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1 Day Best Value Speed Boat

By Alexandria Cruise


1 day
Group trip
Price: USD$87.52 IDR1.224.010,84 per person
This daily trip covers various destinations in a day! Make a visit down the breathtaking Pink Beach and enjoy the beautiful seaside views on Rinca Island amongst other locations on this expedition. Enjoy various activities such as snorkelling to meet the majestic school of fish and manta rays just below the surface.
  • Return Speedboat Transfer to Above Destinations From Laboan Bajo
  • Return Hotel Transfer (Hotel Pick up as Early as 5:30AM)
  • Onboard Lunch Set- Mineral Water (free flow)
  • Snack Box & Free Rental of snorkeling gears
  • Guide Service on board
  • Komodo National Park fees & ranger fee. Foreigner: IDR 460,000/pax /day (weekday), IDR 535,000/pax/day (weekend), local: IDR 265,000/pax/day (weekday), IDR 267,500/pax/day (weekend) paid in Komodo National Park
  • Ranger Fee
  • Tips for the Guide and Crew
Same Price as What You’d Find Locally
Free Date Change ~ 3 Days Before
Community-Based Guides
Low Carbon Footprint
Always Available to Chat
Guaranteed Trip Even with 1 Guest

Meet your guide

Alexandria Cruise

Alexandria Cruise consists of a group of travellers who found themselves falling in love with Komodo National Park after their travels.
2 years experience
Fluent English, Bahasa


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Please note that this is a sample itinerary and may be subject to change depending on weather conditions.
Day 1: Labuan Bajo - Padar Island - Komodo Island - Pink Beach - Taka Makassar - Kanawa Island - Manta Point
Labuan Bajo - Padar Island - Komodo Island - Pink Beach - Taka Makassar - Kanawa Island - Manta Point

Today you will get to snorkel and also take a peak into the lives of the endangered Komodo Dragons

  • 5:20am - 5:45am: Pick up and transfer to a speed boat
  • Visit to Padar Island. Hike to the top of Padar Island to see the most iconic view of Komodo National Park. It's a short but steep, 30-minute hike, and well worth it!
  • Head to Komodo Island to trek and spot the wild Komodo Dragons! Of the 5,700 Komodo Dragons in Komodo National Park, about 1,727 of them live on Komodo Island.
  • Then head to Pink Beach. This aptly named beach is peppered with red coral, giving it a light pink hue. Only a handful of places in the world have this natural phenomenon!
  • Head to Taka Makassar, a small sandbar located near to Komodo Island and Manta Point. This island is a worthy destination, especially for snorkelling.
  • Snorkel at Manta Point. Also known as Makassar Reef, this is a well-known snorkelling/diving spot to encounter Manta Rays. Best time for Mantas is from December to February.
  • Head to Kanawa Island. This is a beautiful island with clear waters and colourful corals.


Guest accommodation
Guest accommodation
Other Notes

Drop-off time might slightly differ based on the weather condition.

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What others are saying

4.9 out of 40 helpful reviews
sananda ghoshal, Kolkata (Calcutta), India
2 months ago on TripAdvisor
the perfect tour operator for komodo islands honestly they were perfect in everything. from the time i contacted warren through watsup, his reply was prompt and to the point. the pickup from hotel, the crew of the boat, the boat, the number of people per boat. everything was great. we went to padar island, komodo, pink beach, tasa makassar, manta point and kanawa island. according to me, all the places were perfectly planned with enough time at each place. i personally didnt like kanawa island at all, and think it shd not be included in the trip. the boat crew were too good, great in nature. made sure about our safety. and great photographers too when needed. definitely will recommend them to everyone
TeenieBear, Singapore, Singapore
3 months ago on TripAdvisor
Perfect pace Lovely tour guides, perfect pace and timing. The early start is good enough to beat the crowd at Padar Island. Be prepared with comfortable shoes for the climb. Drinks, water are provided. Nice lunch prepared. Ample time to enjoy the scenery, enjoy time at each of the 6 destinations. This is not your chase for instagram shots kind of tour so it is at a comfortable pace. If you are active and an good swimmer, it’s a plus when you chase turtles and manta rays. Would recommend this tour to anyone of all ages.
Tom C
3 months ago on TripAdvisor
My girlfriend and I looked online for ideas about prices and types of tours around Komodo National Park. It was difficult to understand what to expect and how to plan. Luckily our hotel owner recommended this company because there are a lot of people in Labuan Bajo offering all kinds of tours with all kinds of wild prices. You could realistically walk into a shop and inquire about trip prices and get a different price than the next person that walks in. Everything is negotiable. Our hotel owner recommended Alexandria Cruises. I checked them out online and they had a professional website and do a lot of tours around Indonesia. The price they offered was a bit cheaper than the next best offer and much cheaper than some wild offers we heard (always shop around don’t just take the first offer out here). The price we paid was 1.2 million rupiah per person for six attractions including the Komodo Dragons on the actual island of Komodo and to see the Manta Ray, this is a fair price out here as far as my experience talking to several venders and hearing their prices for services. This is just for the trip, you have to also pay the entrance fee for Komodo National Park which is 350,000 for each person on a week day and I think 450,000 during the weekend. For this trip you see basically whatever excited you online/instagram about coming here except for Rinca island. We went to Padar Island, komodo island, and a few other places. For us, seeing the Komodo Dragons and the Manta Rays were the best part of the trip. The pink beach was interesting and peaceful when we were there. Snorkeling was so much fun for us because we were lucky and happened to find 10-15 manta rays feeding near some cliffs by an island. For me, it was unbelievable having several manta rays circling and swimming at and near me with their mouths gaping open catching plankton. They are completely harmless to humans so don’t be afraid if you are super close to them. Also don’t expect to have the same experience, our guides told us we were super lucky to see that many manta rays at one time especially during this time of year. The Komodo dragons were also amazing to see. Beyond my expectations actually. We were also lucky to see some of them because it’s the mating season (September) and apparently the dragons don’t move around a lot at that time. We still managed to see a few babies and a handful of full grown dragons. One of them just walked up to the watering hole as we were standing there taking pictures of another one that was relaxing by the water. The guides do an excellent job of keeping you safe although I think the dragons aren’t particularly dangerous to humans as long as you aren’t physically bothering them. We got pretty close, within 2 meters. Heads up, if you’re a girl and have your period, you CANNOT see the dragons. The staff was very professional and the service overall was also beyond my expectation we booked last minute using WhatsApp to talk to the company’s manager in Labuan Bajo (the city in Flores island you fly to if you want to see the dragons). We booked pretty late at night, around 10 pm I think and she was super helpful! The tour included hotel pickup that took us directly to the boat and then back to the hotel when everything was finished. We paid on the boat, they accept cash or credit card. They serve a meal after you see the dragons and a snack in the late afternoon. They cater to vegans and vegetarians, which completely surprised me. It’s all a tourist thing and it is a little touristy, but none of the staff I met were going through the motions at all. Everyone really seemed dedicated to their jobs and that gave us a meaningful experience. The boat is a fast boat and seats up to 15 I suspect. Our boat had about 11 people I think. They have all of the snorkeling gear and life vests if you need them. It’s a full day so make sure you sleep well the night before, you get picked up at around 5:30 in the morning so prepare for that haha. The manager in town said they have a desk in the airport when you arrive where you can meet and pay for the trip and whatever other miscellaneous inquiries. To be honest, when we arrived at the airport we were only at baggage claim and didn’t see any booths for the trips, so you’ll have to look around but it’s a small airport and super new. Also, don’t let the taxi drivers scam you for like 60,000 to 80,000 to drive you a kilometer to your hotel. Try to negotiate. You can also walk down the road a bit and find taxis or even motorbike taxis and negotiate down. You shouldn’t pay more than 30,000 rupiah. We had a great time. It was one of the best travel experiences for me and my girlfriend that we have ever had.
asien_as, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia
3 months ago on TripAdvisor
Nice speed boat, friendly crew and fun trip Went with a friend on the trip with Alexandria cruise, heard about the famous Warren which is the star of the boat company. But on that day we using the bigger speedboat and and he was with the red speedboat (thats what we were told) but the boat crews are amazing, very helpful and friendly. The boat is comfortable and fast also beautiful... It’s really amazing trip. We saw manta, dragons, took many photos and just fun. Thank you... will come back and recommend to my friends and family too.
Simon B, SRB1892, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
3 months ago on TripAdvisor
Perfect We climbed the amazing views over Padar Island, swam at Pink Beach, snorkelled with sea turtles and manta rays, and saw Komodo dragons. All as pretty much the only people around, because the boat’s so fast you get to every destination first. Warren and his assistants are unbelievable hosts, incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. This was literally one of the best days of my life and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Other Things to Know

Cancellation and Exchange Policy
Strict Cancellation Policy
You can be fully refunded for cancellations within 24 hours of booking. Other cancellations will not be refunded.
Flexible Date Policy
You can change your trip date once for free up to 3 days before your trip. Any date change will be subject to availability, and will not count as a cancellation.
Packing list for the trip
Cash for Komodo National Park fees
Packed breakfast from your hotel
Personal needs
Swimming suit
Trekking shoes or sports shoes
How much are Komodo National Park fees?
Komodo National Park fees are complicated. They depend on: the islands visited (which is weather dependent), whether it's a weekday or a weekend, whether the guest is a foreigner or a local, and the number of people on the boat (as ranger fees are shared). This is why no two people will tell you the same number when asked about fees! The fees are also complicated by the fact that they're set by the national government and paid directly to Jakarta. So there is little visibility on changes from time to time. This is why we usually advise international guests to bring cash of between IDR 350K to IDR 460K per person per day for weekdays and between IDR 400K to IDR 520K per person per day for weekends. This is more than you need, but it avoids you ending up short of cash if the boat doesn't have too many people or the fees suddenly change!
Will I get the exact same boat in the pictures?
You'll get the same type and quality boat, but you may not get the exact same boat. There are 4 types of boat - Standard (i.e. basic), Speedboat, Deluxe and Luxury. Most of the boat operators in Komodo have a few boats that they rotate. Depending on the group size on the day, the boat operator may end up using a larger or smaller boat. The boat that they use will be of the same type and quality but may not be exactly the same boat. Also, there may be situations where the exact boat needs to be sent for servicing so the boat operator may use another boat in these cases as well.
Is the itinerary guaranteed?
The itinerary for Komodo National Park is very weather dependent, as the journey takes place out in open waters. Some days the currents are very strong, and it might not be safe to go to certain islands. We know this can be frustrating if you had your heart set on specific spots, but please be assured that the boat operators will do their very best to make sure you see the dragons and the highlights of the park - even if it's not identical to the itinerary here. A visit to Komodo is quite the adventure, so please do be prepared to embrace some level of uncertainty!

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