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42 Best Date Ideas in Singapore (More than Just Food & Drink!) [2024]

Spice up your relationship by trying something new together

Last updated: 16 May 2024 - 12 min read
42 Best Date Ideas in Singapore (More than Just Food & Drink!) [2024]

Ditch the dinner-and-a-movie rut! Get those hearts racing with some seriously cool dates – think street art sessions, paddle power through the mangroves, or a saucy showdown with homemade pizza.


Paint a Tingkat – A Piece of Singaporean Heritage

This is a super cute one! Learn to paint a mini tingkat, those adorable stacked food containers, under the guidance of a local Perankan artist. It's a fun way to learn about Peranakan culture, try a traditional craft, and bring home a beautiful, meaningful souvenir.


Boring Indian BBQ at a Penthouse

This is anything but boring! Spice up your date night (literally!) with this hands-on Indian BBQ class—a Seek Sophie fan favourite! Even guests who've done over-10 experiences say it's one of their faves. You'll learn to grill everything from classic Chicken Tikka to Punjabi Paneer Tikka, all while enjoying breathtaking city views. BYOB for extra fun. 😉


Chocolate from Bean to Bar (in a Desert-Themed Bar?!)

Chocolate lovers, unite! This private chocolate making session is a winner if you want to learn something new and indulge your sweet tooth. You'll actually go through the whole process of roasting cacao beans and making your own chocolate bar. But the best part? It's private + you'll do it all in a quirky desert-themed bar. It's unexpected, delicious, and just plain fun.


Perfume Making with a Scent Engineer

Imagine a date filled with laughter and creativity as you become scent wizards. Learn from expert perfumers, sniff out wild aromas, and design a custom perfume that's as unique as your bond. Want it to smell like a cozy bookstore or your fave spicy dish? Go for it! This date is all about the fun and unexpected. 👃✨


Become a Silversmith for a Day

For a truly hands-on date, this cozy silversmithing class is where it's at. You'll learn to use real tools, experiment with techniques, and create your own gorgeous silver jewelry from scratch. It's a bit unexpected, super satisfying, and the fact that it's tucked away in Joo Chiat adds to the charm. Definitely a date with a story behind it!


Learn Pottery at a Zen Rooftop Studio

A super cosy space, this rooftop pottery studio is the perfect date spot to spend a chill afternoon. Listen to the low hum of the potter's wheel, sink your hands into smooth wet clay, and create something beautiful (or wonky!) together. Fun fact? The seriously gorgeous pieces used by the Ritz Carlton is from this very studio!


Step into a '60s Love Story

Forget the theater! This immersive experience transforms Singapore's streets into a living stage set. Headphones guide you through a captivating story of love and loss, hidden alleys come alive, and the city becomes your playground. Think of those cool London theater experiences, but with a Singaporean twist. Keep the time-travel vibes going with a vintage bar afterwards!


Coffee Meets Bagel (for real!)

Love coffee and brunch? Ditch the cafe and roast your own coffee! See coffee plants, roast beans over a fire, grind them by hand, and experiment with brewing styles. Plus, enjoy a delicious bagel and churro brunch – it's coffee meets bagel, for real!


Escape to a Secret Rooftop Bee Farm!

This cool rooftop spot (with rescued bees!) exudes London speakeasy vibes, and will earn you brownie points for being in the know. At thisurban farm experience, learn about organic farming, put on your bee suits to meet the honey bees, and indulge in a honey tasting session with the most unusual honey from around the world. End off the evening with house cocktails!


Explore Abandoned Bunkers

Feeling adventurous? Forget dinner and a movie –conquer abandoned WWII structures, battle jungle vines, and maybe get a little muddy (it's part of the fun!) on this epic hike. Bonus points for a double date – epic-ness ie best shared 😉


Wine & Dine on a Private Yacht

Celebrate a proposal or anniversary in style! Enjoy a private 4-hour yacht trip to Lazarus Island with a delicious 2-course meal, wine, and stunning MBS skyline views at night. Catch your own fish for dinner (optional)!


Try Longboarding

Guests have rated this 9.5/10 for a first date experience! So if you're looking for a bit of cheeky fun, this is it. Learn the basics of longboarding with your date and by the end of the class you can impress each other with your new techniques! This is perfect for those who don't take themselves too seriously, and want a date with lots of glee.


Art Therapy + Pay it Forward

Looking for a date that's both meaningful and relaxing? This art therapy session lets you explore your creative side while also helping others. Express yourself through art, gain some personal insights, and know that your experience is helping sponsor art sessions for kids in need. It's a win-win that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.


Yummy Gin Tasting in Dempsey

Ever wondered why the Singapore Sling needs gin from overseas? These distillery rebels set out to change that! They craft cool local flavours in the Dempsey jungle, and let's just say their gins are delicious. At this gin tasting experience, get ready to sniff out botanicals, taste a whole flight of drinks, and maybe even hang out in their gorgeous bar afterward. It's a date with a kick! 😉


Mangrove Kayaking in Ubin (Bring Doggo!)

We love Ubin - it makes us feel like we're travelling back in time. For nature lovers, kayaking among the secluded mangroves of Ubin is super special as it feels like you're getting a proper getaway from the bustle of Singapore. Perfect for couples who are looking for something fun on the weekends! (Ps: you can bring doggo too!)


Design Your Dream Skateboard

Who hasn't secretly wanted a super-cool custom skateboard? This skateboard jamming workshop is all about turning your ideas into reality. Blank decks, tons of paint, even light-up's the perfect mix of playfulness and practicality. Don't worry if you're not an artist – the instructors will get those creative juices flowing!


Make Pizza in a Wood-Fire Oven

At this secret pizza club, not only do you get to make your own pizza in a handcrafted brick oven, you'll get yummy pizza & beers to enjoy at the end of the session! You'll raise the fire using sustainably sourced firewood, make your own dough, and top it off with yummy toppings! Perfect for new and old couples who love food and something super unique.


Private Rooftop Movie with Cocktails

Want a magical surprise date? A secret rooftop garden awaits! ✨ Enjoy your own private movie under the stars, complete with comfy seating, a projector, and your favorite Netflix shows. Cheers with 3 cocktails each, and bring a picnic or have food delivered for an unforgettable night.


Climb High, Brunch in Style

Caught the climbing bug? This is perfect for you! Head on an adventurous climb, followed by a well-earned brunch. Get those muscles working, enjoy some killer views of Marina Bay, and then relax with yummy food. This is one date you won't forget.


Sound Bath in Nature

Escape the city and reconnect with nature in a unique way – a sound bath experience. Guided by a certified practitioner, immerse yourselves in calming music, singing bowls, and the soothing melodies of nature. This is a perfect date for couples seeking relaxation, mindfulness, and a deeper connection.


Uncover Hidden Marine Life with a Naturalist

How about a date with crabs and starfish? Weird, we know! But Singapore's got hidden beaches teeming with bizarrely adorable sea creatures. Wildlife buff in tow? Score major points with a guided adventure through this underwater world! Think tide pools, fascinating facts, and a whole new appreciation for our island's wild side.


The Cutest Pottery You'll Ever Make

Spend a really fun afternoon at aprivate pottery classled by a creative designer in a lush, inspiring backyard setting. Forget basic bowls – this is your chance to create truly unique, personalized ceramic pieces. Imagine plates with your furbabies, quirky sloth-shaped planters, or anything your heart desires! It's an intimate, hands-on experience that leaves you with a one-of-a-kind keepsake. ✨


Try Private Dining Together!

Upgrade your date night with private dining! Imagine dining in someone's gorgeous home, savoring food that outshines any restaurant, all with quirky, welcoming hosts ready to share stories. This is a date night upgrade – intimate, delicious, and something you'll be talking about for ages!

Try Private Dining Together!

Paint Your Own Film Camera!

Design your own totally unique paper shoot camera – it's the perfect mix of retro vibes and creative fun. 🤩 Paint, personalize, and snap quirky, film-like photos afterward! Think of it as a super cool, reusable alternative to disposables. Bonus: bragging rights for crafting the coolest camera around. 😉


Make Gorgeous Candles

If your date is a candle junkie (like us), this is an amazing treat! At this candle workshop, you'll not only learn how to make your own candle, you'll learn how to mix and match essential oils to get the exact scent that you've been looking for. And, each time you light up your customised candle, you'll think of each other 🤩 


Craft your own coffee table

Build your own furniture for your home & make it a date! Woodworking is surprisingly meditative. Use cool tools, choose your wood, and craft a custom coffee table. Work solo or as a team – either way, this hands-on experience is surprisingly hot!


Make Fresh Ravioli in a Gorgeous Garden

Roll up your sleeves and get ready for a delicious date! Learn to make fresh pasta from scratch in a beautiful garden setting. Ravioli, tortellini, maybe even gnocchi – you'll master it all, and then savor your creations with a glass of wine. Yum!


Design Your Dream Sneakers (with Nyonya Flair!)

If you love sneakers, this one's for you! Artist Amy will teach you Nyonya-inspired designs and help you personalize a pair of plain white kicks. Choose painting or decoupage to unleash your creativity and leave with truly one-of-a-kind shoes.


Channel Your Inner Sherlock with an Escape Game

For fun-loving, puzzle solving couples, try this! Marina Bay Sands gets a whole lot more exciting with this escape game led by a mysterious cat who knows all its secrets. Solve riddles, find hidden gems (maybe a cool discount?!), and treat yourself to some celebratory drinks along the way. Keen to turn Singapore into your own giant game board? Try other escape rooms or puzzle hunts!

Channel Your Inner Sherlock with an Escape Game

Spice Things Up with a Speakeasy Bar Crawl

Want to uncover new cocktail bars in Singapore together? This bar crawl takes you to those under-the-radar speakeasies, the ones that even locals never find. We're talking cool vibes, exclusive deals, and a chance to mingle with fun, like-minded folks.


Rojak Gin, Chendol Whiskey anyone?

This guided tasting of weird and wonderful Southeast Asian spirits – think coconut toddy, quirky flavors like rojak gin, and locally-inspired creations, is a lot of fun! It's more than just drinking – you'll get a peek into traditional techniques and the vibrant flavors that make this region's drinks so darn unique. Perfect for the adventurous palate!


Craft Luxury Leather Goods (with a Touch of Hermes!)

Ready to try a different kind of crafting? This leather workshop stands out because you'll be working with premium Epsom leather, just like those fancy Hermes bags! Get hands-on with the techniques, learn how to choose the best materials, and make your own cardholder, luggage tag, and key fob. It's like a little peek behind the curtain of luxury fashion.


Make Sustainable Espadrilles with Expert Shoemaker

Who doesn't love a comfy pair of sandals? This workshop lets you make your own espadrilles, and the twist is that the talented shoemaker host uses reclaimed leather. It's not just about the cute shoes, but learning the craft from a pro and making a fashion choice that feels good too. Bonus points for the light refreshments – always a plus on a date!


Create a Magical Moss Lamp

This moss workshop is really fun! You'll learn all about moss, then use lush textures and delicate preserved foliage to build your own enchanting, dimmable moss lamp. Imagine those soft textures, the natural driftwood, and the magical glow – it's the perfect way to add some cozy, nature-inspired vibes to your space. We love that they use premium materials sourced from all over!


Mix Up Yummy Cocktails (or Mocktails!)

Whether you dream of mastering fancy drinks for parties or just want a fun, interactive date, this cocktail workshop is a winner. Learn bartending tricks, the history behind those tasty drinks, and best of all, create your own custom cocktails (or mocktails, if you prefer!). You even get a cocktail kit to take home!


Kayak Fishing Adventure: Catch & Dine!

This is a proper adventure. Kayak fish under the stars, reel in a big catch, then savor a freshly cooked meal on a secluded island. Adventure + romance, complete with keepsake photos! 📸


Hit up Asia's First Gin School

Gin lovers, get ready for an experience that's truly one-of-a-kind! At Asia's first gin school, you'll get to smell and taste amazing botanicals, then design your perfect gin blend. You'll even distill it yourself and take home a full-sized bottle of your creation. This is more than just a date – it's like a behind-the-scenes peek into the world of craft spirits. And bragging rights are included!


Get slimy and silly!

Embrace your inner mad scientist (and your love of all things goopy) with a cute slime-making workshop. This delightfully quirky experience is pure, hands-on fun where you get to unleash your creativity and make your very own satisfyingly squishy slime concoction.


Embark on a Spooky Adventure

Crave something exciting and different? Take a haunted walking tour through one of Singapore's spookiest locations! Hear chilling tales of folklore, urban legends, and ghostly encounters. This thrilling adventure is perfect for couples who enjoy a touch of adrenaline and a shared experience that's both spooky and memorable.


Learn the secrets of dim sum at a bao-making workshop

Get ready to master the art of crafting your own delectable baos! Step into a local bao maker and witness the bustling operations behind your favourite dim sum treats. This hands-on experience is perfect for foodie couples!


Escape into a world of plants

Dive into the world of miniature gardens and make your own terrarium! Learn all about succulent varieties, terrarium design, and care tips while customising your own plant world. This relaxing and creative workshop is perfect for plant lovers and couples seeking a hands-on, personalised experience.


Art Jam & BYOB

Enjoy a relaxing evening of art and your favourite drinks! This guided painting session lets you BYOB (bring your own drinks!) and snacks while creating your own masterpiece. It's a fun and stress-free way to get creative, perfect for a lighthearted date with a touch of personalization.

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