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ATV & Off-Road in Indonesia

Go off-road to explore volcanoes, black lava fields and ancient jungles
All ATV & Off-Road in Indonesia

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635 reviews
The trip was very enjoyable and well planned. The drivers and vehicles are very good and we thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience.
Bhagya Amarasinghe
The view of the sunset...the driver (Gokong) are the best!!!worth it!!!best experience ever
It was really a great experience. It started really well with Dedy who picked us on time and made everything so smooth at 2:30 a.m. He briefed us on the day and drop us on time at the Jeep starting point. There we had an amazing guide, Putu, who drove us to a very good spot to see the sun rise. And on our way back, he shared his knowledge about the lava and volcano which I'm very passionate about. As a local guide, it was easy for us to trust him to take us to the right spots and we did well because it made the waking up at 2 a.m SO worth it.

Helpful Questions

What are some popular ATV and off-road destinations in Indonesia?
Some popular ATV and off-road destinations in Indonesia include Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta, Mount Bromo in East Java, Bali, and Bukit Merah in Palembang.
What are the regulations for riding ATVs and off-road vehicles in Indonesia?
To ride ATVs and off-road vehicles in Indonesia, you will need a valid driver's license, and some areas may require a special permit. It is also important to follow local traffic laws and guidelines.
What are some recommended ATV and off-road tours in Indonesia?
Some recommended ATV and off-road tours in Indonesia include a sunrise ATV tour at Mount Bromo, a jungle ATV adventure in Bali, and a lava tour at Mount Merapi.
What type of terrain can be found for ATV and off-road activities in Indonesia?
Indonesia offers a diverse range of terrains for ATV and off-road activities, including volcanic landscapes, jungle trails, sandy beaches, and rugged mountain terrain.
What safety precautions should be taken when participating in ATV and off-road activities in Indonesia?
It is important to wear appropriate safety gear such as helmets, gloves, and knee pads when participating in ATV and off-road activities in Indonesia. It is also recommended to ride with a guide or experienced operator and to adhere to all safety instructions.
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