Wicked Diving

Office based in Komodo, Indonesia from where they base the Liveaboard, diving safaris and their own non-profit undertakes extensive training in the local communities. The company contributes to responsible, ethical tourism - with their Wicked Good Programme where they train up local dive guides (both in language and diving skills), actively teach environmental conservation in local schools. They have a WWF 3-Star Certification
16 years experience
Fluent English, Bahasa
4.7 / 5
40 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.7 out of 40 helpful reviews
My boyfriend and I were on the liveaboard for 4D3N in October and booked the 2 berth twin room which was on the main deck. All in all we had a great experience with wicked diving - everyone was so kind (including the other guests, which I think is a very important factor as well). As they write on their website, it’s not a luxury liveaboard; but it still was way better than what we thought this meant! Even the bathroom (on the main deck still) was nice with a flushing toilet and shampoo/soap to use. The beds were quite comfortable (although a lot of noise from machines - but we brought earplugs so this was all good) and the food was really great too. We had an incident where the air in our tanks smelled and tasted tainted, which we think should have been handled differently (gone back to the main boat and refill with new air, take no chances), but they did apologize for this and it all ended up fine. Also some of the equipment could need some replacement. Either way, this was an amazing trip, and wicked diving made sure to make it a memory of a lifetime for the both of us! Would definitely recommend choosing them, if you want affordable but still great value for money. Rasmus and Lærke
24 Oct 2019
This 3 night/4 day trip was the most memorable part of my 16 day Indonesia visit. I think it will live on in my heart forever. This "budget" liveaboard provided the best service I could have hoped for. The whole experience far exceeded my expectations. First off, the diving was the best (and most challenging) I've encountered in my life. It was a real life Little Mermaid experience down there. Dive after dive we came up saying it was the best of our lives. The crew on the ship was amazing. They were incredibly organized. Food was plenteous. I can't imagine how they were able to create such amazing feasts every couple hours out of such a small kitchen. The dive briefings were thorough. I loved the little dry erase drawings of each dive site. The boat was basic but comfortable. And the cruise director, Marsel, was awesome- so attentive, caring, and passionate about his work! We were lucky to have an awesome group of divers who meshed well. Every night we had sing alongs while the dive masters played guitar. It was just one of those magical experiences that won't be soon forgotten.
13 Oct 2019
I feel very conflicted writing this review as some part of this trip was fantastic. Let’s start with the positive, most of the dives were good and safe, the crew and most the DMs were super nice, food was good. I’ve been on multiple liveaboard and dived in many places around the world but Crystal rock and Batu Balong are among some of the best dives I’ve done. However the leader and dive instructor of the boat Aji was clearly not fit to run a liveaboard or even be an instructor. To start with, on the first day, he got us onto a sunset dive without any lights. Twenty minutes into the dive it was closed to pitch black. By the time we surfaced we couldn’t see a thing. I’m not sure how he thought it’s a good idea or safe to go on a dive in pitch black without lights? On the second day, he briefed us about a dive within a channel. And that we would be drifting slowly with the current down this channel and to be picked up by the boat on the other end. When we got into the water, it was very different. We were kicking AGAINST the current for 30 mins down the channel and we reached a point where the current was so strong that we could no longer swim. Three of us in the group were holding onto rocks trying to crawl on the ground as the diveguide kept going forward. At that stage the three of us agreed that we wanted to cancel the dive. Agi came over and told us not to cancel. And upon surfacing he mocked us in front of everyone during dinner that we wanted to cancel the dive. I understand that bad dives do happen and dive condition do change but when three divers are over exhausting from the current and want to cancel the dive, you cancel the dive and you do not start mocking the divers afterwards. This goes against every principle you learn on the rescue diver course. After these two dives I can no longer feel safe diving with wicked. Finally, Aji also spent majority of his time flirting with one particular girl on the liveaboard. We often find him in her room (that she shares with another girl). At first it was funny for the other divers, but then it just got very weird and made some of us u comfortable. It also meant it was very hard for us to access the leader of the boat to get more details about our itinerary and plans. It’s a shame that the trip ended up this way as the komodo is a great place to dive and the crew were super friendly. Would I go to komodo again? definitely. Would I dive with wicked again? definitely not.
Turtleswob, UK
20 Sep 2019
We did the 4D 3N live aboard with Wicked and it was AMAZING! We wish we went longer and are already planning another trip for the future. Sandro in the office was extremely helpful and friendly even recommending other travel companies and experiences to us and the Dive crew on the boat were fun, professional and very talented. I did my advanced course with Wicked and Aji was a fantastic teacher. Wicked use local divers who know the waters and all the animals to look for and where to find them. We ticked off EVERY box for all the animals we wanted to sea :) very very very happy
lwool4d, Australia
16 Aug 2019
We did a 4D/3N liveaboard tour aboard the Komodo Shalom, staying in the dorm accommodation. The staff were keen, helpful, friendly and very safety conscious. With particular thanks to Jogan, Mersi, Marsel and Sophie for leading such fun safe dives. The boat is small but comfortable with a particularly enjoyable sun deck. Food was both delicious and plentiful. The diving showed us manta rays and several species of shark, though was colder than we were expecting (24-25 degrees at times). The tour also included a morning on Rinca island with the Komodo dragons. Rental gear was a bit on the tired side but perfectly serviceable and safe. We thoroughly enjoyed our time aboard with Wicked.
752NK, UK
07 Aug 2019