Zaazaa Trekking

Zaazaa has been an active guide around Sapa since 2009. She expertly navigates through the hilly terrain while sharing local insights with her guests. Travellers love her as she is able to identify one's trekking capabilities and modify the trek accordingly.
13 years experience
Fluent English
5.0 / 5
41 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

5.0 out of 41 helpful reviews

Very friendly guide and a beautiful hike through rice fields and mountains. Would do it again 10/10.

Ida Røssland Johnsen
12 Mar 2020
Zaazaa trekking was a wonderful experience in Sapa. Zaazaa is young, enthusiastic, energetic and has a very high level of spoken English which really added to the trip. On arrival to Sapa via the Sapa express, Zaazaa collected us from the bus, allowed us to change in her home nearby and then brought us for breakfast. We then set off on our trek at 7.05/7.15am. While his may seem very early for some, it was actually definitely worthwhile as it means you miss the hotter part of the day. Zaazaa knows the terrain and landscape inside and out and was very informative throughout. We arrived at our home stay and by pure luck just missed out on a downpour. We relaxed for the evening and then did another 3-4 hour trek the next morning. Routes and times can obviously be adjusted to suit your level. Currently travelling Vietnam and Cambodia and its certainly been one of the highlights so far. Thank you Zaazaa!
27 Dec 2019
How to start? Zaazaa has the cutest accent of all time, a product of all the different folks she's learned English from: Australians, Kiwis, Americans, British, Indians, so on and so forth. The result is just terrific. Zaazaa learned how to speak English when she was a kid, selling stuff to tourists on the street. Now, she's the best guide in Sa Pa. We spent three days with Zaazaa, the most magical three days of our two week trip to Vietnam. She took us on some gorgeous hikes. We consider ourselves pretty active, and she walked faster than us, even though she was 7 months pregnant! She would accommodate all our requests: 'Zaazaa, today, can we go on a hike where there are no tourists and it's beautiful?' 'Sure, of course!' 'Zaazaa, will you take another photo with us?' 'Sure, of course!' 'Zaazaa, will you introduce us to your family?' 'Of course!' Zaazaa was full of fun knowledge about the region: the flora and fauna, the people and customs, the geopolitics and culture, the clothes and food. She was happy to share nuances about the Hmong people that we would never have seen, and that I doubt other guides tell. She is full of ambition, charm, street (mountain?) smarts, and goodwill. She took us to some great homestays, all at an affordable price. She kept away peddlers of souvenirs, and I'm sure she'd have taken us to the best places to buy stuff had we wanted any. I can't recommend Zaazaa enough. It's been a year since we visited her, and both my wife and I still communicate with her regularly on WhatsApp (which, by the way, is the best way to book a trip, either by phone call or voice memo).
Nick F
27 Dec 2019
A friend passed Zaazaas contact to me before we went to Sapa. I messaged Zaazaa on Facebook and we arranged a trip for the next day. She could not have been nicer, she speaks perfect English and was able to tell us so much about what we were seeing and the different tribes in the area. My boyfriend asked plenty of questions along the way and she was able to give us so much information. Zaazaa also took us off the beaten track we didn't meet any other tourists for a large part of our hike. I do not think we would have had such a great time had it not been for Zaazaa. Highly reccomened!!
Laura K
03 Oct 2019
This tour with Zaazaa was fantastic because she brought us along non-touristy trails. She shared knowledge about the local people and their way of living with her high English level. She was also very accommodating and made sure we were okay with the pace of the trek all the way through. Great value for money can’t recommend it enough. It was a brilliant two days with stunning views and great company! 
Cáit Nic Chárthaigh
28 Jun 2019