Triad Trails

Triad Trails is the first-ever walking tour led by former members of actual secret societies in Singapore. Guided by former gang members, join this walk to discover the city’s seedy underworld of drugs, gambling dens & secret society. Hear from an ex-offender, who will share his personal story. Get the chance to ask them any questions you'll like, even controversial ones!
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What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.8 out of 6 helpful reviews

Our tour guide was wonderful, very knowledgeable about the area and very open about his own experience. Loved it and the food was great!!

Hayley Mchugh
20 Nov 2022
We express our deepest gratitude to our guide, Notle, for sharing his incredible life story. He is very knowledgeable in the history of Singapore and has a unique way of reenacting certain historical events. There were two teenagers with us to whom Notle addressed directly warning against straying from the right path. His genuine openness and regrets about mistakes made in the past have really touched us. Congratulations to Notle for obtaining the guide qualifications from Singapore Tourism Board which is not easy! The food was fantastic and served immediately as we came in. Not only is the tour value for money but it also supports a great cause of giving a new lease of life to people who have served their sentence and are looking for legal ways of earning income. Bravo, Notle! Highly recommended!
Julia Sherstyuk
11 Sep 2022
Ho Zi Jian Glen
04 Sep 2022
The walking tour with Triad Trails is nothing short of thrilling. On the surface, one might assume it would be a walk around historical landmarks in Singapore, with a tour guide explaining its history and significance. In actual fact, our tour guide, Alvin, was an ex-gang member who had experienced the life of crime, drugs, gang fights, and more. The experience felt like a stroll through 20th century Singapore with a personal friend, sharing his first-hand experiences of what exactly happened at each little corner of the streets. I learnt not only about the history of Singapore, but how one man overcame the consequences of the wrong choices that he had made, and the struggles in doing so. It was not only educational, but inspiring. Thank you Alvin for such a unique and humbling experience!
28 Jul 2022
I went on this tour not knowing what to expect as I thought I had already known whatever there is to know about Chinatown/ Telok Ayer. But I was very glad to be proven wrong! Alvin from Triad Trails brought us on a rich history/ heritage walk, coupled with a time where we could ask anything about Chinatown back in the day which was so interesting because it was a truly unfiltered, interactive experience and we could ask away without any self-censorship. And it helped me to see these familiar streets with new eyes. I also really enjoyed our tour with Alvin because he was such a kind, approachable host and so full of a wealth of stories and personal experiences. We had a very candid, no holds barred conversation over lunch and during the tour and he answered each question so honestly…truly anything from secret societies to gang turfs and illegal happenings back in the day. Most of all I think what sets this experience apart from others is that it truly sticks with you for a long time and Alvin really is an inspiring figure. If you’d like an unconventional walking tour with the best twist, I highly recommend this one because it’s such a meaningful way to both learn something new and enjoy Singapore in a different light.  Thanks TOWKAY!!!!
27 Jul 2022