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Best kept secret for gorgeous sunsets in Labuan Bajo, with sweeping views
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Rangko caves and Batu cermin were the highlights of this trip . A beautiful boat ride to rangko. Really 5mins short easy walk in , rangko cave was a hidden gem and a chill place to go for a swim in the caves, water is super clean and clear and not cold. Batu cermin was a smaller cave than expected but fill with interesting facts how it use to be an underwater cave thousands of years ago and you could still see fossilized corals and marine life . Light was brilliant and not ur typical cave with limestones. Reason why I left 4/5 as I felt Sylvia hill was quite overrated , Labuan Bajo have beautiful daily sunsets even not at the hill, it was crowded with lots of people , u can still get a good short 10mins hike up. I can get similar views elsewhere but the rolling hills were still a great place to see the scenery but not really a plus point to visit Guides were great and pickup
Although the pick up was quite late, the trip eventually turned out well. Both guide & driver were friendly and helpful and answered our questions and gave us good background.
We came to Labuan Bajo for visiting Komodo, but this tour is such a gem it is worth staying a little longer for! Exploring Batu Cermain Cave was such a fun adventure, and the beach on which we landed to visit Ranko Cave looked like paradise. The guide was so obliging, taking pictures for us and explaining the local culture. He also took us to a local veg and fish market and named all the ones we did not recognise. The sunset on Sylvia Hill was magnificent. Make sure to wear good shoes, the Ranko Cave was slippery in the wet season when we visited!

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What is the background of Sylvia Hill?
Sylvia Hill is an experienced travel blogger and adventurer. She has been exploring the world for over a decade, documenting her experiences through captivating blog posts and stunning photographs.
Which destinations has Sylvia Hill visited?
Sylvia Hill has visited numerous destinations around the globe. Some of her notable travel experiences include exploring the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru, scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and trekking through the Himalayas in Nepal.
What are some of the thrilling activities Sylvia Hill has tried?
Sylvia Hill is an adventurer at heart and has participated in countless thrilling activities. She has gone skydiving in New Zealand, bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge in Zimbabwe, and even completed a solo backpacking trip across Europe.
How does Sylvia Hill plan her travel itineraries?
Sylvia Hill meticulously plans her travel itineraries to ensure a well-rounded and enriching experience. She researches extensively about the destination, considers local recommendations, and incorporates a mix of iconic landmarks, off-the-beaten-path gems, and immersive cultural experiences into her itinerary.
What tips and advice does Sylvia Hill offer for fellow travelers?
Sylvia Hill provides invaluable tips and advice based on her vast travel experiences. She emphasizes the importance of packing light, staying open-minded, and immersing oneself in the local culture. She also shares insights on budget travel, safety precautions, and how to make the most of every travel opportunity.
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