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Sightseeing Tours in Labuan Bajo (Komodo)

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Dragons are cool, but Labuan Bajo has more surprises! Uncover hidden caves, a mirror lake + killer sunsets.

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39 reviews
Although the pick up was quite late, the trip eventually turned out well. Both guide & driver were friendly and helpful and answered our questions and gave us good background.
We've had a great time travelling with Vino and Vicky. Everything went smoothly, and we felt safe, relaxed and well taken care of. They were very kind, respectful, and very helpful. We found out a lot about the island, and made some great memories along the way. We really recommend these guys!
Patryk and Anna
We came to Labuan Bajo for visiting Komodo, but this tour is such a gem it is worth staying a little longer for! Exploring Batu Cermain Cave was such a fun adventure, and the beach on which we landed to visit Ranko Cave looked like paradise. The guide was so obliging, taking pictures for us and explaining the local culture. He also took us to a local veg and fish market and named all the ones we did not recognise. The sunset on Sylvia Hill was magnificent. Make sure to wear good shoes, the Ranko Cave was slippery in the wet season when we visited!

Helpful Questions

What type of sightseeing tours are available in Labuan Bajo?
There are various types of sightseeing tours available in Labuan Bajo, including island hopping tours, Komodo Dragon tours, snorkeling tours, diving tours, waterfall tours, and cultural tours.
Which is the best time of the year to go on a sightseeing tour in Labuan Bajo?
The best time to go on a sightseeing tour in Labuan Bajo is from April to December, as this is the dry season with less rainfall and lower humidity. During this time, the waters are also calmer, making it easier to go snorkeling and diving.
What are the top attractions to visit on a Komodo Dragon tour in Labuan Bajo?
The top attractions to visit on a Komodo Dragon tour in Labuan Bajo include Komodo National Park, Rinca Island, Padar Island, and Pink Beach. These locations offer stunning views, diverse marine life, and the chance to see the famous Komodo Dragons in their natural habitat.
What is included in a typical island hopping tour in Labuan Bajo?
A typical island hopping tour in Labuan Bajo includes a boat ride to various islands such as Kanawa Island, Seraya Island, and Kelor Island. These tours usually include snorkeling or diving sessions, lunch, and drinks. Some tours may also offer hiking, beach activities, and cultural experiences.
What is the duration of a typical sightseeing tour in Labuan Bajo?
The duration of a typical sightseeing tour in Labuan Bajo depends on the chosen package and the specific activities included. It can range from a half-day tour to a full-day tour, or even multi-day tours for more extensive exploration. Some tours also offer private charters, giving visitors the flexibility to customize their itinerary and choose the duration of their tour.
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