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Got to know much more about coffee than I did before, and try out the barista basics. Would have loved to have more time with hands-on experience to get a better feel of it, but overall I was able to learn and appreciate coffee a lot more.
Shane was very knowledgeable and very hospitable! The experience was very refreshing and we learnt a lot. It was a very good experience and thank you to both Shane and Yi Yang for preparing everything for us. We were very pleased with the experience and definitely will recommend our fellow coffee lovers to sign up!
Michelle Tan
Booked the Learn to be Your Own Barista: Latte Art & Coffee Masterclass with The Wired Monkey. It was our first time experience in making our own coffee, Hasless was very patience in educating us about coffee knowlegde. He was so passionate about the coffee making process and we had a great experience! Highly recommended for people who are interested in brewing their coffee!

Helpful Questions

How can I learn more about coffee in Singapore?
If you're interested in learning more about coffee in Singapore, attending a coffee workshop is a great way to start. In addition, you can also visit specialty coffee shops around the city to try different roasts and brews.
What should I expect from a coffee workshop in Singapore?
At a coffee workshop in Singapore, you can expect to learn about the history of coffee, different brewing methods, and how to properly taste and evaluate coffee. Some workshops may also cover topics like coffee roasting and latte art. You'll typically have the opportunity to try different types of coffee and get hands-on experience with brewing techniques.
What types of coffee workshops are available in Singapore?
In Singapore, you can find a variety of coffee workshops such as barista training, latte art classes, coffee brewing techniques, and coffee tasting sessions.
Where can I attend coffee workshops in Singapore?
There are several cafes, roasteries, and specialty coffee shops in Singapore that offer coffee workshops. These workshops are often held at dedicated training facilities or on-site at the coffee establishments.
What are the benefits of attending a coffee workshop in Singapore?
Attending a coffee workshop in Singapore can help you improve your coffee brewing skills, learn about different coffee beans and flavors, and connect with other coffee enthusiasts. It can also be a fun and educational experience for those interested in the art of coffee.
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