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Amed Tulamben

Chilled, laid-back fishing village with great diving and shipwrecks
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I earned my PADI Open Water cert here, care if Karin, the best dive instructor ever! It was a great 4 day experience, many dives, great knowledge, careful and thoughtful instruction. Perfect gear and equipment, too. Very highly recommended, don't go cheap.
loren jaffe
just spent over a month here with Julia, Ely, Emma, Nikki and Valentina. The water varied as it was rainy season but mostly had 10-20m visibility and up to 30m visibility in crystal clear water. Perfect dive conditions almost all the time! Plus seeing fish on most dives is a nice little bonus! The facilities, training gear and equipment all really good! A very short walk to the water from the school and a very short swim to the dive spot! & fish in the first few meters! I did a few courses (L3&4&masters) and had time in the water with each instructor and everyone made me feel comfortable in the water, gave me lots of feedback, the instructor was my safety and followed me down for every dive which gives extra confidence and they can really see what you’re doing right and wrong and then explain what I’ve done and what I need to do! The instructors were professional but also making it fun every dive! I spent the last few weeks with Julia who took me to some new deep personal bests! Such an amazing advanced coach & I look forward to many more PBs with her over the coming years!!! I improved my dives from my L2 course by an EXTRA 27m! (Leaving with a 52meter PB) and added 1min extra to my static (5mins20sec). Really amazing all round and thankful that I came here! Thanks to everyone and see you soon! :)
I booked a freediving trip after deducting that while a different rhythm from surfing, it would help me train my mind to being calm under big waves and deep water. The instructors from Apnea helped me prepare for our first dives with the greatest attention to detail. They help you do the proper breath up techniques while making sure you relax your muscles. He told us over and over that our fears of running out of breath were only mental and triggered by the vagus nerve. (Lessons are taught in equal parts technical vs anatomical) After moving on the the dive, the lesson continues in the water as the instructor guides and follows you down through each dive. Pushing you, And testing your boundaries but staying within your comfort zone. Its feel incredibly made-to-measure as each student will have different limitations to work out. Will definitely be coming back for more coaching and static clinic courses in the coming months!

Helpful Questions

What are some popular activities in Amed Tulamben?
Some popular activities in Amed Tulamben include scuba diving and snorkeling to explore the vibrant coral reefs and shipwrecks, trekking to Mount Agung for breathtaking views, visiting traditional fishing villages, and relaxing on the black sand beaches.
Are there any recommended diving spots in Amed Tulamben?
Yes, Amed Tulamben is known for its exceptional diving spots. The USAT Liberty Shipwreck is particularly popular, with its abundant marine life and easy accessibility. The Japanese Wreck, Coral Garden, and Amed Wall are also worth exploring for divers of all levels.
What is the best time to visit Amed Tulamben?
The ideal time to visit Amed Tulamben is during the dry season from April to October. During this period, the weather is generally sunny with calm seas, providing excellent conditions for diving, snorkeling, and other outdoor activities. It is recommended to avoid the rainy season (November to March) as visibility underwater may be affected.
Are there any cultural attractions in Amed Tulamben?
Yes, Amed Tulamben offers several cultural attractions. Visitors can explore the traditional fishing villages and interact with the friendly locals to learn about their unique way of life. The Lempuyang Temple, also known as the 'Gate to Heaven,' is a popular spiritual site offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The Tirta Gangga Water Palace is another notable cultural attraction.
What amenities are available in Amed Tulamben for tourists?
Amed Tulamben offers a range of amenities for tourists. There are numerous accommodation options, including resorts, villas, and guesthouses, catering to different budgets. Restaurants and cafes serve a variety of local and international cuisine. Tour operators provide equipment rental and guides for diving and snorkeling activities. Additionally, there are shops selling handicrafts, souvenirs, and diving gear.
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