38 Seriously Cool Team Building Activities in Singapore [2023]

Unique team experiences from private home dining to axe throwing!

Last updated: 17 Feb 2023- 16 min read
38 Seriously Cool Team Building Activities in Singapore [2023]

If you're looking for the best ways to spend quality time with your team, here's our ultimate list of the coolest and most unique team building activities in Singapore! We promise that your team won't stop talking about these.

You can also see all our handpicked team building experiences here. If you're looking to reward your teams, you can give them a gift card packed with cool adventures!


Axe Throwing Fun

Forget mini golf, axe throwing is so much more fun for groups. Here instructors can show you tips and techniques on throwing the axe (it's like archery, but more fun), and how to score points! You can see who can hit the target most, and loser buys drinks 🤪 It is a surprisingly a great way to have fun and is both silly and therapeutic at the same time.

Suitable for teams from 5 to 40 persons.


Amazing Race Through Singapore

This is perfect for groups who want an interactive game, and something that is uniquely Singapore-themed. Like the Amazing Race, teams will check in at different places of interest to undertake informative challenges at each station, earning points while learning and appreciating Singapore’s history, as well as understanding what Singapore's essential workers have to go through during the pandemic.

Suitable for teams from 10 to 50 persons.


Chill with Art Jam

Art jamming is one of our favourite zen ways to spend the afternoon! Here during this 2-hour art jam session, you and your team can channel your inner Picasso at a beautiful light-filled studio. Their instructors are super lovely and patient, and are only too happy to guide you through applying different sketching and painting techniques. Perfect for teams who want something interactive and fun, but also pretty chilled out.

Suitable for teams from 10 to 50 persons.


Ultimate Day Out on a Yacht

Going on a yacht island hopping adventure is our favourite thing to do in Singapore. There's something for everyone here - the adventurous can do watersports, the drinkers can booze, and those who want to chill can have a BBQ and relax on deck nets. Bring your own food to BBQ, BYOB your own booze and have lots of fun!!

Suitable for teams from 5 to 33 persons. If you have a larger group, you can get multiple yachts and anchor next to each other.

Ultimate Day Out on a Yacht

Cook Caribbean Soulfood in Beautiful Shophouse

This is an awesome unique private home cooking & dining experience - it channels serious New York or London vibes. At Elika's industrial-chic shophouse home, you'll learn how to make yummy Caribbean soulfood with carefully sourced ingredients. After you've made your feast, you can enjoy it in Elika's gorgeous home, relax and have fun!

Suitable for teams from 6-14 persons.


Go on a Puzzle Hunt

If Amazing Race is not your thing, try these fun puzzle hunts around Singapore. These are basically open air role playing games where you'll solve puzzles as a team, and your decisions will determine the outcome. You can do the Puzzle Hunts in Little India, in Fort Siloso, or in Chinatown and there's no limit on number of persons!

Suitable for teams up to 200 persons.

Go on a Puzzle Hunt

Graffiti Like Banksy

This is one of the most popular team experiences - it's cool, it's chilled, it's inclusive and perfect for small and large teams. The experience takes place in a cool warehouse location, and is an awesome chilled way to spend an afternoon. Here you're given a couple of spray cans each, you get your own wall and you're off to vandalise however you like!

Suitable for teams from 10 to 40 persons.


Cook Peranakan Food in a Beautiful Kampong Home

More than just a simple cooking class, one of our favourite things about this experience is that you’ll get to experience modern kampong living here. One Kind House brings back the spirit of a kampung house, where food is farm-to-table and doors are always open for friendly neighbours to pop in to pick a plant or two. Trust us, an afternoon here will leave you with a full tummy and a fuller heart. 

Suitable for teams from 5-14 persons


Terrarium Making - Make Your Own Mini Garden

This is another really popular one for teams, since we've all become plant parents during the pandemic! Here you'll spend an hour with a plant-loving couple, Jason and Joy, to learn how to create and maintain your own terrarium (mini garden) at home. Spending time building your own mini garden is super therapeutic, and you'll also get to bring some nature into your office space!

Suitable for teams from 10 to 20 persons.


Make Woodfired Pizza at Secret Supper Club

This is a really cool one for hipster teams! Not only do you get to make pizza dough from scratch, you'll also learn how to raise a fire with sustainably sourced firewood, and pick your own plant garnishing from the adjacent farm. After the class, you can enjoy your yummy creations together, with a complimentary beer thrown in!

Suitable for teams of 5-10 persons.


Bee Farm & Honey Tasting!

If you love finding the latest pop-ups and IG private dining spots in town, you'd love this. This is a bee farm and honey tasting at a secret rooftop spot.

Before you start the tasting, you'll experience the rooftop bee farm to learn about how bees can produce honey with such different flavour profiles. Then you'll sit down for a tasting of honey, where you'll observe honey notes, flavour profile and colours.

Suitable for teams up to 10 persons.


Make Candles with Scent Engineer

If your team is made up of candle junkies like ours, this is perfect. This is a private candle making workshop where you will work with over 30 raw materials to create an entirely bespoke scented candle. The variations are almost unlimited! Every time you light up the candle, you'll think of each other :)

Suitable for teams up to 30 persons. If you have a larger team (up to 100 persons) you can also choose to have the workshop at your office.


Longboarding with a Pro

This is for the sporty teams! Longboarding has taken over our IG in the past year and we can see why people are hooked. Here, under the guidance of passionate instructors, your team will get to learn the basic techniques of longboarding, which includes pushing, carving, and braking. If you're a natural skater, you'll be doing tricks in no time!

Suitable for teams from 4 to 12 persons.


Hop on a Traditional Junk Boat to Southern Islands

Ride a rustic Hong Kong Junk Boat to Lazarus Island with your team for an exclusive Stand-up Paddleboard (SUP) lesson. You would also get to swim, snorkel, play on the aquamat, lounge on the water hammock, and whip up a feast on the barbeque pit (that's a long long list of activities 🤪) during your trip!

Suitable for teams from 5 to 13 persons.


Zovb and Laser Clay Shooting!

If your team has done it all, we bet they haven't done this! Here you'll get to do 2 things that you normally don't think about when you think about Singapore: learning to shoot and rolling on green fields in massive Zovb bubbles! It's the perfect afternoon of freewheeling play and lots of laughter.

Suitable for teams from 2 to 10 persons.


Head into Nature with Mangrove Kayaking

This nature activity is perfect for a team recharge. See Pulau Ubin in a new light as you kayak through its mangroves, while your amazing guide shares little known stories of its community and wildlife. If you're lucky, you may spot sea eagles, herons and otters. This is beginner friendly, and your team can even bring their pets along!

Suitable for teams from 5 to 20 persons.


Private Gin Tasting at Award Winning Distillery

Everyone loves supporting local. Here you'll not only get to try gin from Singapore's top local distillery, you'll also be supporting an award-winning local women-owned business! Perfect for clients of all ages, and who like bonding over drinks. Even those who don't drink may also find learning about the distillation process interesting!

Suitable for teams of 10 to 20 persons


Learn Sailing!

This is an epic one you can only do with smaller teams or as a client event. If you have an outdoorsy team, why not take everyone out sailing?! Here you'll have a chance to learn sailing from a veteran sailor who has been sailing since the late 1960s on a 40+ footer Keelboat.

You'll discover the sensation of being out on the water, wind filling the sails, harnessing the power of nature and relying on your skills and expertise to steer the boat. There's no better way of team building than navigating the open seas together.

Suitable for teams up to 8 persons.


Splat Your Paint!

This is a really fun one that your team won't quickly forget! Here's a chance for you to get messy, to express, to play with your art masterpiece and splat your paint on the wall! Think Jackson Pollock and splatter like a master :)

Suitable for teams from 14 to 28 persons.


Brew Your Own Coffee

If your team is made up of coffee junkies, this would be a seriously fun team bonding activity! This 1.5-hour espresso-based coffee workshop is personalised for individuals interested to learn coffee-brewing & latte art. You'll learn the art of brewing your own espresso, the secrets of milk frothing and making beautiful latte art!

Suitable for teams up to 6 persons.


MasterChef Team Challenge!

If you're looking for a cooking activity for a larger team, this would be perfect for you. This 3 hour-event will see teams pitted against each other to prepare a menu using various cooking methods and present their dishes with a 1-minute commercial. This cook-off is curated to encourage spontaneous interactions amongst teammates, decision making under time-sensitive circumstances and of course, your creativity! At the end, teams will be rewarded with a yummy 3-course meal.

Suitable for teams from 6 to 50 persons.


Pottery in a Lovely Shophouse

Pottery is one of our favourite ways to unwind. It's surprisingly therapeutic and incredibly easy and fun. During this session, your team will learn both the art of wheel throwing and hand-building pottery in a lovely light-filled shophouse. They'll also get to bring their own handcrafted piece home afterwards!

Suitable for teams of 10 to 40 persons.


Play an Outdoor Escape Game

If you're looking for a really fun and low cost way for your team to bond, this outdoor escape game is it! Holland V is one of the most historic neighbourhoods in Singapore, and this super fun outdoor escape game will unveil its secrets to you! By solving a trail of clues around Holland V, you'll stop by a secret coffee spot, an old-school magazine store and find hidden gems that most locals don't know about!

Suitable for teams up to 1000 persons.


Build a Premium Bicycle for Charity

Nothing brings people together more than doing good together - and this is a really cool way of doing that! Learn how to build your own premium belt-driven bicycle from a team of bicycle-passionate makers while clinking bottles of beer. After you build the premium bicycle, you can gift it to a lucky child in need.

Suitable for teams from 10 to 40 persons.


Private Dance Session - Bollywood to Zumba!

If your team loves dancing or just wants something that's interactive and silly, this could be a ton of fun. During this private session you can pick from 6 types of dances - from Bollywood to Tiktok to Zumba! There's no one here but your team so you can let loose and really unleash those moves!

Suitable for teams from 20 to 500 persons. The workshop will be held at your office.


Get Muddy in Underground Bunkers

If you have an adventure loving team, we would highly recommend this expedition!

Buried deep inside a forest in Marsiling are some enormous WWII bunkers where the British, and then later, the Japanese, kept their supplies. During this 5-hour expedition, you'll go off-grid into the jungle, and explore these huge (and muddy!) bunkers. It's a ton of fun with lots of mini-challenges to bring the experience to life - like duck crawling through the tunnels! This requires an adventurous spirit, but you don't need to be fit to do this experience.

Suitable for teams from 10 to 60 persons.


Fine Modern Asian Private Dining

Forget the cookie-cutter corporate dinner venues, take your team out for a memorable private dining experience instead.

Here you'll get to enjoy Modern European food (with an Asian twist), in a lovely private home. Chef Justin is an incredibly talented chef - just look at the rave reviews! - and is so passionate about food that he often comes up with a different menu for each night! He loves delighting his guests with top-quality produce, and food that is better than many top restaurants in Singapore. Perfect if you're looking for a private setting for an intimate dinner, or something truly special for a foodie team.

Suitable for teams from 6 to 10 persons.


Perfume Making at Sentosa

If you're looking to treat your team to something they have never done before, treat them to SIngapore's first Augmented Reality Perfume Bar. Here you can enjoy a scent making workshop where you'll be able to design luxurious personalised scents just for you, with a delightful Singapore twist (Orchid-scented perfumes anyone?!).

Suitable for teams from 5 to 40 persons.


Leather Making with Local Artisan

What better way to celebrate travelling again than making your own bespoke luggage tags? Here you'll learn from a local artisan how to craft your own leather products, and even get to personalise your creations with your name or initials in a variety of font types and foil colours. The coolest part? You'll learn how to work the antique hot stamping Kingsley machine (made in the 1930s).

Suitable for teams from 4 to 100 persons. If your team is larger than 30 persons, the workshop will be conducted at your office.


Clean Beauty Workshop

Even if you're not a skincare enthusiast, this is a cool way for your team to do something new together and learn about sustainability.

You'll get to learn what goes into your skincare and create toxin-free skincare formulated for your specific skin type. You'll feel like a mad scientist, learn something cool and have lots of fun at the same time!

Suitable for teams from 4-500 persons. If your team is larger than 20 persons, the workshop will be hosted in your office.


Full Day Kayak & Cycle Around Ubin

If your team is looking for a full-day immersion into nature, this action-packed day at Pulau Ubin is a really fun expedition. Explore the historical landmarks of Pulau Ubin on bikes, as well as explore the mangroves, sea and kelongs by kayak. If you're looking for a mini-retreat in Singapore, this nature day out will be perfect for you.

Suitable for teams up to 30 persons.


Explore an Abandoned Fort like Indiana Jones

This is another great one for adventure-seeking teams! People know Sentosa for its shiny attractions, but deep in the jungles of Sentosa, there's an abandoned fort with secret tunnels you'll have to duck crawl through! This is definitely a more fun way to see Sentosa!

Here you'll get to uncover Fort Serapong - an abandoned military fortress dated back to the 1800s 😲 Your guide is also there to share tons of history as you wander deeper into their underground bunkers and more!

Suitable for teams from 10 to 40 persons.


Make Your Own Ice Cream

Feel like kids again and enjoy some ice cream together! This is an extra memorable session for your team as you'll not only be able to enjoy yummy ice cream, but you'll be able to learn to make their own custom frozen treat! You'll also get to take home your own ice cream at the end.

Suitable for teams from 10-50 persons. The workshop will be held at your office.


Collaborate to Survive Climate Change!

Bring your team on this unique, sustainability minded scavenger hunt, during which you will discover new places in Singapore and reflect on the main challenge of this century! Your team will get immersed into a dystopian future where to survive they will need to collaborate to collect the few remaining resources while dealing with climatic catastrophes on a hostile Earth. 

This exciting and fun experience is app enabled and enriched by live actors and facilitators.

Suitable for teams from 12 to 80 persons.


Go Back in Time to Singapore's Swinging 60s

Looking for a really special evening out with your team or clients? This will be an evening to remember. Head back in time to Singapore's swinging 1960s in an immersive walking tour with theatrical sets. After you go back in time, you'll finish with a drink at a secret pop-up bar: a mysterious painter’s studio, tucked away behind an unassuming wall.

Bonus: A complimentary drink, bartender and event photographer is included in the price. You can also get a DJ and canapés on request.

Great for teams of up 30 persons.

Go Back in Time to Singapore's Swinging 60s

Enjoy an Archery Session!

This is a really fun one for a team looking to try something new together! During this 2 hour session, you'll be guided by experienced instructors on how to shoot, and to amp up the fun, you can even have a mini-competition! The winning team will even get a prize 😉 You can choose either a semi-open or indoor archery range, so even those who are not particularly sporty, or sun-loving can enjoy the session!

Great for teams from 20-70 persons.


Learn Bartending from a Mixologist

This is a 2 hour bartending workshop at your office, with a twist! You'll learn how to make iconic drinks from movies! You'll learn to make iconic drinks from movies that you've always wanted to try — from the James Bond drink to living a life like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City. If you have non-drinkers in the group, they'll still have lots of fun mixing mocktails!

Suitable for teams from 8 to 30. The workshop will be held at your office.


Bonus: Weekend Hiking Trip!

Now that borders have reopened, why not head to a nearby mountain for a hiking weekend trip?

If you're looking for an easy hike, check out Sapa in Vietnam, or Mt Batur in Bali. If you're looking for a more rigorous (but still beginner-friendly) hike, we would highly recommend Mt Kinabalu in Malaysia. If you're looking for an adventure, hike the blue flames Mt Ijen in Bali!

Bonus: Weekend Hiking Trip!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Common Team Building Activities?
Some of the common/more popular team building activities in Singapore are escape rooms, art jams, yacht trips and cooking classes. Recently because teams are doing team building activities a lot more often (some teams are booking them every month!), they are also discovering new things to do such as axe throwing, archery, graffiti jam, kayaking and even private dining. We find that when teams are doing something fresh and new together, they create better memories!
Are Team Building Activities Suitable For Introverts?
Team building activities usually strike fear into the hearts of any introverts, especially if it involves the entire team or requires different teams to work together in large groups. But if you are planning any upcoming team building activities which are introvert friendly, you might want to consider creative thinking activities such as learning to make ice cream, graffiti or bartending. Any outdoor activity such as kayaking or hiking would also be great!
Can the Team Building Activities be Held in the Office?
It depends on which activity you're looking at! For many of the team building workshops (for e.g. candle making, art jam), they can be held in your office as well for an extra transport fee. However for the activities that require special equipment e.g. archery, they'll need to be held at the activity venue.

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