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4D3N Labuan Bajo to Lombok (through Komodo Islands) **Includes Park Fees

By Wanua Adventure

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You don't mind roughing it for a seriously cool trip! This is the most off-the-beaten-path way to see Komodo and includes the legendary Moyo Island.


4 days 3 nights
Group trip (30 travellers per group)
This is a less-touristed way of seeing the islands of Komodo National Park. The boat departs Labuan Bajo, goes around the islands of Komodo National Park and ends at Lombok (with transfers to Kuta Lombok, Senggigi, Gili Islands). The boat departs regularly every week: Wednesday, Friday and Sundays, and sails from April to December each year. Please note that in the month of December, due to the weather, the trip can only be confirmed 3 days in advance.

Trip Highlights

Kanawa Island
Padar Island
Pink Beach
Rinca Island
Komodo Island
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What's included

From US$ 201.87 IDR2,799,978.42 per person
  • Entrance fee Komodo Park, Government Tax
  • When at Lombok, transfer service (by Car or mini Bus) to Mataram, Senggigi, Bangsal Harbour and Kuta
  • Public boat to either Gili Meno, Gili T or Gili Air (subject to timings)
  • 3x fresh home-cooked Indonesian meals a day on the boat
  • Free 1 bottle for refill your mineral water
  • Unlimited mineral water for drink
  • Unlimited coffee and tea during the trip
  • Mask for snorkelling
  • Snacks
  • Soft drinks and/or beer
  • Personal expenses
  • Fins for snorkelling
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Meeting details
Wanua Adventure Counter at Labuan Bajo Harbour. Please note that you would need to check-in at the Wanua Adventure Counter at least 1 day before your departure date. Their opening hours are 7:30am to 7:30pm daily.
Other Notes

The boat will arrive in the harbour of East Lombok between 8:00 - 9:00 am on the final day.

Guests can choose between 3 options for onward transfer from Lombok:
1. Transfer to drop-off point in Kuta; or
2. Transfer to drop-off point in Senggigi; or
3. Transfer to Bangsal Harbour (North of Lombok) for transfer to Gili islands. After arriving in Bangsal Harbour, we will give you a ticket for a public boat transfer to Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan or Gili Air (your choice). Note that the last boat to Gili Meno is at 2 pm (which may be touch and go due to Lombok traffic).


See other dates available in calendar
Mar 01
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Mar 06
Mar 08
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Mar 13
Bookings should be made at least 1 day in advance. View the full calendar to request other dates.


Please note that this is a sample itinerary and may be subject to change depending on weather conditions.
Day 1: Labuan Bajo - Rinca Island - Pink Beach - Komodo Island
Labuan Bajo - Rinca Island - Pink Beach - Komodo Island

Today you'll trek at Rinca Island and Komodo Island to spot the endangered Komodo Dragon

Accommodation: Wanua Adventure Boat - Outdoor Shared Deck

  • Meet at Wanua Adventure office
  • Head out to Rinca Island for a short trek and to get the chance to spot the incredible Komodo Dragons
  • Then go to the subtly coral-hued Pink Beach for snorkelling and beach activity
  • After Pink Beach, head to Komodo Island for another chance at spotting the Komodo Dragons
  • Overnight on the boat
Day 2: Padar Island - Long Beach - Gili Laba/Gili Banta
Padar Island - Long Beach - Gili Laba/Gili Banta

Today you'll see the iconic views atop Padar Island and the beautiful coral-hued Pink Beach

Accommodation: Wanua Adventure Boat - Outdoor Shared Deck

  • Hike to the top of Padar Island to see the iconic views of Komodo National Park - this is a short but steep hike!
  • Then head to Namo (Long) Beach to snorkel and enjoy the beach
  • Head to Gili Laba/Gili Banta for snorkelling. Here there are beautiful reefs and colourful schools of fish. Gili Banta is a desolate island with a partially submerged volcano on the outskirts of the Komodo National Park.
  • During the night the boat will head on to Moyo Island (14 – 17 hours).
Day 3: Moyo Island - Gili Bedil/Gili Bola
Moyo Island - Gili Bedil/Gili Bola

You'll snorkel and visit the beautiful waterfall at Moyo Island

Accommodation: Wanua Adventure Boat - Outdoor Shared Deck

  • Moyo Island is fairly secluded as it's difficult to get to. It's home to the legendary Mata Jitu Waterfall.
  • Mata Jitu Waterfall is an ancient waterfall hidden under shady trees, in the middle of a forest. Though the waterfall is not tall or dramatic, it has beautiful blue waters and multiple cascades.
  • After Moyo Island, head to Gili Bedil/Gili Bola for swimming and spend time on the beach. Covered only in coconut trees, Gili Bedil is a remote, idyllic island that you read about in books.
Day 4: Kanawa Island - Kayangan Harbour (East Lombok)
Kanawa Island - Kayangan Harbour (East Lombok)

Today you'll do a short trek before arriving at East Lombok in the morning

  • Head to Kanawa Island for a short trek
  • 8:00 - 9:00 AM - Arrive in the harbour of East Lombok. Onward transfer to Kuta, Bangsal Harbour (for public boat transfer to the Gilis) or Senggigi

Meet your guide

Wanua Adventure

Wanua Adventure is a family-run operation that has been operating in Labuan Bajo since 1994. Their boat is basic, but their staff are well-trained and polite.
26 years experience
Basic English

What others are saying

4.2 out of 30 helpful reviews
Feathersoul, Indonesia
14 Oct 2019 on TripAdvisor
The trip is what you pay for. The sights are amazing. The food was good. The staff were great. The boat I was aboard was overall good. Understand that this is Indonesia - there will be squat toilets, it will be hot so food can easily go bad, weather can change and the ride may be uncomfortable, fellow passengers may not your cup of tea, etc, if you understand what you are getting yourself into, you'll have a great time!
Nataliek207, Germany
13 Oct 2019 on TripAdvisor
We wanted to sail to Flores by boat and heard that Wanua would be a good choice. So we booked the tour and were-now in hindsight- really happy with the decision! The boat is basic, so be aware that you share the deck with 20+ people and the toilet is next to the kitchen. But the boat was bigger than expected and sleeping on deck is quite fun. We had a fantastic crew with Tri and his staff (thanks again!!!) Food was good,mostly Vegetarian, we got little snacks such as sweet potatoes in between meals which was also nice. The boat stops at certain locations and Tri always gave us a schedule what to expect next. Now in Labuan Bajo, we realized that we hit a lot of the major spots that you can also book if you come here by plane and do day tours, but turns out that it was much cheaper doing this boat tour. Of course,the company you are with on the boat is also part of the experience but we were lucky and had the best fellow travellers (ages between 20 and 35 I would say) Tri was also always helpful with medical issues (providing also everything) So if you want to have a little adventure,I highly recommend this tour,but we aware that it is not a cruise liner but a boat where sometimes you have to adjust to the situation to make it awesome :)
03 Oct 2019 on TripAdvisor
Nº1 of what I have done here in Indonesia. 4 days and 3 nights of boat trip, with 29 people travelling and 6 crew members (including the amazing Alghazaly). The atmosphere was idyllic, the food was really great and super clean everywhere. During the trip, you go through islands, amazing landscapes, great snorkeling points and beautiful beaches. You have either short boat trips that are great to share a beer w friends you have met and one big boat trip of 15 hours that is really the immersive experience. You live with a community, you share a rare moment, and you continue until Flores for a great restaurant with everybody once you finish the trip and all it remains are the good times we have shared !
03 Oct 2019 on TripAdvisor
We are two retired lady travellers 66 and 65. As someone said before, this trip is not for the faint hearted. You have to go with an open mind. The first day is wasted due to getting everyone to the point where the boat sets sail. You would probably be better off getting there yourself if you don’t like waiting around. Our boat was full with 35 passengers on board. Thank goodness we had a cabin. We had to sleep with the door open (as did everyone else) as it’s so hot. There was a fan but that goes off at 10pm when the generator gets turned off. Top tip....Before you set off the crew ask you what drinks you want to take on board. These prices are marked up. There is an indi mark a few meters away from the port. Buy your own. Top tip 2. The crew has tape that they sit and wrap around the bottles that you bought. You then put your name on the tape and it all goes into a huge cool box with ice. BEWARE... many people were complaining that their drinks (beer mainly) had gone missing. Just put in the ice bucket what you need for the night and store the rest in your cabin or below deck. Crew are fantastic and very very helpful. I think they were in awe of us doing the trip. We were met with a hug each morning and they looked out for us making sure we were safe getting on and off the life boat that transferred us to the beach and other destinations. I was bitterly disappointed that I did not get to go to Manta Bay. We were told that the government has put a restriction on the number allowed in the water to 10 at a time. This is good news for the Rays so it eased my selfish disappointment. Would I do it again... prob not. Now that I am in Flores resting a day before we explore this island I can see that many tours go to what I considered the best bits. Komodo, Padar island, pink beach, Rinca isle and Manta Bay. Smaller numbers and just a few hours away.
808loud, Thailand
03 Oct 2019 on TripAdvisor
This boat trip was incredible. We choose the 4D/3N. It’s just one of the best experience of my life. The vibes on the boat was just perfect. You will meet a amazing team of people from all around the word. The crew is so great, the food very good. You have a little shower and it’s super great! You going to see the Komodo dragons, so many view points and beautiful beach! I really recommended this trip with wanua adventure if you want to have one of the best moment in your life. Be prepare to have many hours on the boat but vibes it’s very very good so you don’t care! A special mention for Alghazaly with his beautiful smile! Thank you again and again! Tiara Mandiri in my heart forever ❤️

Wanua Adventure Policies

Strict Cancellation Policy
As Wanua Adventure pays for your trip’s logistics in advance, you can only cancel for free within 24 hours of your booking, provided that this is at least 2 weeks before your trip starts.
Change of Date
You may also change your trip date once up to 3 days before your trip starts. Any date change are subject to availability.

Other Things to Know

Packing list for the trip
Ankle socks
Change of clothes
Insect repellent
Towels (please note that you'll only be allowed to have a simple rinse shower without soap, because they can only carry a limited amount of fresh water on the boat)
Trekking shoes
How much are Komodo National Park fees?

Komodo National Park fees are complicated. They depend on: the islands visited (which is weather dependent), whether it's a weekday or a weekend, whether the guest is a foreigner or a local, and the number of people on the boat (as ranger fees are shared). This is why no two people will tell you the same number when asked about fees!

The fees are also complicated by the fact that they're set by the national government and paid directly to Jakarta. So there is little visibility on changes from time to time.

This is why we usually advise international guests to bring cash of between IDR 350K to IDR 460K per person per day for weekdays and between IDR 400K to IDR 520K per person per day for weekends. This is more than you need, but it avoids you ending up short of cash if the boat doesn't have too many people or the fees suddenly change!

A few of our trips include the fees in the price. You can see it listed in the inclusion list. If this is the case there is no need to bring cash with you.

Can I still visit Komodo National Park in Jan-March rainy season?

While you can still visit Komodo National Park during the rainy season in Jan-March, there is a higher risk of boat trips being cancelled due to the weather.

The risk is lowest for the 1-day speedboats (as they are more stable) so if you are going Jan-March, we would highly recommend doing a 1-day speedboat trip. Although the 2D1N trips are still sailing during the rainy season, there is a slightly higher risk that the 2D1N trips might be cancelled due to the weather. The 3D2N trips do not tend to sail during Jan-March.

Given the unpredictability of the weather, the cancellation could happen at any time (even the morning of the trip). We will keep you updated as soon as we can if the weather prediction is not favourable for your trip.

If your trip is cancelled due to the weather, you can choose to receive a full refund, OR reschedule your trip for the next day (if weather permits). So if you're travelling from Jan-March to Komodo, please plan some extra days for your trip so you have additional days to try again, even if your original trip is cancelled!

Is the itinerary guaranteed?

The itinerary for Komodo National Park is very weather dependent, as the journey takes place out in open waters. Some days the currents are very strong, and it might not be safe to go to certain islands. We know this can be frustrating if you had your heart set on specific spots, but please be assured that the boat operators will do their very best to make sure you see the dragons and the highlights of the park - even if it's not identical to the itinerary here. A visit to Komodo is quite the adventure, so please do be prepared to embrace some level of uncertainty!

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