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Hanoi-Sapa Express Trains

Your comfy ride between Hanoi and Sapa's stunning highlands.

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Clean and comfortable cabin with nice decorations

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89 reviews
Unique and fun experience on the overnight train from Hanoi to Sapa. The check-in process was smooth, and the train cabin clean and comfortable.
It was a fuss free trip, paid for the hotel pick up and the driver drove well. Aboard the train, we were given water, snacks and ear plugs (which turned out to be a life saver!). Arrived in Hanoi with no delay and issues, recommended!
Comfortable, clean and well attended. SeekSophie did a great job of communicating and answering questions.

Helpful Questions

How do I collect the train ticket?
Once you book your spot on the train with us, we will provide you with an e-voucher. You can show the e-voucher at the train operator's booth at the Hanoi or Sapa train station to exchange for the train ticket. There is no need to print anything out beforehand.
What's the difference between the different train companies?
The main thing travellers should know is that the train companies offering Hanoi-Sapa train tickets basically license separate train cabins on the same state-owned train. So regardless of how much you spend on your train ticket and which company you get your ticket from, you'll be getting on the same (fairly old) train. The main thing that will differ is the decor of your cabin - some train operators will maintain their train cabins a little better than others. All the toilets on the train are shared!
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