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Como Bali Tour
36 reviews
Como Bali is a Balinese tour operator that has been serving travellers for over 5 years. They are specialized in making customized trips around Bali and other places nearby including east Java.

What Guests Say

205 reviews

The trip was absolutely superb. Aidey was a great guide, very knowledgeable and fluent in english with lots of other interests and skills beyond being a tourist guide.
The volvano tours were excellent alth...

Jörg Stapf

From start to finish the trip was well organised and comfortable. The vendor connected with me early and this meant we could be flexible with pick up points etc. The experience was first class - great hike, uniq...

Mark Johnson

Amazing experience and superb hospitality. Met off the train by Johan with an amazing broad welcoming smile and warm handshake. He explained all the arrangements on the way to the guesthouse. The guesthouse was ...

David Campbell

Most amazing experience and doing it with our guide who use to be a miner was sure ch a privilege! Our transport was super organized and excellent. Thank you!!

Kim fletcher and Craig Moore

The trip was amazing and Johan is an amazing host!
The level of professionalism is outstanding and I would definitely recommend this trip. It is once in a lifetime experience and is totally worth it!

Natalia Medvetchi

Professional Guide. All around a very good trip to Ijen.

Calvin Zacharias

Johan picked us up at our guesthouse at 00.40 (on time!) and took us together with one other person to Ijen. He provided us with a gas mask, torch and even lend me an extra jacket (its cold up there). The guide ...

Nelli Schneider

The guide — Bahri was the best! Sweet man and also very patient. You can see he has worked at the mine for 20 years. The experience oozes out of him when walking up and down on mount Ijen.

The trek itse...

Ilkka Pernu

Helpful Questions

How do I get to Ijen from Bali?

You will first need to get a bus or private car from where ever you are staying in Bali to Gilimanuk Port. There are ferries going from the Gilimanuk Port (north western Bali) to the Ketapang Port in Java. Once you arrive to Java, you will need to take a bus, car or meet your guide at the port who will take you to Ijen. There are tour operators that arrange the transportation from various points in Bali to Ijen as well as include a guide to take you around the volcano.

What are the best times to visit Mount Ijen?
The best times to visit Mount Ijen are during the dry season, which typically lasts from May to September. This is when the weather is more predictable and there is a lower chance of rain, making the trekking conditions more favorable.
What should I pack for a Mount Ijen trekking experience?
When preparing for a Mount Ijen trekking experience, it is essential to pack warm clothes, sturdy hiking boots, a headlamp, a gas mask (to protect against sulfur fumes), and plenty of water and snacks. It is also recommended to bring a camera to capture the stunning views from the summit.
How physically demanding is the hike up Mount Ijen?
The hike up Mount Ijen can be physically demanding, especially during the steep ascent towards the crater rim. It requires a moderate level of fitness and stamina. It is advisable to take regular breaks during the trek and go at a pace that suits your own capabilities.
What are some safety precautions to consider while visiting Mount Ijen?
While visiting Mount Ijen, it is important to prioritize safety. Some precautions to consider include wearing a gas mask when near the sulfur vents to avoid inhaling toxic fumes, staying on designated paths to avoid accidents, and following the instructions of experienced guides who are familiar with the terrain.