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The Wired Monkey
46 reviews
A Specialty Coffeehouse with The Wired Monkey's own customised blend! Located in the streets of Little India.

What Guests Say

215 reviews

As the name suggests... this activity was unexpected.

My wife and I attended the Roast Your Own Coffee on 17 June and really enjoyed the overall experience.

Clarence was really welcoming and defi...


We had a wonderful time and were able to gain many new barista experiences. You Quan's passion for espresso has been transferred to us. Thank you very much for the great experience.


The Trainer to Trainee ratio was really great. Had a fun time at the workshop, cheers!


Very insightful presentation! Never knew that the taste of a cuppa is a reflection of the barista’s personality…. My friend and I had a fun time with Haslee on the coffee learning experience


Love the interior design/ concept of our roast-your-coffee session! Our hosts (Edmil/ Natasha) was extremely friendly and did really well in explaining the background of coffee beans and the process of making a ...

Priscillia & Ian

Haslee was very knowledgable and very easy. Makes everyone new and experienced with coffee very comfortable with the class. Much recommended!


A very enjoyable and informative session. The venue was chic and comfortable too. Will be back to try more experiences.

Toh Yang Qi

So glad we took this class with Has! He was so knowledgeable and passionate about everything coffee! We were lucky to be the only ones in class so it turned out to be like a private session. Expect to be on a ca...


Helpful Questions

How can I learn more about coffee in Singapore?
If you're interested in learning more about coffee in Singapore, attending a coffee workshop is a great way to start. In addition, you can also visit specialty coffee shops around the city to try different roasts and brews.
What should I expect from a coffee workshop in Singapore?
At a coffee workshop in Singapore, you can expect to learn about the history of coffee, different brewing methods, and how to properly taste and evaluate coffee. Some workshops may also cover topics like coffee roasting and latte art. You'll typically have the opportunity to try different types of coffee and get hands-on experience with brewing techniques.
Where are the must-dos in Singapore?
Am planning for a team bldg activity pack of 8 mid of April - from 3pm (2 hrs). Pls. check if you have any program and your location and the amount. Thanks Maricar
Maricar Lazaro, 31 Mar 2023
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