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Art Jamming in Singapore

Get creative with paints, learn tattoo art or even graffiti!
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6199 reviews
Very fun and relaxing experience. Highly recommend and you will have a great souvenir to take home :)
Helpful and patient teachers, thanks for letting me stay longer to finish up my painting!!
We had a fun afternoon painting our Tingkat with Amy! She even packed some Ang ku kueh for us so we could take a quick break from painting. It was a very therapeutic experience for us.

Helpful Questions

Do I need any prior painting experience for Art Jamming?
Nope you don't need any prior painting experience! Art jamming is just a really fun way to unleash your creative - the point is the creative process, not the outcome. So just relax, let loose and have fun!
What materials are provided for Art Jamming in Singapore?
Typically, the art materials provided for Art Jamming in Singapore include a canvas, paints, brushes, and aprons. Some venues may offer additional materials such as stencils or drawing aids. All you need to do is bring your own ideas and inspiration for what you want to create! :)
What is art jamming in Singapore?
Art jamming in Singapore is a social painting activity where individuals or groups can gather to create art in a fun and relaxed environment. There are instructors to help when needed, but usually an art jam is unguided. So it's great fun for birthdays, for dates, for team building and even for kids!
What are the benefits of art jamming in Singapore?
Art jamming in Singapore provides numerous benefits, including stress relief, creative expression, team building, and socialization with like-minded individuals. We love getting creative on the weekends as it's just a really good way to recharge from the week, and let our imagination go wild. It's also a great way to do something different with friends that's not just the usual food & drinks!
Where can I find art jamming sessions in Singapore?
There are many venues and companies that offer art jamming sessions in Singapore. We've handpicked our favourite art jamming partners above - see which one catches your eye! :)
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