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Good experience! Girls enjoyed themselves a lot. Staff are friendly and helpful. Looking forward to come again. We ended at 5min before 3pm. Should have do more clay in that 30min. Hehehe... Thanks Sage Artelie...


Sorry, I forgot the lady's name. She is friendly & helpful. Seems knowledgeable. Would participate more if the venue is at more convenient location and the ambient is cozy.


I had a lot of fun trying hand building.
The teacher was very patient and walked me step by step through the process! Highly recommended!


Had a very good experience Art jamming at Sage Artelier with my daughter. The staff was nice to help explain how to do her painting.
As for my painting, I had a guidance on using the right colours. 👍👍

Angela Low

My tour guide Andros was very experienced and it shows in his ability to keep us on task and offer assistance when we needed it. Hint: Do pay attention to what he has to say bc it helps to crack the mystery!!

Crystal Lim

Friendly and patient instruction. We both had a great time.


Very friendly and provided lots of guidance and was patient towards my 8yo and me who have zero knowledge about building terrariums.


Enjoyed the experience as it’s free and easy - we basically could do whatever we wanted - the sky’s the limit in regards to how we paint on the tote bag. I would appreciate if there were some tips/advices/what n...

Hannah Ng

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