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Cycling Tours in Bali

Cycle around villages, iconic rice fields and enjoy a simpler way of life.
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107 reviews
An incredible activity to do in your trip to Bali. It's a real inmension into balinese culture and you see so many lovely landscapes that you wouldn't see otherwise. Yoga was incredible knowledgeable and friendly, and his English was perfect. The breakfast and lunch were lovely at a beautiful place too. Excellent value for money!
It was great to get out of busy Ubud and into the beautiful Bali country side. Everything worked well and our guide Kus was very friendly and informative. The ride was easy ( almost all down hill) and there were stops on the way for coffee and photos. The lifts/ pick ups worked well and it was easy to organise. Great value.
John E
The ecobike tour was fun and a good way to explore the island. We found Yoga very engaging, knowledgable, and very generous with sharing the Balinese culture to us. He takes awesome photos, too!

Helpful Questions

What are the top cycling tours in Bali?
The top cycling tours in Bali include the Kintamani Cycling Tour, Ubud Rice Field Cycling Tour, Mount Batur Sunrise Cycling Tour, Banyuwana Cycling Tour, and Jatiluwih Rice Terraces Cycling Tour.
What is included in a typical cycling tour in Bali?
A typical cycling tour in Bali usually includes hotel pickup and drop-off, professional cycling guide, mountain bike rental, safety equipment, refreshments, traditional Balinese lunch, entrance fees, and insurance.
Are cycling tours in Bali suitable for beginners?
Yes, cycling tours in Bali are suitable for beginners. There are various routes available, including those with gentle terrains, making it accessible for riders of all skill levels. Additionally, experienced guides accompany the tours to ensure safety and provide assistance.
What are the highlights of cycling tours in Bali?
The highlights of cycling tours in Bali include scenic rice terraces, traditional villages, lush countryside, volcanic landscapes, local temples, vibrant markets, and stunning views of Mount Batur and the surrounding areas.
When is the best time to go on a cycling tour in Bali?
The best time to go on a cycling tour in Bali is during the dry season, which falls between April and October. The weather is generally more predictable, with lower chances of rainfall, providing ideal conditions for cycling and enjoying the beautiful landscapes.
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