Ubud Sunrise Hiking

Ubud sunrise hiking is owned and managed by a local family of Balinese who were born and grow up in Mt. Batur village, we work as Mt. Batur trekking guides since we are kids, for more than 20 years. Our teams are licensed local guides trained by the government with deep knowledge of Mt Batur and its history. All of our guides are locals from the areas we cover, so they really know the geography, history and culture of the region. For example, anytime you head up Mount Batur on a Ubud sunrise hiking, your guide will be someone who grew up next to the mountain and knows all the ins and outs of the trails and where to get the best views. Likewise if you head to Lombok you’ll be travelling with a local guide.
Fluent English, Bahasa
5.0 / 5
8 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

5.0 out of 8 helpful reviews
This was a small company trip for 8 of us. We started the tour at Mt Batur with Sari (you can find* her here - and Don. They are amazing and professional guides that speak good English! They really showed us a route with fewer tourists and took care of us like their babies. We were impressed that they packed extra weight in their backpacks for us (ie. Bananas, chocolates, extra torch lights, bottles of mineral water), and their stash came in pretty handy. Here are some of the most memorable highlights during the trip: 1. 1 of us was wearing slippers as he lost his shoes a day before the hike. Sari and Don loan him a pair of shoes from a nearby village that matches the size of his feet. 🤯 2. It was extremely extremely extremely cold, and it was our fault for not reading the description on Seek Sophie's website that we're supposed to wear jackets and long pants. All of us wore dry-fit T-shirts and shorts. We were basically freezing, and it was so cold that mist was coming out of our mouths. Sari and Don kept reassuring us that as we hiked, we'll feel warmer. Their words of encouragement helps and were truthful. We reached Mt Batur at around 3 am, and within 10 to 20 minutes of hiking, warmth kicked in, and we no longer felt cold. 3. 2 of our unfit teammates weren't feeling well. 1 had pulled her muscles and had to keep resting. Don went to search for a tree, broke a branch to make a hiking stick for her and even ensured that the stick matched her height. The other teammate vomited and felt nauseous; Don kept taking care of her, gave her chocolate bars, and ensured us that it was free and not to worry. (ie. they weren't those guides that will scam you and charge extra money) They allowed us to rest as long as we needed instead of forcing and pushing us to catch the sunrise, which we greatly appreciate. 4. It's not a big deal to most people for this point - We like the fact whereby Sari and Don will say, "1 more minute to reach the next resting point." And it was actually less than 30 seconds when we reached the resting point. It makes us feel encouraged, and her words can be trusted. 5. Sari was extremely humourous, honest and a pretty Balinese. She informed us that we were not able to reach the top to catch the sunrise, but she will bring us to a secluded place with zero to no tourists, and we could rest there to watch the sunrise + have our breakfast there. The view was like out of a fairytale! There were only 2 other tourists and the rest of us. We were able to see the sun rising gracefully while Sari personally cooked us breakfast at that shop to serve us 😂 6. Sari has excellent photography skills. She took amazing photos for our team and has loads of creative ideas for fun shots. 7. Climbing down mt batur was the scariest part. Sari showed us a way to effectively hike down fast, and that is to run. I know it's scary, for fear of danger was shouting in our minds, but we trusted her. She held one of our teammates' hands and sped down. Soon afterwards, each one of us tried and had the courage to follow her instructions. I won't recommend old folks to run, but for young people that want to fill their bodies with adrenaline, hold Sari's hands and try it for yourself! We highly recommend Sari and Don for your Mt Batur hiking experience! For the rest of the trip, the hot spring and buffet were alright. Perhaps we were too tired and didn't even visit the coffee farm. So, we shall not leave further comments on the remaining part of the trip. Fun fact - Sari used to have an insta account of 50k followers until her account got hacked. This just shows how popular she is as a guide. We left her insta account here because it's a good initiative that Seek Sophie promotes tourists to support locals. Sari and Don are hardworking guides that deserve to be recognised. Using Seek Sophie platform was also easy and straightforward. Their support team addresses all my concerns fast and was friendly. Because year-end is commonly a rainy season, Seek Sophie's team also assured us that cancellations could be made 3 days prior or postponed till next year. Do check with them on the latest updates for their postponing policies, I'm sure their efficient team will be able to take care of your worries.
Catheryn Wong
08 Dec 2022

Très bonne expérience, l'ascension du Mont Batur a été une mémorable aventure. Nik, mon guide a été à l'écoute de mes envies, gentils et prévoyants. Je le remercie pour ces bons souvenirs et je recommande vivement ce trek 💪☀⛰️

22 Nov 2022

It was an awesome snorkelling experience with beautiful and colourful fish including nemo and sea turtle. Thanks for the great guidance Mr Cek.

Sandra J
11 Nov 2022

The instructors was really kind and helpful. the boat was also clean and they provide everything for you. Highly recommended!

05 Nov 2022
This trip is amazing! Everything was perfect starting with the great driver emon who was very kind and friendly. Our guide Ayu was amazing. He is a very positive, friendly and kind person. It was a pleasure to be able to enjoy the trip with him. Couldn't have found a better guide :) highly recommended, the views are worth everything!
01 Nov 2022