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Boat Cruise in Bali

Watch the sunset on a boat in Bali, drink and chill
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This trip was planned to be a celebration of our lovely daughter sweet 17th Birthday party. I knew this catamaran yacht by their social media, I immediately contacted their phone to ask in detail and Thank God I met mba Yanty as a Sales Manager of this Aneecha Yacht Catamaran Bali. Ms. Yanty graciously helped us plan this event nicely and really understands what we want.
Fievie Meyrisca
Very nice! Thank you for a Great trip.
Ara Bueno
It was an amazing experience to be able to have a sunset cruise party with aneecha sailing catamaran, always successful
Edy Celatem

Helpful Questions

What are the main attractions that can be seen during a sightseeing boat cruise in Bali?
During a sightseeing boat cruise in Bali, you can see attractions such as the iconic Tanah Lot Temple, the stunning Uluwatu Temple perched on a cliff, the picturesque Kelingking Beach in Nusa Penida, the majestic Mount Batur volcano, and the serene Gitgit Waterfall in North Bali.
Are there any dolphin sightings during the boat cruise in Bali?
Yes, many sightseeing boat cruises in Bali offer the opportunity to spot dolphins in their natural habitat. The waters around Bali are home to various species of dolphins, including the popular spinner dolphins. Watching these graceful creatures swim and play in the ocean is a truly memorable experience.
What type of boats are usually used for sightseeing cruises in Bali?
Sightseeing boat cruises in Bali typically use traditional Indonesian boats called jukung or outriggers. These boats are made of wood and are equipped with comfortable seating and safety features. They are perfect for exploring the coastal areas and providing a smooth and enjoyable cruising experience.
How long do sightseeing boat cruises in Bali usually last?
The duration of a sightseeing boat cruise in Bali can vary depending on the specific tour and itinerary. Most cruises typically last between 2 to 5 hours, allowing ample time to visit multiple attractions, enjoy scenic views, and engage in activities such as snorkeling or swimming in the crystal-clear waters.
What are the best times of the day to go on a sightseeing boat cruise in Bali?
The best times of the day for a sightseeing boat cruise in Bali are early morning or late afternoon. During these times, you can witness breathtaking sunrises or sunsets, avoid crowded tourist spots, and enjoy pleasant weather conditions. Additionally, early morning cruises often increase the chances of spotting dolphins and other marine life.
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