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Bali Diving Academy
99 reviews
Bali Diving Academy is one of the oldest scuba diving centers in Bali and is the diving pioneer of Indonesia. You're in good hands with them, with their Safety Record at 100% ever since they opened in 1991. You'll get the PADI-certified instructors' undivided attention, as you will travel in groups no bigger than 4. They are also constantly renewing and revising their equipment. By supporting them, you are also supporting the many conservation and researches programs they work closely with in Bali. Bali Diving Academy is also the 2018 winner of the "Outstanding Contribution to Diver Training" Award by PADI Asia Pacific.

What Guests Say

99 reviews

I earned my PADI Open Water cert here, care if Karin, the best dive instructor ever! It was a great 4 day experience, many dives, great knowledge, careful and thoughtful instruction. Perfect gear and equipment, ...

loren jaffe

We went om a snorkling trip at Nusa Penida with Julie and Hikal! We were also accompanied by two scuba divers which was very interesting. It was an amazing day! We saw two beautiful spots, had a local lunch on t...

Leonie Wünker

We went om a snorkling trip at Nusa Penida with Julie and Hikal! We were also accompanied by two scuba divers which was very interesting. It was an amazing day! We saw two beautiful spots, had a local lunch on t...

Leonie Wünker

What a great discover !
Thank you the team, Marina, Celina, Laura and Olivier.
We recommend you this diving school, professional, passionate and good teacher.

Guillaume T

I went to Nusa Lembongan without a reservation because the booking was canceled at the best known and best rated diving school.
the Bali diving academy lembogan was just about to go out by boat and quickly...

Dennis G, Osnabrück, Germany

We arranged to dive with Bali Dive Academy before we left Australia - they arranged a package of 3 nights accommodation, 3 dives on the Liberty wreck (including a night dive) and 2 dives in Amed.a a driver met u...

ali2wn, Australia

Went for two days diving. First day in Padang Bai. Second in Nusa Penida. Both dives were very well organised and with good equipment. Guides were knowledgeable and ensured we felt safe. Diving was better on the...

George P

My second time diving with Bali Diving Academy in Pemuteran and I highly recommend giving them a visit. The whole staff is very friendly and has a family feel. Karin and Dray lead a team of highly skilled and pr...

ML Burden

Helpful Questions

What are the popular activities to do on Menjangan Island?
Popular activities on Menjangan Island include snorkeling, diving, hiking, and birdwatching. Visitors can explore the vibrant coral reefs, spot various marine life, take guided hiking tours to witness amazing landscapes, and indulge in birdwatching amidst the island's diverse ecosystem.
Are there any restrictions or permits required to visit Menjangan Island?
Yes, to visit Menjangan Island, visitors are required to purchase an entrance ticket and a marine park permit. These permits not only allow access to the island but also contribute to the conservation efforts of the Bali Barat National Park, ensuring the preservation of the island's natural beauty.
What is the best time of the year to visit Menjangan Island for diving?
The best time for diving on Menjangan Island is during the dry season, which is from April to November. During this period, the visibility is at its best, and the calm waters offer excellent conditions for divers. However, it is advisable to check the weather conditions and consult with local dive operators before planning a trip.
Are there any accommodation options available on Menjangan Island?
Menjangan Island primarily serves as a day trip destination, and there are limited accommodation options available on the island itself. However, there are several resorts and hotels located in the nearby West Bali National Park area which offer convenient access to Menjangan Island. These establishments provide a range of facilities and amenities for a comfortable stay.
What kind of wildlife can be encountered on Menjangan Island?
Menjangan Island is home to a diverse range of wildlife, both on land and underwater. Visitors can encounter various species such as deer, monkeys, monitor lizards, and numerous bird species. In the surrounding marine areas, one can find vibrant coral reefs teeming with colorful fish, sea turtles, reef sharks, and if lucky, even manta rays.
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