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Not your usual touristy stuff
Here you’ll find some must-sees. But mostly you’ll find what’s real - not just what’s on show for tourists.
Handpicked guides
We’re a marketplace, but a highly curated one. We’ll only recommend guides who we love.
We believe that travel shouldn’t harm our planet. We offset all carbon emissions for trips booked on Seek Sophie.
Travel as a Force for Good
Our mission is to create a better world of travel. We partner with small local businesses and find more sustainable ways to explore popular destinations, so that our adventures leave only positive footprints behind.

Love Letters from Our Customers

Great service & good price. Perfect value for your money. Everything for us was arranged just perfect!
Egle Velaviciute
Probably the best website to book your experiences. Cheaper than even booking directly with the operators, everything was really well organized.
Javier Martin
We were unsure which Safari operator to choose from.. Went with the provider at Seek Sophie and had the best experience. Excellent selection of only the best providers!
Milton Lee
100% recommended! I would give them more stars if would be possible! Seek Sophie helps you with your trips without trying to sell you something that is not what you are looking for.
Sara Martin Sanchez
I was impressed by the great customer service which was super quick, friendly and helpful. I was so happy!
Annika Ender
I missed my flight. SEEK SOPHIE pulled out all the stops to make sure I could make it in time to join my team. Much appreciated!
Kok-Ming Choo
We would recommend Seek Sophie for these few reasons; for being customer centric, accommodative, and most importantly, reasonably priced.
Seek Sophie’s commitment to sustainability and dedicated customer service cannot be beat!
Michael Passmore
Seek Sophie made sure we got an excellent guide, provided us with information we needed and helped us find lots of great things to eat!
Georgina Howe
The perfect way to explore amazing places. The team is extremely passionate, super responsive and always willing to go the extra mile even on short notice.
Dani Ettlin
I have been travelling for 7 months now and this has been the best customer service I received.
Lorri Gibson

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