The Tanis Lembongan Express

The Tanis Lembongan Island group had been operating for 5 years, and owns a beach club and accommodations. The Penida Fast Boat is part of an expansion for their business.
9 years experience
Basic English
3.0 / 5
6 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

3.0 out of 6 helpful reviews
We got there, but it cost My wife and I just arrived at Nusa Penida and it was definitely not the first impression we had hoped for. We paid at Sanur booth and we were told this included transfer to our hotel. I confirmed this 3 times and all 3 times I was told "don't worry, someone will be waiting at the dock to give you a ride to your hotel". The boat was late boarding and leaving. When we arrived at Nusa Penida and transferred to another smaller boat, I asked a few crew members who I was supposed to meet when we got on shore, they blew me off. When we got to the beach, the boat was immediately flooded with cab drivers and I wanted to make sure we were picked up (as we'd already paid for transfer to hotel), the 3 guys on the boat I tried asking totally blew me off and the one who understood English told me to just get off the boat and there would be someone there. We got our bags and kept telling drivers we had paid for transit, so didn't need a ride. We kept asking and everyone said they had no idea, so we went to the Tanis booth. There were 5 guys there only 1 spoke English and he said ticket only was for boat. This was what I had anticipated at the harbor and been assured would not happen. A cab driver tried helping, calling our contact back on Bali, but everyone said oh no it's just the boat tickets, no transfer. There was another group of 4 people who were in the same situation, they had paid for boat ticket and transportation to hotel and had no transfer on arrival. All 6 of us ended up just paying to get to our rooms a second time, but not a great first impression at all. All I can say is have low expectations for service and make sure you get a ticket that shows PROOF that transfer is included, don't just trust there will be someone waiting for you.
yamahasxv, Greenfield, Massachusetts
25 Jan 2020

Nice ferry
Had a hard time choosing which ferry company because none of them sounded good, so we took the one the man at our homestay recommended - a GOOD choice. Departed at time, not crowded, possible to get your backpack inside, helpfull staff overall a good experience.

Freja, Aalborg, Denmark
01 Jan 2020
Booked to go to Nusa Lembongan on Tanis Express. The crew had zero interaction with the passengers and the boat has one way in and one way out which is a bit scary in the event of a mishap. Coming into NL we suddenly veered right coming off of a wave which the skipper managed to save and then we sat out from the beach for 20 minutes while they tried to fix the problem. It seemed that the steering linkage had broken off of one of the three engines and the engine decided to steer us abruptly right. At no time were we updated on the problem and when the boat started to heat up inside we had passengers starting to feel ill. Eventually they organised for a dive boat to offload the passengers ( approximately 25 people) The crew looked like a bunch of boys on a day trip and gave us no confidence at all. On the way back they used their large boat which had 7 engines on it and it holds about 100 people so the trip was much better.
Peter, Sydney
20 Dec 2019
Nusa Penida Tour We had a pretty bad experience me and my brother with this company for the Nusa Penida Full Day Tour. There are couple of points for these unpleasant experience. 1) Can’t pay with credit only cash 2) Super bad organization 3) Guide barely was able to communicate in English & we felt like he did not put effort to make our tour pleasant and comfortable (it seemed like he did not care about us, we had to search for him several times) 4) The boat was leaving at 16:45 and we came at the harbour in Nusa Penida 15h30 we waited more than an hour. 5) The way back there were huge waves and almost everyone felt sick in the boat, plus no AC so super warm and super tight leg room in the seats. It was just an unpleasant ride back. 6) We came to the Harbour in Sanur at 17h40, we took our luggages from the office and they took us back to our hotel with the people going to the Airport. They drop the people at the airport and then dropped us at Seminyak. We arrived at our hotel at 19h30. We basically waited from 15h30 till 19h30 (4 hour pf waiting), we literally paid 130$ to wait which is super ridiculous. They should have took us in 2 separate groups (Airport / Seminyak). Plus, from the Airport to the city there is a huuuuge traffic. It was not worth our money. If you can avoid this company please do!
20 Nov 2019
It's good I got Rp.90.000/one way (local price) and for foreign Rp.125.000/one way. The boat was clean and on time. It took 30 minutes to go to Nusa Lembongan. The boat will arrive in Mushroom Harbor (not the main harbor on the island) Please be aware that you will get wet when you try to go on or down the boat since there's no dock in Sanur and mushroom harbor but the staff will help you with your luggage
kaninaas, Bogor, Indonesia
28 Sep 2019