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The label "Ulu" is generously applied to any out of the way place where nature is still somewhat untamed and wild. Really ulu places have plenty of wilderness and rustic charm to offer. Contrary to popular belief, there are still places left in Singapore that match the above description. Ulu Singapore is founded by an experienced nature guide - Robert, specialising in taking the curious and adventurous on guided nature walks to the remote and rustic corners of the city.
15 years experience
Fluent English
4.8 / 5
8 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.8 out of 8 helpful reviews
Alicja Cybulska
18 Apr 2022
I was lucky to be 1on1 with the guide on Pulau Ubin bike experience, so it allowed for a very i dividualised approach. Robert is a very knowledgeable guide, warm and friendly personality and what’s most important - passionate on what he does. I recommend this experiwnce highly for people loving nature!
Response from Ulu Singapore
Response from Ulu Singapore on 19 Apr 2022

Dear Alicja,
thank you for taking time to write a feedback. Your kind words are much appreciated and I'm glad to hear you had a memorable experience! It was my pleasure having you on one of my walks - thanks again and till next time!

Ann Lim
04 Mar 2022
22 Dec 2021
We had a great time on our walk at Sungei Buloh wetland reserve . Our guide Robert is a treasure trove of knowledge and through his expertise we were able to see huge crocodiles , migratory birds , mudskippers , monitor lizards and other animals . He also taught us about the mangroves and the role they play in conservation . Our 7 year old son thoroughly enjoyed watching the wildlife through his telescope . Robert is very passionate about nature and his many of years of experience is evident as he can point our various secrets of the mangroves that you would otherwise miss so highly recommend going with ahem ! We also encountered a huge crocodile on the trail and Robert showed us how to watch is safely . Overall, this is a hidden gem in Singapore where you can see the eco system thrive . Great walk and we will definitely do more with Robert ! Please support his walks ! Thanks Robert .
Response from Ulu Singapore
Response from Ulu Singapore on 22 Dec 2021

Dear Pallavi, thank you for your kind words. There's always something new or unexpected to see and discover in our nature areas - like the crocodile on the trail today! Glad to hear you've enjoyed our walk and look forward to welcome you on another walk again soon!

Le-An Wong
06 Dec 2021
Khay Mun
04 Dec 2021
Robert of Ulu Singapore was very patient and knowledgeable. He pointed out many things in the reserve that we would have missed and he also shared many insight not just the wild life that we saw, but also the mangrove. With Ulu Singapore, we saw a huge variety of wild life including the giant mudskippers (trip highlight), birds (e.g. grey heron, stock), crabs, a snake, bats, and of course, the crocodiles. He set the tone for his tour by showing us how the weaver ants (commonly known as the fire ants or "karipok" ants" made their nest in a leaf of a bird nest fern. You can read more about the reviews of our trip with Robert of Ulu Singapore at: Nest of the weaver ants Giant mudskippers of Sg Croc sighted!
Response from Ulu Singapore
Response from Ulu Singapore on 22 Dec 2021

Dear Khay Mun, thank you for taking time to write this feedback and your kind words of appreciation. Pleased to hear you've enjoyed the trip and the wildlife, big and small, we were able to spot during the walk. It's been my pleasure to introduce you to some of the hidden treasures of Sungei Buloh and hope to see you again soon on one of my walks!