43 Seriously Cool Team Building Activities in Singapore [2023]

Unique team experiences from private home dining to axe throwing!

Last updated: 21 Sep 2023 - 22 min read
43 Seriously Cool Team Building Activities in Singapore [2023]
43 Seriously Cool Team Building Activities in Singapore [2023]
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If you're looking for the best ways to spend quality time with your team, here's the ultimate list of the coolest and most unique team building activities in Singapore! We promise that your team won't stop talking about these.

You can also see all our handpicked team building experiences here. If you're looking to reward your teams, you can give them a gift card packed with cool adventures!

Nature & Outdoors

1. Ultimate Day Out on a Yacht

Enjoy an epic day out on a yacht with your team

Going on a yacht day out is our favourite thing to do in Singapore - being out on the water feels like a vacation without leaving Singapore.

It's great for team building as there's something for everyone here - those who love the outdoors can do watersports, the drinkers can booze, and those who want to chill can have a BBQ and KTV.

You can bring your own food for BBQ, and your own alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. If you'd like catering, only a few yachts will offer that. Do check with us which ones if you're interested.

Team size: From 5 to 50 people. If you have a larger group, you can get multiple yachts and anchor next to each other.

Budget: Price ranges from S$ 50 to $340 per person (without food & drink), depending on yacht selected

2. Head into Nature with Mangrove Kayaking

Head into nature with your team

This nature activity is perfect for a team recharge. See Pulau Ubin in a new light as you kayak through its mangroves, while your amazing naturalist guide shares little known stories of its community and wildlife. If you're lucky, you may spot sea eagles, herons and otters.

This is beginner friendly, and your team can even bring their pets along!

Team Size: Up to 20 persons.

Budget: From S$ 120 per person (minimum spend S$ 240)

3. Get Muddy in Underground Bunkers

If you have an adventure loving team, we would highly recommend this expedition!

Buried deep inside a forest in Marsiling are some enormous WWII bunkers where the British, and then later, the Japanese, kept their supplies. During this 5-hour expedition, you'll go off-grid into the jungle, and explore these huge (and muddy!) bunkers.

It's a ton of fun with lots of mini-challenges to bring the experience to life - like duck crawling through the tunnels! This requires an adventurous spirit, but you don't need to be fit to do this experience.

Team Size: Up to 60 persons.

Budget: S$ 99 per person (minimum spend S$ 990)

4. Uncover Sentosa's Hidden Fort like Indiana Jones

Go on a seriously cool Indiana Jones adventure with your team

This is another great one for adventure-seeking teams! Most of us have been to Sentosa. But did you know that deep in the forest of Sentosa is a hidden fort that’s been reclaimed by the jungle? It’s like Singapore’s very own Angkor Wat!

Fort Serapong is a once-mighty labyrinth of war bunkers and underground tunnels built by the British in 1879. Today, the jungle has reclaimed it. Its structure is engulfed by roots and its once impenetrable walls are caved in. Its location is so secret that you’re blindfolded on the way in 😯 You'll also get to play fun team building games along the way.

Team Size: Up to 40 persons.

Budget: S$ 150 per person (minimum spend: S$ 1500)

5. Cycling in Ubin

Recharge in nature with a cycling trip to Ubin, and learn about the flora and fauna

If your team loves exploring outdoors, head to Pulau Ubin for a cycling expedition, with a knowledgable guide! This cycling exploration offers you a bit of adventure and new discovery about Ubin.

Cycle to attractions such as the German Girl Shrine, Bukit Puaka, Chek Jawa Nature Reserve, and Pulau Ubin Town. Your guide will also be spotting wild animals, stopping by rural farms and mangroves to share fascinating facts of Ubin's ecosystem. It's nature, exploration and heritage all in one.

Team Size: Up to 20 persons.

Budget: S$ 70 per person (minimum spend: S$ 1120)

Games & Puzzle Hunts

6. Uniquely Singapore Amazing Race

Race against other teams all around Singapore!

This is perfect for groups who want an interactive game, and something that is uniquely Singapore-themed. Teams will check in at different places of interest around Singapore to complete challenges that will test their knowledge of the city's history and culture. Along the way, they will also learn about the challenges that Singapore's essential workers have faced during the pandemic.

The game is a great way to get to know Singapore in a new way, and to build teamwork and communication skills!

Team Size: Up to 200 persons.

Budget: From S$ 68 per person (minimum spend $680).

7. Go on a Puzzle Hunt

Solve clues around Singapore on a puzzle hunt with your team

If Amazing Race is not your thing, try these fun puzzle hunts around Singapore. These are basically open air role playing games where you'll solve puzzles as a team, and your decisions will determine the outcome. You'll get a private puzzle master, and you can also choose which historic area in Singapore to solve puzzles in - whether it's Little India, Fort Siloso, Marina Bay or Chinatown!

Team Size: Up to 200 persons.

Budget: From S$ 36 per person.

8. Play an Outdoor Escape Game (Self-Guided)

If you're looking for a really fun and low cost way for your team to bond, this outdoor escape game is it! By solving a trail of clues at Holland Village or Tanjong Pagar, you'll stop by secret spots and get rewarded along the way with mystery surprises.

This isn't facilitated by an in-person host, but it is customisable to make it more fun for your team. For instance, you can include fun personalised clues like "What's your colleague's favourite lunch?". To top it off, you can have a video recording of your boss or colleagues to deliver the clues!

Team Size: Up to 1000 persons.

Budget: S$ 25 per person (no minimum spend)

9. Survivor Game at St John Island (Self-Guided)

During this self-guided game, you'll uncover the cure for a deadly virus while exploring St John Island as a team.

You will explore St John's Island, solve cryptic puzzles, and decipher symbols to save humanity. This adventure is perfect for teams who want to couple a game with exploration of somewhere new!

Team Size: Up to 20 persons.

Budget: S$ 30 per person (no minimum spend)

10. Team Mahjong Day

If you have a small team and love to play games and puzzles, why not learn Mahjong together? More than just a game, you'll be gaining a deeper understanding of Chinese-Singaporean culture. We also can't think of a more complex game than Mahjong, so you'll definitely be picking up strategic thinking and problem solving skills at the same time!

Do note that this is not a gambling event; no money is involved.

Team Size: Up to 24 persons. Teams larger than 8 persons will need to arrange their own venue.

Budget: S$ 68 per person (minimum spend S$ 544).

Creative Workshops

11. Make Your Own Terrarium

Make beautiful terrariums with your team

This is another really popular one for teams, as it's inclusive, suitable for beginners plus you get to green up your home!

Here you'll learn how to create and maintain your own terrarium (mini garden). Spending time building your own mini garden is super therapeutic, and you'll also get to bring some nature into your office space!

Team Size: Up to 50 persons.

Budget: From S$ 38 per person (minimum spend S$ 380)

12. Chill with Art Jam

Chill out with art jamming in this lovely studio

Art jamming is one of our favourite zen ways to spend the afternoon! Here during this private 2-hour art jam session, you and your team can channel your inner Picasso at a beautiful light-filled studio. Their instructors are super lovely and patient, and are only too happy to guide you through applying different sketching and painting techniques.

Perfect for teams who want something interactive and fun, but also pretty chilled out.

Team Size: Up to 50 persons.

Budget: From S$ 35 per person (minimum spend S$ 350)

13. Glassblowing

This is a seriously cool workshop for small and creative teams on the lookout for something new!

Here you'll get to experience the art of glassblowing in Singapore's only glass furnace. Learn the fundamentals of blowing a bubble, and shape it into your very own cup or vase. Your team won't forget about this experience.

Team Size: Up to 9 persons.

Budget: S$ 120 per person (minimum spend S$ 720)

14. Make Perfume with Scent Engineers

Learn to mix and match essential oils to come up with your bespoke scent

This is one of the most popular workshops because it's such an unexpected thing to do as a team - you'll learn a lot about one another!

You'll be guided by top scent engineers to create your perfect scent. Learn to mix and match over 30 essential oils to create an entirely bespoke scented perfume. The variations are almost unlimited!

Team Size: Up to 105 persons.

Budget: $87 per person (no minimum spend)

15. Pottery in a Lovely Shophouse

Learn both wheel throwing and handbuilding with your team

Pottery is one of our favourite ways to unwind. It's surprisingly therapeutic and incredibly easy and fun.

During this 2-in-1 pottery session, your team will learn both the art of wheel throwing and hand-building pottery in a lovely light-filled shophouse. They'll also get to bring their own handcrafted piece home afterwards!

Team Size: Up to 40 persons.

Budget: From $88 per person (minimum spend S$ 880)

16. Graffiti Like Banksy

Unleash your creativity!

This is one of the most popular team experiences - it's cool, it's chilled, it's inclusive and you get to unleash your creativity. It doesn't matter whether you're great or terrible at art! The experience takes place in a cool warehouse location, and is an awesome chilled way to spend an afternoon.

Here you're given a couple of spray cans each, you get your own wall and you're off to vandalise however you like!

Team Size: Up to 40 persons.

Budget: S$ 45 per person (minimum spend S$ 480)

17. Splat Your Paint!

Get messy and creative with this crazy twist on art jamming!

This is a really fun one that your team won't quickly forget! Here's a chance for you to get messy, to express, to play with your art masterpiece and splat your paint on the wall! Think Jackson Pollock and splatter like a master :)

Team Size: Up to 28 persons.

Budget: From S$ 55 per person (minimum spend S$ 770)

18. Handcraft All-Natural Soap

During this workshop, you and your team will learn how to make all-natural paraben-free soap. It's great for all genders, you'll make soap that's great for sensitive skin and get to take home something lovely to use! At the end of the workshop, you'll be able to you will take home 6 soap pieces.

Team Size: Up to 40 persons.

Budget: From S$ 49 per person (minimum spend S$ 392)

19. Clean Beauty Workshop

Make toxin-free skincare with your team

Even if you're not a skincare enthusiast, this is a cool way for your team to do something new together and learn about sustainability.

You'll get to learn what goes into your skincare and create toxin-free skincare formulated for your specific skin type. You'll feel like a mad scientist, learn something cool and have lots of fun at the same time!

Team Size: Up to 500 persons. If your team is larger than 20 persons, the workshop will be hosted in your office.

Budget: From S$ 68 per person (minimum spend S$ 272)

20. Perfume Making & Team Games at Sentosa

Create your scent based on your personality!

If you can't decide whether you want to play games or do a creative workshop with your team, this one is perfect. During this team building session, you'll get to play interactive mini-games as a team, do a personality test and get to craft your signature perfume based on your personality!

It's a really fun way for teams to get to know each other as you compare your personality tests and have lots of fun creating your one-of-a-kind scent.

Team Size: Up to 60 persons. The host can accommodate up to 25 guests at their venue in Sentosa. If you have more than 25 persons, the event will be conducted at your own space.

Budget: S$ 105 per person (minimum spend S$ 525)

21. Candle Making

Make gorgeous essential oil candles with your team

If your team is made up of candle junkies like ours, this is perfect. Here you'll learn from scent engineers how to work with essential oils to create an entirely bespoke scented candle. Make a candle that matches your mood - whether you want to relax, be energised or spice up your room.

Team Size: Up to 100 guests, depending on the candle workshop you select.

Budget: Price ranges from S$ 65 to S$ 88 per person, depending on the candle workshop you select.

22. Spin Painting

Spin together to paint your one-of-a-kind art creation

Is your team feeling stressed, creative, or just in the mood for some fun? An afternoon creating art at this one-and-only spin paint studio will help! In this space, feel the freedom to get messy, get creative, and get loud! It's more fun than being a kid :)

Bonus: you can add-on wine, and blast your own music through the provided sound system and have your own private party.

Team Size: Up to 40 guests.

Budget: From S$ 55 per person (minimum spend S$ 770).

Food & Drinks

23. Cook Peranakan Food in a Beautiful Kampong Home

Learn traditional Peranakan recipes from Granny in a gorgeous Kampong home

More than just a simple cooking class, one of our favourite things about this experience is that you’ll get to experience modern kampong living here. One Kind House brings back the spirit of a kampung house, where food is farm-to-table and doors are always open for friendly neighbours to pop in to pick a plant or two.

Visit their organic farm to forage for fresh vegetables

Meet the lovely Mummy Soh and get a tour of her family-run urban farm where you'll grow your own crops and forage for fresh veggies. You'll also learn to make a homemade Peranakan feast that you'll indulge in whilst hearing amazing stories from 3 gens of Mummy Soh's family 👨‍👩‍👦

An afternoon here will leave you with a full tummy and a fuller heart. 

Team Size: Up to 14 persons.

Budget: S$ 150 per peron (minimum spend S$ 750)

24. Try Private Dining

Enjoy amazing food cooked by a passionate chef in their private home

One of our favourite dining trends that has emerged in the past couple of years is private dining. It's a great thing to do with a small team or with clients because you get a beautiful private space, a private chef and an experience that most people haven't done before!

Try a yummy foraging seafood feast

To us, private dining isn't just going to someone's home for food, but it's a really interesting once-in-a-lifetime experience where a talented chef curates a special evening for you in their home.

You can try a fancy pan-European omakase in a gorgeous flat in Tiong Bahru, a lovely Mediterranean feast in a historic Joo Chiat shophouse or a foraging walk with incredible Asian seafood feast.

Team Size: 8-12 persons, depending on the venue.

Budget: S$ 60 to $180 per person

25. Make Woodfire Pizza at Secret Pizza Club

Enjoy making pizza with your team!

This is a really cool one for hipster teams - this pizza making experience takes place at the coolest speakeasy in town. Not only do you get to make pizza dough from scratch, you'll also learn how to raise a fire with sustainably sourced firewood, and pick your own plant garnishing from the adjacent farm.

After the class, you can enjoy your yummy creations together, with a complimentary beer thrown in!

Team Size: Up to 14 persons.

Budget: From S$ 95 per person (minimum spend S$ 400)

26. Immersive Street Theatre and Cocktails

This is one for the hipster teams who love their art, history and speakeasy bars. This is a unique walking tour meets immersive street theatre - where you get transported back to the 1960s in Singapore, during the heyday of the cabaret!

Stroll along at your own pace through the colourful streets of Little India, get immersed in a love story set in the swinging 1960s, and see incredible theatrical sets for a taste of old Singapore!

Finish your evening at a secret pop-up bar with your complimentary drink!

You'll finish with a drink at a secret pop-up bar: a mysterious painter’s studio, tucked away behind an unassuming wall.

Bonus: A complimentary drink, bartender and event photographer is included in the price. You can also get a DJ and canapés on request.

Team Size: Up to 50 persons.

Budget: From S$ 66 per person (minimum spend S$ 2000)

27. Bee Farm & Honey Tasting

Learn about beekeeping and why bees are fundamental to our ecosystem

This is a great experience for teams who are interested in sustainability and food. Not only is this whimsical rooftop farm the coolest urban farms we've seen in Singapore, it has also got a really interesting story. It houses bees that have been rescued from homes all around Singapore, that would otherwise have been killed as pests.

Here, the rescued bees are in paradise as they feed all-day on the plants on the rooftop and produce honey. As well as beekeeping, you'll also learn about organic farming and end your day with a honey tasting session of honey from all over Asia.

Team Size: Up to 10 persons.

Budget: From S$ 115 per person (minimum spend S$ 350)

28. Make Your Own Ice Cream

Make yummy ice cream with your team!

Feel like kids again and enjoy some ice cream together! This is an extra memorable session for your team as you'll not only be able to enjoy yummy ice cream, but you'll be able to learn to make their own custom frozen treat! You'll also get to take home your own ice cream at the end.

This workshop will be held at your venue.

Team Size: Up to 50 persons.

Budget: From S$ 68 per person (minimum spend S$ 680)

29. Learn the Art of Gin Making at Award Winning Distillery

Learn the art of gin making at a beautiful bar

Did you know that Singapore actually produces world-class gin?

Here you'll not only get to try gin from Singapore's top local distillery, you'll also be supporting an award-winning local women-owned business! Perfect for teams who like bonding over drinks. Even those who don't drink may also find learning about the distillation process interesting!

Team Size: Up to 20 persons.

Budget: S$ 67 per person (no minimum spend)

30. Brew Your Own Coffee with Top Baristas

Make coffee with the top baristas with Singapore

If you have a small team of coffee junkies, this would be a seriously fun team bonding activity!

This 1.5-hour espresso-based coffee workshop with the top baristas in Singapore is for people who are serious about their coffee. This class will cover everything that you need to know on pulling consistently great shots of espresso and mastering proper milk frothing techniques. It's great to take you from beginner to almost-barista!

Team Size: Up to 8 persons.

Budget: S$ 170 per person (no minimum spend)

31. MasterChef Team Challenge

If you're looking for a cooking activity for a larger team, this would be perfect for you. This 3 hour-event will see teams pitted against each other to prepare a menu using various cooking methods and present their dishes with a 1-minute commercial.

This cook-off is curated to encourage spontaneous interactions amongst teammates, decision making under time-sensitive circumstances and of course, your creativity! At the end, teams will be rewarded with a yummy 3-course meal.

Team Size: Up to 50 persons.

Budget: S$ 150 per person (minimum spend S$ 900)

32. Learn Bartending from a Mixologist

This is a 2 hour bartending workshop at your office, with a twist! You'll learn how to make iconic drinks from movies! You'll learn to make iconic drinks from movies that you've always wanted to try — from the James Bond drink to living a life like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City. If you have non-drinkers in the group, they'll still have lots of fun mixing mocktails!

The workshop will be held at your office. If you want a truly glam James Bond experience, you can even learn cocktail making on a yacht!

Team Size: Up to 30 persons.

Budget: From S$ 80 per person (minimum spend S$ 706)

33. Macaron Painting

If your team loves art and food, how about art jamming on a macaron?! Spend the afternoon creating fun artworks (with edible paint!) on top of your macarons. It may feel a little strange at first but we promise you'll definitely get into it!

When you're done, you can bring the beautiful hand-drawn macarons home to enjoy :)

The workshop will be held in your office or venue.

Team Size: Up to 300 persons.

Budget: S$ 70 per person (minimum spend S$ 1400)

34. Artisanal Tea Workshop

If your team is not into coffee, you might like this tea workshop. Here you'll learn about the history and farming of tea, as well as the different types and properties of tea leaves. Discover the art of blending your own tea with a wide variety of ingredients, allowing you to create three personalized tea blends to take home.

This tea house has worked with reputable brands such as Fendi, DBS, Piaget and many more - so you know that you're in good hands!

Team Size: Up to 120 persons. If there are more than 24 persons, the workshop will be held at your office or other venue.

Budget: S$ 55 per person (minimum spend S$ 550)


35. Try Archery!

Learn the art of archery and compete with your team

This is a really fun one for a team looking to try something new together! During this 2 hour session, you'll be guided by experienced instructors on how to shoot, and to amp up the fun, you can even have a mini-competition! The winning team will even get a prize 😉

You can choose either a semi-open or indoor archery range, so even those who are not particularly sporty, or sun-loving can enjoy the session!

Team Size: Up to 70 persons.

Budget: S$ 35 per person (minimum spend S$ 864)

36. Axe Throwing

Forget mini golf, axe throwing is so much more fun for groups. Here instructors can show you tips and techniques on throwing the axe (it's like archery, but more fun), and how to score points! You can see who can hit the target most, and loser buys drinks 🤪 It is a surprisingly a great way to have fun and is both silly and therapeutic at the same time.

Team Size: Up to 40 persons.

Budget: $30 per person (no minimum spend)

37. Recharge with Yoga & Sound Healing

Relax and zen out with a calming sound healing session

If your team is craving a recharge, or you'll just like to help them improve their well-being, we'd recommend this private yoga and sound healing session. Through a grounding yoga practice and soothing sound healing meditation, your team can regain balance in physical, emotional, and mental health.

This session will be held at your office or own venue.

Team Size: Up to 150 persons.

Budget: $30 per person (minimum spend S$ 885)

38. Longboarding with a Pro

Learn new tricks with your team!

This is for the sporty teams! You'll get to learn something new together and bond over the challenge.

Here, under the guidance of passionate instructors, your team will get to learn the basic techniques of longboarding, which includes pushing, carving, and braking. If you're a natural skater, you'll be doing tricks in no time!

Team Size: Up to 30 persons.

Budget: From $60 per person (no minimum spend)

39. Laser Clay Shooting!

Learn laser clay shooting - like laser tag but more realistic

If your team has done it all, we bet they haven't done this! It's like laser tag but more real. Here, you'll get to go full-on Counter-Strike mode and hit targets with a series of de-activated shotguns that shoot infrared beams (so it's much safer than the usual clay pigeon shooting!).

Playing is the best way to get to know your team and break down barriers. You'll get to be in small teams and have mini-competitions against one another. To amp up the fun, you can also pair this with a Zovb activity (rolling down grassy slopes in big bubbles)!

Team Size: Up to 25 persons.

Budget: From S$ 69 per person (minimum spend S$ 690)

40. Zumba Dancing

If your team loves dancing or just wants something that's interactive and silly, this could be a ton of fun. During this private session you can pick from 6 types of dances - from Bollywood to Tiktok to Zumba! There's no one here but your team so you can let loose and really unleash those moves!

The workshop will be held at your office.

Team Size: Up to 500 persons.

Budget: From S$ 12 per person (minimum spend S$ 240)


41. Beach Clean-up with Naturalist Guides

Bond with your team while doing good at the same time

If your team is interested in conservation, or want to learn more, we'd highly recommend this Ocean Conservation and Beach Clean-up experience.

Unlike a usual beach clean-up, you'll be doing this with a marine naturalist guide. This means that you'll be able to learn more on the marine life that you're seeing and the impact of litter on our oceans.

When our team did it, we had a lot of fun, and picked up 80kg of trash in an hour! We learnt a ton, and it just felt really nice doing something good for our environment together.

To make your day out even more meaningful, you can even add on a 1-hour discussion with your naturalist guide on marine waste and conservation.

Team Size: Up to 30 persons.

Budget: From S$ 35 per person (minimum spend S$ 700)

42. Build a Premium Bicycle for Charity

Build a bicycle for charity with your team

Nothing brings people together more than doing good together - and this is a really cool way of doing that! Learn how to build your own premium belt-driven bicycle from a team of bicycle-passionate makers while clinking bottles of beer. It's a fun mix of charity, problem solving and communication all at once.

After you build the premium bicycle, you can use it for your company or give it to a lucky child in need. Your host works with a few different organisations and can arrange a donation ceremony with a representative from the charity (with sufficient notice). Alternatively, you may pick a charity of your choice.

Team Size: Up to 40 persons.

Budget: From S$ 130 per person (minimum spend S$ 1300)

43. Collaborate to Survive Climate Change

Bring your team on this unique, sustainability minded scavenger hunt. You'll discover new places in Singapore and reflect on the main challenge of this century!

Your team will get immersed into a dystopian future where to survive they will need to collaborate to collect the few remaining resources while dealing with climatic catastrophes on a hostile Earth. You'll get to learn more about how climate change will impact Singapore in the near future in 2060, when resources might be scarce.

This exciting and fun experience is app enabled and enriched by live actors and facilitators.

Team Size: From 12 to 80 persons.

Budget: S$ 66 per person (minimum spend S$800)

Want more? Check out all our favourite team building experiences here! If you would like to chat about your team building event or have any questions, please do contact us and we'd love to help :)

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