide open and take in the fresh clean air. The decor was clean and tasteful, simple, and comfortable. What made our stay most memorable was our host family!!! We were treated like family members, and cared for with extra attention and tons of warmth and heart. Nhan was there almost 24/7, and was always available to answer our many questions, to assist in everyday things like laundry, motorbike rental, booking shows, extending our visas, what food to eat locally, answering a million questions about travelling around Vietnam. He even ordering a special Vietnamese hair conditioner for me, etc. Above all, he's just an awesome and engaging young man whom we both adored; so open and eager to help, with a positive attitude and gentle disposition. Duyen (Nhan's sister) and Be (Duyen's husband) are the owners/off site hosts of An Retreat. An Retreat is Be's vision and his design. He told us he based the house on Japanese Zen design, and that influence definitely comes through. He was always popping by the house to make us new coffee creations, and arranging pretty fruit plates in the mornings, just to say 'Hi'. Duyen as a busy Mom, would come by with her cute little girls to pay us a visit from time to time. She threw a dinner party for the guests with live music and BBQ one night; and on another occasion , we were treated to a cooking class/dinner which was fun and delicious. Duyen and Be took us both out for coffee one day in the country. It was lovely - sitting, enjoying Vietnamese coffee, and talking. We were there during the peak of the Wuhan virus pandemic, and she made sure we had hand-made face masks, and hand sanitizers for us all. Not only that, when restaurants started closing up, she did our groceries for us. What touched us about this family, was that every action and gesture was from their hearts. We are so immensely grateful for the love, care and friendship they extended to us with open generosity. We will never forget our time we spent here. We miss you. Gordon and Jeannie
Eponymous One
27 Jun 2020

Thanks to the staff for helping me to have a wonderful vacation. The room was lovely, very spacious and clean. The place was cozy to me. Everything in the room was prepared neatly, from the bed to the bathroom.

26 Jun 2020

The staff were all very courteous and attentive to our needs. The hotel is brand new with really comfortable rooms. The room was tastefully decorated with a comfortable bed.

25 Jun 2020