50 Seriously Cool Things to Do in Singapore [2023]

Not your usual touristy stuff. Uncover hidden islands, villages lost in time, and secret hikes!

Last updated: 21 May 2023- 19 min read
 50 Seriously Cool Things to Do in Singapore [2023]
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If you are looking for things to do in Singapore that are different, and more interesting - we got you! Here, you'll find hidden nature trails that could belong in Indiana Jones, fascinating heritage walks led by ex-gang members, and even villages lost in time.

Want more? Check out our favourite ideas for couple activities, family-friendly activities and even team bonding activities!



Visit Singapore's Last Kampong

This is one of our favourite unexpected experiences. This is the last kampong in Singapore, and is still home to 26 families. Life is simple and idyllic here. Chickens here are pets and not to be eaten (they all have names!), and though you're in the middle of the city, all you hear are sounds of nature.

We would highly recommend coming with a guide as this kampong is actually privately owned (which is why it hasn't been developed yet!). With your guide, you'll get to chat with the residents, play nostalgic childhood games and learn about this very special place.


Visit the Quirky Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa is a mix of a cultural artefact and a semi-terrifying theme park lost in time.

The park is an homage of sorts to super traditional 'Chinese values' (exhibited in terrifying ways!). According to the statues displayed here, if you didn't study for your exams or if you were rude to your parents, a gory fate would befall you. Every child growing up in the 90s would have made multiple trips here with their parents to be warned of what might happen to them if they misbehaved!

Visit the Quirky Haw Par Villa

Walk with Ex-Gang Members

Singapore's one of the safest countries in the world, so not many people know about its dark secrets of gang violence and untold crime ๐Ÿ‘€

This super meaningful walking tour is led by an ex-secret society member, Alvin. Alvin is very candid in sharing about SG's triad history and his personal stories and struggles. It's a really eye-opening experience to learn more about Singaporeโ€™s past and how ex-offenders turned over a new leaf. If you're looking for a unique and meaningful way to spend your weekend, we highly recommend going for this!


Murder Mystery at Chinatown

Discover tucked-away areas of Chinatown through this immersive puzzle hunt, aka 'the Chinatown Murders' ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

You'll be brought around by your guide as you begin your role-play tour, filled with fun quests and plot twists! As you're roaming the alleys, you'll also meet quirky characters who'll share interesting nuggets of history along the way. It's a great, super non-cliche way to explore Chinatown!


Outdoor Escape Game at Holland Village

Holland Village is an enclave of outdoor bars, colonial bungalows, hipster cafes, lots of little spas and bric-a-brac shops. It's a very cool mix of East and West, and was where the Dutch lived in the colonial days!

Spice up your visit here with an outdoor escape room to explore hidden spots! By solving a trail of clues around Holland V, you'll stop by a secret coffee spot, an old-school magazine store and find hidden gems that even locals don't know about!


LGBTQ Walking Tour: The Long Road to Equality

One of the more exciting social justice reforms in Singapore in the recent decade is the repeal of section 377A of the penal code, which criminalises same-sex relations.

This first-of-its-kind walking tour takes you through this hard-fought victory, and what obstacles remain for equality today. We'd highly recommend this for a glimpse into a little-known side of Singapore's history.


Cycle Around Little India, CHIJMES & More

This is the one-stop, super chill way to check off ALL your sightseeing spots.

Pedal along the alleys and tunnels of Little India, Chinatown, CHIJMES and more - find hidden spots you'd miss if you were travelling by bus/car. Your guide is also happy to make pit stops for some history-sharing, cute photo-taking sessions or a chill snack time - making your time super comfy!


See the Skyline at a Hidden Rooftop

Not many people know this but the top of Funan Mall is one of the best places to see Singapore's skyline! It's only accessible from the lift at Lobby B - and when you take the lift to the top you'll find a roof garden overlooking the spaceship-like Supreme Court, Marina Bay Sands, Esplanade, the Singapore Flyer etc!

Sneak away to this little-known roof garden for a great night view, or even have a BBQ here with friends (you'll need a permit for the BBQ)!

See the Skyline at a Hidden Rooftop

Art & Culture


Go back to Singapore's wild 1960s!

This is a unique walking tour meets immersive street theatre - where you get transported back to the 1960s in Singapore, during the heyday of the cabaret!

Stroll along at your own pace through the colourful streets of Little India, get immersed in a love story set in the swinging 1960s, and see incredible theatrical sets for a taste of old Singapore!


Learn Leather Crafting from a Master Artisan

Most people don't know this but Singapore is actually home to a burgeoning leather making industry - with crocodile farms, and up-and-coming young leather artisans.

Head to this leather making workshop to craft your own luggage tag (you can also make bags, card holders etc!). Here you'll learn the art of leather crafting from a local leather artisan, and work a #vintage 1930s hot-stamping Kingsley machine.


Vandalise Freely!

While actual public space graffiti remains a no-no in Singapore, there IS a tucked-away hideout (located in a super cool warehouse location!) for you to blow off some steam by vandalising as you'd wish. There's no need to be an expert - just head on down and have a fun lil' artsy session! And donโ€™t worry, itโ€™s all legal here to enjoy with the fam or your buds ๐Ÿ˜‰


Catch a Local Production

Singapore's local theatre scene is one of our best kept secrets. Not many people know about it, but it's been getting increasingly dynamic in recent years! One of our favourite local production houses is Wild Rice. Lately, they've been telling uniquely Singapore stories in ways that are both moving and incredibly thought provoking. We would highly recommend catching a play here!

Catch a Local Production

Try a Quirky Creative Workshop

Singaporeans love their crafts. You name it and we have it - you can do pottery on a rooftop garden, paint & play a ukulele, and even learn how to be a tattoo artist! If you're looking for ways to get creative, check out our favourite Unique and Cool Creative Workshops!

Try a Quirky Creative Workshop

Outdoors & Nature


Go Back in Time at Pulau Ubin

A trip into the past, Ubin has always held a special place in our hearts as an untouched paradise. To get to this tranquil little island off Singapore, you'll need to take a rustic bum boat that already feels like an adventure! Here you can go mangrove kayaking, hike up to gorgeous viewpoints, and just enjoy the rustic village vibes. You should also keep a look out for the mangrove swamp that's just crawling with mudskippers, crabs and even lobsters!

Go Back in Time at Pulau Ubin

Explore Sentosa's Hidden Rainforst

Who knew Singapore had rainforests to explore?! Not us. If you want to see the closest thing to untouched nature in Singapore, head to Sentosa's rainforest with a naturalist guide and a pair of binoculars. Here you'll get close to Singapore's unique fauna, and if you're lucky you might catch sight of endangered wildlife!


Explore Sentosa's Hidden Fort

Most of us have been to Sentosa. But did you know that deep in the forest of Sentosa is a hidden fort thatโ€™s been reclaimed by the jungle? Itโ€™s like Singaporeโ€™s very own Angkor Wat!

Fort Serapong is a once-mighty labyrinth of war bunkers and underground tunnels built by the British in 1879. Today, the jungle has reclaimed it. Its structure is engulfed by roots and its once impenetrable walls are caved in. Its location is so secret that youโ€™re blindfolded on the way in ๐Ÿ˜ฏ If you're looking for an adventure, this is for you!


Cycle Around Coney Island

If you don't have time for Pulau Ubin, go to Coney Island instead - it's a little tranquil piece of paradise in Singapore. You can rent a bike at nearby Punggol, or just explore leisurely on foot. Our favourite parts of it are the towering Casuarina trees (feels like a forest in Europe!), the mangrove walk and the tiny hidden beaches all around the island. There's little to do here, but that's also part of its charm. If you're lucky you may also spot its resident family of otters!

Cycle Around Coney Island

Discover Secret WW2 Bunkers

Love all things history? Here's an adventurous, hands-on way you can discover Singapore's past.

Here you'll get to explore the Marsiling bunkers - abandoned WWII structures leftover from when the British used to rule our land! They're super hidden so be prepared to go through dark tunnels, walk amidst the jungle vines and get a lil' muddy! Any explorer will LOVE this off-the-beaten-track experience.


Hike the Rail Corridor!

The Rail Corridor is a 24km green stretch built around abandoned railway tracks. Our fave part of the Rail Corridor is a 2-hour hike through a Jurassic Park-esque viewpoint to an iconic train tunnel that's perfect for the #gram.๐Ÿš†๐Ÿ“ธ Start from Greenleaf View, take a hidden side detour off the Bukit Timah Railway Station (towards Clementi Forest - ask someone!), and end at the iconic train tunnel by Clementi Forest.

Top tip: come early (6- 7am!) to avoid the crowds, and have the view all to yourself - it looks straight out of a movie!

Hike the Rail Corridor!

Spot Hidden Marine Life

Instead of going to the Aquarium at Sentosa, why not see marine life in the wild instead? Few people know that you can actually do a intertidal walk at Sentosa to see lots of colourful and cute little critters in their natural habitat.

Here you'll explore Singapore's very own oceanic wildlife with your passionate marine biologist guide (see things you could've never with the naked eye!) It's also great for families and to introduce the kiddos to basic marine ecology ๐ŸŒŠ


Find Nocturnal Animals in Sentosa's Rainforest

Forget the night safari - go natural instead! Head to Sentosa's little known rainforest to see Singapore's nocturnal creatures' in their natural habitat.

With a small torch in your hand, you'll be venturing into the dark rainforests to spot Singapore's wildlife with your knowledgeable guides who'll be sharing about these fascinating creatures and their way of life! So if you love immersing yourself in the wilderness, this is one very cool way to do so (minus the heat and sun too ๐Ÿ˜Ž)!


Spot Wildlife at Singapore's Highest Peak

If you're a hike lover, you'll love this hiking trip to Bukit Timah Hill (aka Singapore's highest peak!) ๐Ÿž

This isn't just a normal hike, it's with a nature guide so you'll get to see the wildlife that locals normally miss! Here you'll get to spot exotic birds, lots of monkeys, monitor lizards and flying lemurs (if you're lucky)! The view at the top isn't spectacular, but the wildlife and nature will make your hike extra special.

Top tip: grab prata at Springleaf when your hike is over!


See Wild Animals at Sungei Buloh

Instead of the Singapore zoo, head to Sungei Buloh to see wildlife in their natural habitat! Here, it's wild and untamed, and you'll get to spot crocodiles, king cobras, monitor lizards and more ๐ŸŠ ๐Ÿ You'll also see the last mangrove forests and learn just how unique they are (plus the ultra-important role they play in the conservation of nature!)

Watersports & Island Hopping


Go Mangrove Kayaking

Singapore may seem like a concrete jungle on the surface, but there's SO much of the vast outdoors to explore here! Kayaking is one of our favourite ways to get close to our gorgeous nature ๐Ÿšฃโ€โ™€๏ธ

The adventures are endless: look out for mysterious Lord of the Rings-looking mangrove trees, go kayak fishing, visit disappearing kelongs (local fishing farms), spot otters and so much more!

Go Mangrove Kayaking

E-foiling- Fly on Water!

Watersports fans are going to love this super cool alternative to surfing - eFoiling!

eFoils are battery-powered surfboards with a motor that lets you tour up to 14km - you'll feel like you're basically flying over water! Grab your fellow active buddies and have a blast trying out this new activity. PS: It's also beginner-friendly so you'll learn the ropes pretty quick! ๐Ÿ„


Go Fishing!

If you love spending time on the waters, here's one unique experience for you - learn how to fish on board! ๐Ÿ›ฅ๐ŸŽฃ Head out on a fishing boat with expert anglers, chill in the sea breeze as you wait to reel in your catches of the day (with help from your experienced fishing guides!) It's a great chilled day out.


Take Your Furbaby on Batman's Ship

Not only is this the World's first dog cruise, a Batman movie was also filmed on this ship! Take your doggo on this seriously impressive Pirate ship for a gourmet 2-course meal, and hang out at sea together.

Even if you don't have a dog, the dog-loving ship owners will loan you theirs for cuddles on this cruise!


River Safari to Hidden Islands

This trip down to Seletar Island (on a Rigid Buoyancy Boat, aka RBB!) is perfect for anyone who loves to enjoy the true nature vibes.

Visit one of the largest floating solar farms, bask in the beauty of the mangroves and catch glimpses of our wildlife! BUT it's not all sightseeing - it's also extra fun with the ride's fast speeds and wave jumps, sure to give you that adrenaline rush ๐Ÿ˜ฑ



Freediving is being underwater without any diving equipment. By learning free diving, you're learning a breathing technique that will help you be able to dive underwater with just one breath of air! It's incredibly meditative and really fun to do.

Here you'll have a 2-part course to learn free diving - which includes theory and two dives at Singapore's Southern Islands!


Sail to the Southern Islands

Everyone thinks of Singapore as this chic concrete jungle but we actually house over 64 different tropical islands!

If you want to getaway to nature and see a different side of Singapore, hop on a private yacht ๐Ÿ›ฅ๏ธ and sail to the Southern and Hantu Islands. Bask in the sunset against the city skyline, enjoy water activities and enjoy BBQ + drinks!

Sail to the Southern Islands

Food & Drink


Try Private Dining

Private dining has become ultra trendy in Singapore recently, and this is one of our favourites.

Here' you'll kick off the experience with a foraging adventure around a local neighbourhood to learn about edible plants in Singapore. Afterwards, you'll head to a local home for an Asian seafood feast beautifully laid out on banana leaves (with the edible plants you've just seen!) It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience that we love!


Make Bubble Tea!

Singaporeans' love for bubble tea is so real that you'll spot at least 10 different cups while walking any street ๐Ÿง‹

Jump on board the craze by making your own bubble tea from scratch! Choose your flavours (gula melaka is a unique one!), make your own tapioca pearls and take back 2 cups of your creation. Make this for your friends back home and we're sure they'll be hooked too!


Roast Coffee & Brunch!

This is probably Singapore's first and only coffee roasting experience, where you'll experience coffee farm-to-table. See the coffee plant growing on the farm; select and roast raw coffee beans over a fire; grind them up by hand; and experiment with different brewing techniques. You'll also get to enjoy a brunch of bagels and churros!


Learn to Cook from Granny in a Kampong Home

Visit this beautiful 21st-century Kampong home to really immerse yourself in the Kampong way of life!

Meet the lovely Mummy Soh and get a tour of her family-run urban farm where you'll grow your own crops and forage for fresh veggies. You'll also learn to make a homemade Peranakan feast that you'll indulge in whilst hearing amazing stories from 3 gens of Mummy Soh's family ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ‘ฆ


Visit Singapore's Original Gin Distillery

For all you drink lovers, here's a spot for you to indulge in a drinking experience like never before!

At Tanglin Gin, Singapore's original gin distillery, you'll get to both try out the distillery process yourself AND have your stomach's fill of gin (brewed by their super passionate in-house brewers) amidst the atmospheric vibes of the Dempsey Hill jungles! ๐Ÿฅ‚๐ŸŒณ


Make Cocktails in the High Seas

Sail to Lazarus Island on a luxe yacht and make your own cocktails with your best buds ๐Ÿ›ฅ๐Ÿธ Think James Bond Vesper! You'll be shaking and stirring up the yummiest drinks with your bartenders on board with you. As you guys drink and chill in the sea breeze, you'll be tipsy from both the alcohol and the vibes ๐Ÿ˜œ


Make Yummy Chinese Pastries

Get a behind-the-scenes look into one of the last few traditional Chinese pastry shops in Singapore!

Learn about the cultural significance behind these delicious pastries AND proceed to make them yourself (with the help of your master bakers!) You can then have a chill tea time with these yummy treats and some calming Chinese tea ๐Ÿซ– It's great for pastry lovers looking to try something new!


Make Singapore Sling with Local Gin

If you're looking to find solace in the cool indoors (we know how the weather here can get! ๐ŸŒž), this is your escape.

Head over to the tucked-away Brass Lion Distillery to have a tour of their beautiful distillery, taste a bunch of unique gins aka their Singapore dry gin, and use their homebrew gin to make the iconic Singapore Sling cocktail๐Ÿน


Market-to-Table Cocktails

This may be the only cocktail making experience that first takes you to a local market in Little India to source your own fresh ingredients! You'll learn bartending tricks and get to use your hand-picked ingredients in your cocktail. Our fave cocktail was the pomegranate, passionfruit + mezcal ๐Ÿคฉ Later you'll also get to enjoy your cocktail with complimentary tacos!

Urban Farms


The coolest rooftop farm in Singapore

Singapore's a garden city that is getting ever greener! Lots of urban farms are popping up as Singapore tries to produce as much of its food as possible.

This whimsical rooftop farm is one of the coolest urban farms we've seen in Singapore - it houses rescued bees, and you can do an organic farming class with a honey tasting session here! Just when you think it's over, there's also a lovely sunset view for you to end your bee-sy day with.


Visit Singapore's Only Goat Farm

For a rural getaway, head over to Hay Dairies - Singapore's one and only goat farm that houses over 800 goats! ๐Ÿ

You'll get to see how their experienced farmers milk the goats as well as pet and feed them on your own - brace yourselves as the adorable baby goats RUSH over ๐Ÿคฃ End the day by tasting their yummy goat milk and ice cream! It's a really cool and unique experience the whole family will enjoy.

Visit Singapore's Only Goat Farm

Visit the Sustainable Farm of the Future

If you're looking for a farm experience in Singapore like no other, head down to our first-ever INSECT farm ๐Ÿœ

Here you'll get to see a bunch of different insects - with the main star being the black soldier flies! Accompanied by their passionate young founder, you'll learn how these amazing flies help out with our food waste problems. Bring the kiddos to witness this never-seen-before but super admirable trade ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป


Check Out a Veggie Farm

Visit Bollywood Veggies to see a lovely lush local vegetable farm, a favourite family hangout on weekends.

This is a great day out with kids, as kids can learn all about locally grown vegetables here (the vegetable garden has lots of cute educational placards!). You must also head to their bistro for yummy food cooked with their fresh produce (the nasi lemak with blue butterfly pea flower rice, and chicken curry are yummy!). Come early on weekends as it does get packed at mealtimes!

Check Out a Veggie Farm



Get Zen with Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing is a guided Japanese meditative technique in nature that has been shown to lower stress levels and increase focus.

This forest bathing experience takes place in a nature park in Singapore with a guide who will lead you into meditation in nature.ย Perfect for those who are looking to relax, and re-engage with nature.


Floating Yoga with Gorgeous MBS Skyline

If you want to try something cool & super IG worthy, this floating yoga experience is it! It takes place on a rooftop pool - with a gorgeous backdrop of the skyline of iconic Marina Bay Sands! While yoga-on-water is new to many, there's NO need to be a pro - simply take it easy and have fun! After all, falling into the water just means more time to admire the view ๐Ÿ˜‚๐ŸŒ‡


Chill with a Sound Bath

If you're looking for a day of relaxation, a sound bath is perfect for you. Head over to try this Tibetan Singing Bowl therapy ๐Ÿฅฃ - a sound bath experience that helps your body release stress! Simply close your eyes and immerse yourself in the gentle sound waves.

Sports & Games


Beer Run!

This is wacky and fun, and a great way to meet new people! It's a combination of sightseeing, exercising and socialising! Here you'll jog around Singapore's most scenic spots + stopping at 3 places for beers mid-way. No fitness experience is required, and beers are included. Cheers! ๐Ÿป


Go Zovbing!

If you thought that you've run out of things to do in Singapore, think again. Rediscover play by rolling down a slope in a giant bubble (Zovb!), and let your adrenaline take over! Feel what itโ€™s like to be a space traveller with the ballโ€™s anti-gravity weightlessness ๐Ÿคฉ


Try Longboarding

If you're looking to try something new, try long boarding! We especially love the community vibes here where boarders beginner & experienced support each other. Under the guidance of passionate instructors, you'll learn the basic techniques of longboarding, which includes pushing, carving, and braking. Who knows, if you're a natural skater, you'll pick up a cool trick or two!


Go Spin (But underwater!)

If you love spinning, why not mix it up and spin... underwater! Here you'll find yourself spinning while partially submerged in a pool, pumping away to the energizing high tempo beats. Great for a challenge, or just a good time with friends!


Axe Throwing

For anyone who loves anything random, axe throwing is surprisingly therapeutic and fun at the same time! Grab an axe, create your own axe throwing competition (where losers buy beers!), and off you go! It's also great exercise ๐Ÿ˜‰

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Singapore Best Known For?
Singapore is best known for being a densely populated financial centre, with a world class airport, and lots of trees! Thanks to Sir David Attenborough, Singapore has more recently become known for its otters and other wildlife that co-exist with people in the city. Singapore has also been glamorised in Crazy Rich Asians as a glitzy playground for the rich, and is also known for its UNESCO hawker food and iconic Gardens by the Bay/Marina Bay Sands skyline view.
How Can I Have Fun In Singapore?
There are SO many fun things to do in Singapore! It wasn't the case even five or ten years ago, so even locals sometimes fall into the trap of thinking Singapore is boring. But that couldn't be further from the truth. If you love museums, Singapore has some word-class museums like the gorgeous National Gallery, the amazing National Museum and Art-Science Museum. If you love the outdoors and hiking, Singapore is pretty much connected end-to-end by park connectors so you can do an urban hike along the Southern Ridges, hike the water pipes from Mandai to Dairy Farm or even do a off-the-beaten-path hike to the enormous abandoned Marsiling WW2 Bunkers. If you love shopping, Singapore has boutique and high-end stores at the fancy shopping malls at Orchard Road & Marina Bay Sands, as well as thrift markets. And if you love food, Singapore is a paradise of super cheap & yummy street-food, to award-winning Michelin Star restaurants, to amazing private dining.
What are the must-visit places in Singapore?
Touristy (but worthwhile!) things to do in Singapore are: the Singapore Zoo, Botanic Gardens (UNESCO), Universal Studios Singapore, National Gallery Singapore, Jewel Changi Airport (for the indoor waterfall!), Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay. We would recommend pairing a touristy visit with a slightly less touristy one so you can see the authentic side of Singapore as well as what the shiny attractions are. We would also highly recommend Pulau Ubin (for hiking and kayaking - to see Singapore as it was as a sleepy fishing village), wandering the colourful streets of Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Glam, and having brekkie at Tiong Bahru Market!
What are the off-the-beaten-path places to visit in Singapore?
We're glad you asked - this is close to our hearts at Seek Sophie! For outdoors/nature, we would highly recommend kayaking and hiking in sleepy Pulau Ubin (or cycling around Coney Island if you can't spare half a day), doing an intertidal walk to see Singapore's hidden marine life, and going to Sungei Buloh nature reserve with a naturalist to see crocodiles, monitor lizards and birdlife. If you're super adventurous, we would recommend the Marsiling Bunker trek to see enormous abandoned WW2 bunkers, and Fort Serapong in Sentosa. If you want something chilled in nature, do an island hopping yacht trip so see lesser-known islands around Singapore! Singapore also has a ton of heart beneath its gleaming skyscrapers, and we would recommend going on a walking tour with triad members to understand some little known history of Singapore. Finally, for foodie adventures, we would highly recommend going for private dining (peek into a local's home with yummy food!), prata breakfast/supper at Springleaf Prata (coupled with a hike at railway corridor!), and enjoying Peranakan food that's unique to Singapore/Malaysia.
What are fun activities to do with friends in Singapore?
These days instead of meeting up with friends for dinner and drinks, we prefer to go hiking, a gallery or play instead! Usually this means we have even more to talk about and it's also a fun bonding experience of trying something new together. For hiking our favourites for a catch up are: Railway Corridor (top it up with a Springleaf Prata!), Fort Canning Park, Botanic Gardens and Dairy Farm Reserve as it's so quiet. If you want to do something creative, why not try an art jam or something like pottery, rug tufting or even leather making? You can do something fun and chilled, and catch up at the same time! Or wander around National Gallery Singapore as they always have new exhibits coming in. If you opt for the gallery, you can go for coffee/lunch at Funan beforehand or even yummy Burmese food at Peninsula!