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Surfing in Kenting

Great for beginner and intermediate surfers, with small but varied waves!

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Helpful Questions

What is the best season for surfing in Kenting?
The best season for surfing in Kenting is from October to March. During this time, the waves are strongest and more consistent, with the average wave height between 2 and 3 meters.
What are the most popular surf spots in Kenting?
Some of the most popular surf spots in Kenting include Jialeshuei Beach, South Bay, and Nanwan Beach. These areas are known for their consistent waves and beautiful scenery.
What is the water temperature like in Kenting for surfing?
The water temperature in Kenting ranges from 22°C to 28°C, making it a perfect destination for year-round surfing. However, during the winter months, a wetsuit is recommended to keep you warm in the chilly water.
Is surfing in Kenting suitable for beginners?
Yes, there are many surf schools and instructors in Kenting that cater to beginners. The waves are generally mild and suitable for learning, and the warm water temperature makes it a comfortable learning environment.
What is the surf culture like in Kenting?
The surf culture in Kenting is laid-back and welcoming. There is a strong sense of community among local surfers and visitors alike, and it's not uncommon to see surfers of all ages and skill levels enjoying the waves together.
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