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Kadham Bus is one of the newest buses to offer routes to Sapa. They provide unique and exciting bus lines from Hanoi to Sapa and the way back. Their experience, teamwork and ability to deliver customers across Hanoi and Sapa safely to their destinations every year are our most valued and rewarded strengths.

What Guests Say

286 reviews

The bus is clean and spacious, it is wonderful experience and I enjoyed

David Lu

Very organized, comfortable. Arrived in Hanoi in about 5.5 hours, which is earlier than expected. I took Sao Viet VIP bus from Hanoi old quarter to Sapa, but that made too many stops and I would highly recomm...


Taking the overnight luxury bus was definitely an eye opener for us. Booking of the bus tickets was easy and the company took the initiative to WhatsApp message details of meet up point etc the day before.


Everything was great. Punctual, comfortable, clean and smooth journey.


Clean and on time. The bed is comfortable and I have a nice sleep. Just a bit cold in the early morning in Sapa.


Overall everything is good. Just the attitude of the driver might need to improve a little bit.


Great first sleeper bus experience. Location was easy to find, bus left on time. Very clean- as someone mentioned, no shoes allowed, you’re given a bag to store them. Fairly comfortable. I was woken up by someon...


Very clean. Kadbus makes you remove your shoes and stow away your bulky bags in the trunk before entering the bus. The pod beds are about as comfortable as the seats in a business class flight, where it's fairly...


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