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Great service by seek Sophie and trip was well organized

Ivan Lim

Lina was excellent in quickly replying to all my questions and requests during the planning of our trip! The trip itself went really smoothly and with we had no issues at all. I will definitely use SeekSophie...

Adam Lloyd

Highly recommended climb. I come from taiwan Mt Kinabalu is beautiful and Via Ferrata is interesting. Everything is unforgettable, no matter the climbing and the person I contacted.


Highly recommended. Trekking at Mt Kinabalu was very hard but memorable to me. Everything is unforgettable, no matter the climbing and the person I contacted. Very impressive is the service provided by Olivia. H...


An amazing experience. Everything was well organized and for a reasonable price (compared to some other deals). The hike was actually much more than just a walk into a forest haha. I could feel my legs and knees...


Colleagues became friends. Olivia and her team are excellent! They make our trip are very impressive, giving you a good feeling that you have done something Valuable.It is a demanding hike but definitely worthwh...


Amazing! Frendy and the other guides were well-trained to guide and communicate with hikers from start to finish, and the ferrata guide Ion was also very sociable and helped us relax throughou7t the ferrata expe...

Philip C

Simply the best holiday - thank to olivia! I’d heard a lot about Olivia while I was researching for a borneo holiday and she exceeded every single expectation and more. She is kind friendly efficient - found loo...


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