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4 Day Liveaboard

By Sokaraja Liveaboard


4 days 3 nights
Group trip
Price from USD$726.75 IDR10.199.954,75 per person
Set out on the waters of Komodo park for 4 days for 12 dives, 1 trek on Rinca Island, 3 nights of star gazing on the open seas all while enjoying delicious fresh meals and sights of the beautiful volcanic islands. Next Schedule : 9, 14 and 27 November 6, 15, 20, 25 December
  • Unlimited water, coffee and tea
  • Dive and/or snorkelling gear
  • 4 meals and snacks during the day
  • Cruise director and divemaster/Instructor
  • Harbour fee
  • National Park Fees
  • Komodo and Rinca Entrance Fees (275,000 IDR/Day/Diver for working day and 350,000 IDR/Day/Diver for weekends and holidays. 210,000 IDR/Day/Snorkel for working day and 290,000 IDR/Day/Snorkel for weekends and holidays.)
  • Insurance
  • Alcohol
  • Soft Drinks
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Sokaraja Liveaboard

Hop aboard our liveaboard, Sokaraja, to fully enjoy the diving experience that the Komodo Islands offer. We offer 3 and 4 day cruises, with 2-4 dives per day at an affordable price.


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Please note that this is a sample itinerary and may be subject to change depending on weather conditions.
Day 1: Sebayur Kecil - Penngah Kecil - Kalong Island - Wainilu
Sebayur Kecil - Penngah Kecil - Kalong Island - Wainilu

Diving, Coral Reefs, Marine Life, Flying Fox

Accommodation: Sokaraja Livaboard (Shared Cabin) - shared

  • Sebayur Kecil
  • It is a sloping reef that extends 15 - 18 meters deep. Very protected from currents especially in high tide. You can see nice Boomies, Trumpetfish, Moorish idols, Crocodile fish, Damselfish, Porcupinefish, Angelfish, Lionfish and more.
  • Pengah Kecil
  • A small island, that provides a protected lee, where we can dive. The varied topography from walls, sloping reefs, and plateau, creates a habitat just as diverse. We can dive to 30 m here depending on current but the island runs much deeper. Eagle rays bump head parrotfishes and juvenile white tip reef sharks have all found their home. It is also a place to enjoy the vast array of macro life from frogfishes, nudibranchs and every kind of shrimps. In the shallows are some of the most vibrant corals, and then the sunlight is in the right direction it makes your safety stop one of the finest.
  • Kalong Island | Wainilu
  • After the second dive just relaxing on the boat waiting for sunset and watch flying foxes kalong island, then heading to Wainilu. Adva
  • nced divers will do night dive here.
Day 2: Rinca Island - Manta Point - Batu Bolong - Siaba Besar
Rinca Island - Manta Point - Batu Bolong - Siaba Besar

Diving, Coral Reefs, Marine Life, Komodo Dragon, Night Diving, Macro Life

Accommodation: Sokaraja Livaboard (Shared Cabin) - shared

  • Rinca Island
  • Watch Komodo Dragons in their natural environment as you trek Rinca Island, their beautiful home.
  • Manta Point
  • Dive in Manta point 2.5 km shallow drift dive to see Manta Rays at their cleaning stations. The average depth dived at this site is 8–12 m, this sloping reef descends further but all the action is in the shallows. The site is mostly rubble interspersed with hard and soft coral bommies that are home to yellow butterflyfishes and moon wrasses which are the primary cleaner fishes. You can also see bamboo sharks, black tips, turtles and awesome macro if you can take your eyes off the majestic manta rays.
  • Batu Bolong
  • Dive in Batu Bolong, The jewel in the crown of Central. A pinnacle dive, where the top of the rock rises out of the ocean enough to provide a protected lee, which is how we most commonly dive this site. The pinnacle disappears into the deep so a dive to 18–30 m max.
  • Siaba Besar (Macro night diving)
  • Asheltered bay with coral seamounts and reefs home to large numbers of green turtles, the occasional white tip reef shark and a large seagrass bed home to some of the best macro in the park. If you are lucky you can see flamboyant cuttlefish, hairy frogfish, seahorses, even Mimic Octopus, and Rhinopias have been seen here. Depths vary but expect an average of 10/12 m.
Day 3: Turtle City - Siaba Kecil - Tatawa Besar
Turtle City - Siaba Kecil - Tatawa Besar

Diving, Coral Reefs, Marine Life

Accommodation: Sokaraja Livaboard (Shared Cabin) - shared

  • Turtle City ( Siaba )
  • A sheltered bay with coral seamounts and reefs home to large numbers of green turtles, the occasional white tip reef shark and a large seagrass bed home to some of the best macro in the park. If you are lucky you can see flamboyant cuttlefish, hairy frogfish, seahorses, even mimic octopus and Rhinopias have been seen here. Depths vary but expect an average of 14 m.
  • Siaba Kecil
  • Across the channel lies the smaller island of Siaba. Incredible overhangs at 20 m and pristine steep reefs make this dive site an exciting drift dive. The current here can be strong and will give you that sense of flying. White tip reef sharks, giant trevally, schools of sweetlips and snapper on the drift followed by a beautifully protected zone with turtles and reef fish everywhere.
  • Tatawa Besar
  • Probably one of the most colorful coral reefs in Central. Drifting along this dive site is a must for those who love that aquarium feel. All the reef life will greet you and if the scuba gods are with you, mantas, sharks and even the possibility of dolphins can be spotted. The long continuous sloping reef reaches depths of 25 m, but mostly we dive at 14 m, where we find the light and the action is at its best. Known for cuttlefishes, batfishes and oriental sweetlips, Tatawa, which means ‘smile’ should leave you with a great impression.
Day 4: Crystal Rock - Castle Rock - Cauldron
Crystal Rock - Castle Rock - Cauldron

Diving, Coral Reefs, Marine Life

  • Crystal Rock
  • Diving at Crystal Rock is a pinnacle of the adventure. An advanced diver can go until 22 or 23 m and open water diver can go until 18 m. The current here as exciting as the big marine life. Grey reef shark, white tip sharks, and giant travelly are all present in the area. Without doubt, it's one of the best dive sites on the northern of Komodo island.
  • Castle Rock
  • Recommended only for advanced or experienced divers when strong currents are present, it offers an unforgettable view, surgeonfishes and giant travelly frequent the area and often visits by eagle ray and Manta rays can also be seen.
  • Cauldron
  • Cauldron or also called the shotgun is a channel between Gili Lawa Darat and Gili Lawa Laut island. The current will push you through the channel and bring you to the other side and you will slowly enjoy a very beautiful coral reef here. While the beginners will do it at Crystal Bay, Golden Passage and can be protected by the side of Cauldron then heading back to Labuan Bajo.


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What others are saying

5.0 out of 12 helpful reviews
Vivien R, Australia
about 2 months ago on TripAdvisor
I’ve heard that some liveraboards tend to put snorkelers on the back burner in favour of divers; however this was not our experience aboard the Sokaraja. Owner & divemaster, Luca is passionate about his profession. He knows the when, where and how to get the most from each site. During his pre-dive briefings, he went to great lengths to educate both snorkelers and divers. My husband & I were the only two out of 10 guests snorkelling, yet we were allocated smiling Eric, as our guide, and the small boat with handler, remained close by, for an easy return to the big boat. The atmosphere on this boat was relaxed and convivial. Any doubts I had about co-sharing in the 6 berth dorm, were unfounded. There is plenty of space to spread out in, with fore and aft deck lounges. Meals and briefings were conducted together around a big U-shaped table, which facilitated us all getting to know each other. I agree with everything that previous reviewers have said, as this certainly was a magical experience. I can confidently recommend Sokaraja, Luca and his crew, who safely introduced us to the eye-popping, underwater world of Komodo National Park.
about 2 months ago on TripAdvisor
I couldn't recommend Sokaraja more highly, loved everything from the 1st moment we stepped in the boat. First of all, even before boarding the boat, Luca, the owner of the boat has been super approachable, easy, quick to reply and lovely to communicate with. We were 3 quite inexperienced divers (some of us with only 4 dives) and Luca made sure he prepared us since dive #1 for the famous Komodo currents we would face later in the trip. He was an extraordinary and patient teacher and guide, taking the time to practice the basics with us. He made us feel confident and competent in our diving abilities and we had no problems whatsoever. Regarding the boat and crew, it was also perfect. The boat is in great condition, has big lounge areas in the shade and in the sun, super clean and comfortable. The crew will treat you so well, preparing everything for the dives and cook the most delicious meals afterwards. (there's lots of food all the time!) The itinerary is super well-planned and the diving is phenomenal. I'm sure we couldn't have chosen a better option at an affordable cost.
2 months ago on TripAdvisor
Luca and his crew do a phenomenal job of guiding you through the Komodo islands, both on land and across the dive sites, the itinerary is packed full of amazing experiences that make you heartbroken to leave. We did the 3 day / 2 night liveaboard, completing a total of 9 dives, seeing the dragons, visiting beautiful beaches for snorkeling and taking in the stunning environment that is Komodo. Unlike liveaboards we’ve done in the past, Luca offers advice to divers to improve their skills or enhance their experience. While the crew cook up amazing food and chat with the guests over a Bintang at sunset. Although, there are a number of dive shops operating around Komodo, a number of which we spoke to, none compare to Sokaraja. If you’re planning a trip, these are the guys!
Beatrice S
2 months ago on TripAdvisor
Hello everyone, I can highly recommend to do a trip with Sokaraja, from food, to the team or the dive sides, everything was great. Luca,- the dive instructor, is really professional and he made an affort to fix every problem. I am a beginner and I just finished the Open water course few days before the trip, I was on board with experienced diver and the current on the dive sides can be very strong, Luca developed my dive skills that I was able to do the dives with them and in addition he calculated everything so good, we jumped in to the perfect time that we had very less current. You have 3 dives per day, 2 night dives and also some drived dives. The dive sides are amazing, you can see whitetip reef sharks, a lot of mantas and turtles and so much more. You also visit some nice beaches and you go for trekking to the komodo. I also can highly recommend the food, especially the vegetarian opinion was soo delicious- they have the best Tempe ever! The boat was very beautiful, everything is new renovated and also the equipment was brand new. The price is totally fair and I think you cant get an better offer. So you will have a great time with a lot of adventures on the Sokaraja. Thanks again to Luca an the crew, I really enjoyed the trip!
deepgut, Austria
3 months ago on TripAdvisor
Hi folks, this diving trip was really really cool and adventurous! we had 3 great dives per day and also trekking and beach chilling in between! first of all, Luca the dive instructor and owner of the Sokaraja ship is a very lovely, relaxed guy and a real diving expert. he really knows the diving spots like his own pockets and knows everything about the tides and currents in komodo to make your dives as safe and adventurous as it suits your skills! he handled every situation very professionally, even if unexpected things suddenly happened. he is such a nerd, he can tell how much air you have left, but still he will ask and guide you safely. he is also putting a great effort in developing your diving skills and giving you tips all the time, even if you’re not paying for a PADI course there. the diving spots were great everything from sharks and mantas 3 meters next to you, huge coral gardens, pinnacles, night/muck dives and drifting! i already did a liveaboard on the great similan islands but this trip around komodo still amazed me! the ship got renovated recently (2019), the crew was super nice, the food was really amazing (also for vegetarians), and all the diving equipment is completely brand new! all in all this was an unforgettable trip for me and also surprisingly cheap if you are travelling on a lower budget like me. if you like adventurous diving and want to improve your diving skills,... honestly: don’t hesitate and go with Luca and the Sokaraja, believe me!!! thank you for everything Luca! <3

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