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25 Unique Gift Experiences for the Person Who Has Everything

Here are some cool experiences in Singapore you can gift that special someone in your life.

Last updated: 21 Sep 2023 - 9 min read
25 Unique Gift Experiences for the Person Who Has Everything

If you have a birthday or special occasion coming up, why not gift your loved ones a special experience they can look forward to? Gifts have 1 year expiry so they can redeem it stress-free! Also, all gift experiences support local communities & are carbon neutral.

Want more? You can also see hundreds of cool gift experiences on our Gifts page here :)


Graffiti Like Banksy

This graffiti art jam experience is a perfect gift for pretty much anyone, of any age. Here even the most artistically challenged people can go wild with a spray can, and express their inner Banksy. It's a great way to unplug from the week, and a super cool surprise for that special someone in your life.


Gin Tasting Session at a Cool Distillery

This is great for the gin lovers in your life. At this gin tasting session, they'll get to smell gin ingredients and later identify them in the gins, and get to taste a LOT of drinks. This is so much fun that we went in as non-gin lovers, and left completely converted (and ended up buying three bottles of gin after the experience!). It's even more fun as a shared experience, so you should definitely go along!


Floating Yoga with MBS Skyline View

This floating yoga class is a really cool experience for the yogis in your life. Not only do they get to try a new challenge (yoga on water!), they also get to do it with the gorgeous MBS skyline in the background. It's definitely an experience to remember (and laugh about!) for a long time 🤩


Pottery Making with a Pro

Pottery making is a great gift for your partner or couple friends. Here, you'll not only get to learn pottery (which is super fun & meditative), you'll also be the proud owner of your very own own cups/ bowls after this session! Fun fact: your instructors also make ceramics for Ritz Carlton so you know they're amazing 😍


Rug Tufting Class

If your best friend has just moved into a new place, why not gift them the experience of making their own rug? Rug tufting is easily one of the most fulfilling craft hobbies. The great thing about it is that it's quite easy to learn and extremely versatile! It's not only a fun and therapeutic way to spend an afternoon, they'll also get a personalised rug at the end of it!


eFoil Like a Baller

This is perfect for the boyfriend who loves adventure sports. eFoil surfboards are battery-powered surfboards with a mast and motor under the water. This pushes the boards up at speed, giving you the feeling of flying -- and complete freedom to go wherever you want. Basically - you're giving the gift of flying on water!


Longboarding Basics Course

If you're looking for something for an outdoorsy or sporty friend, how about letting them try out longboarding? It's something new, lots of fun and they'll let to learn cool techniques. The instructors are also super patient and good natured. After the class, your friend can show you all the cool tricks they've learnt!


Paint & Play a Ukulele

If you're looking for something super whimsical and fun for a friend, this could be it. Here they'll get to paint their own ukulele, and then learn to play it afterward - a bit of an art and music jam session combined. And yes they'll get to keep the ukulele!


Cocktail Making with Top Mixologist

Cocktail making is a classic gift that anyone would love (unless they don't drink of course!). Here you'll get to learn from Singapore's top bartenders how to mix cocktails masterfully. Afterwards they'll also enjoy drinking what they create ✌🏻 We promise it'll be a fun (and tipsy!) afternoon out.


Craft Beer Making

While we're on the topic of alcohol, here's one for the craft beer lover in your life. In this craft beer making experience, they'll learn all about malts, hops and yeast and how to design and create those flavours they love. Bonus - they'll also get to take home 1.5 litres of their own yummy brew to share with you!! Perfect Christmas or Birthday Gift 🍻 


Coffee Making & Latte Art Class

This is a great gift for the coffee addicts in your life. If they love good coffee, they'll definitely love this masterclass. Here, they'll learn all about the different types of coffee beans, the secrets of coffee brewing, and even how to store coffee beans for maximum freshness. They'll even learn a quick and easy way to whip up impressive latte art for their next brunch party!


Personalised Perfume Making

If your friend loves scents & perfumes, how about a personalised perfume workshop? During this private perfumery workshop, scent engineers will guide them throughout the process of selecting, formulating and eventual blending of their customised fragrance. It's definitely an upgrade from getting someone fancy off-the-shelf perfume!


Make Personalised (Toxin-Free) Skincare

If you know a beauty enthusiast, this personalised skincare workshop is the ultimate dream gift 😍 Here, they'll get to learn what goes into their skincare, plus make something tailored just for them! Everything they create here will be formulated for their specific skin type and concerns (e.g. if their skin is dry, oily, pigmented etc), and will be made with toxin-free ingredients. This is great for an extra special birthday gift!


Rooftop Bee Farm & Honey Tasting

This is a hard one to put in a box - but we'd say that any hipster friends, and friends in the know would love this gift experience. This hidden rooftop venue exudes London speakeasy vibes, and you'll definitely earn brownie points for finding it. Here they'll learn about beekeeping, do a honey tasting of unusual honeys from around the world (durian honey anyone?!), and end the evening with yummy farm-to-table cocktails.


Make Beautiful Rose Soap

Do you have a friend who loves pretty soaps or homeware items? If so, they would love this Rose Soap making class. Here they'll learn to make beautiful personal rose soap, piecing it together petal by petal. These rose flower soaps look so realistic and pretty, they may not bear to use them afterward! 😘


Kombucha Making Class

We've gotten super into kombucha this past year. If any of your friends are kombucha addicts too, this class with the best kombucha brewer in town will be the perfect gift. This masterclass will cover the science behind Kombucha and why it's so good for us, as well as teach you how to achieve more complex flavours of kombucha from fizzy to richly flavoured. They'll also get their own top notch Scoby to bring home and start their own brewing process!


Mangrove Kayaking for Nature Lovers

This Ubin Mangrove Kayaking experience is great for the nature lovers in your life. With this gift, you're not only giving them the gift of nature, you're also giving them a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. This is perfect for beginners, and they can even bring their furbaby along for the experience!


Learn Leather Crafting with Skilled Artisan

This leather crafting course is a great gift for anyone creative. Here, they will learn the art of traditional leather craftsmanship from skilled artisans. Not only do they get to make their own leather piece, they'll also get to monogram it with their name/initials for the perfect bespoke item.


Fun Axe-Throwing Session

This is a great gift for couple friends! Our friends love this axe throwing session so much that they've done this on multiple date nights! Axe throwing is a surprisingly a great way to have fun and is both silly and therapeutic at the same time.


Sound Bath Workshop - Gift of Relaxation

If you have friends who are into wellness, or who are looking for ways to recharge, this sound bath workshop would be a great gift. Here they can spend an hour immersing in beautiful sounds and vibrations created by the Tibetan singing bowls. Deemed as the medicine of the future, the waves of sound at this class will calm their nervous system and help them relax better.


Art Jam Session in a Zen Studio

If you have a creative friend, they would love this art jamming session. Here they'll get to nurture their inner artist at a beautiful and cosy studio. The instructors at the studio are super lovely and patient, and are only too happy to guide guests through applying different sketching and painting techniques. It's a lovely chilled way to spend the afternoon!


Bespoke Private Candle Making Workshop

If you have a candle lover in your life, they would love you for this gift! This is a private candle making workshop where they'll work with over 30 raw materials to create an entirely bespoke scented candle. The variations are almost unlimited! Perfect for a birthday or Christmas gift for a friend or partner.


Private Rooftop Movie with Cocktails

This is one of our favourites for a special surprise celebration! Here, you'll have a beautiful secret rooftop garden all to yourself, where you can enjoy a private movie under the stars 🤩 This comes with 3 cocktails per person, and the host will provide a screen, projector and Apple TV (so you can stream movies from your own Netflix account). You can also bring your own picnic, or order food to be delivered!


Private Forest Bathing Session

If you have friends who love wellness and meditation, this private forest bathing session is the ultimate gift. Forest Bathing is a Japanese nature-based and mindfulness practice aimed at helping people feel more relaxed and more connected to themselves and the world. Here they'll have a private forest bathing session with an experienced forest therapist guide, where they'll get to slow down and reconnect meaningfully with the natural world.


Wine & Dine on a Private Yacht

If you have an extra special occasion coming up, this is the ultimate treat for your partner or best friends. This 4-hour private yacht trip is a gift they'll remember forever. Here they'll head out to Lazarus Island for a special 2-course meal with wine. They'll also get to try their hand at fishing - if they catch anything, the crew will BBQ it to add it to their meal! It's definitely one of the most special experiences you can have in Singapore.


Bonus: Get a Personalised Gift Card!

If you can't decide, why not get a personalised gift card? Gift cards can be used on over 2000 adventures, and they don't expire! Gift cards can be purchased in any amounts, and can be personalised with cute pictures 🥰 

Bonus: Get a Personalised Gift Card!
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