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51 Seriously Cool Things to Do in Singapore [2024]

Uncover hidden islands, villages lost in time, and secret hikes!

Last updated: 29 Mar 2024 - 19 min read
 51 Seriously Cool Things to Do in Singapore [2024]
 51 Seriously Cool Things to Do in Singapore [2024]
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We're obsessed with finding the best local guides and experiences. We only recommend what we love and hope you love them too.

If you are looking for things to do in Singapore that are different, and more interesting - we got you! Here, you'll find hidden nature trails that could belong in Indiana Jones, fascinating heritage walks led by ex-gang members, and villages lost in time.

Want more? Check out our favourite ideas for couple activities, family-friendly activities and even team bonding activities!


Learn meaningful and alternative stories of Singapore, beyond the shiny attractions.

1. Step into Singapore's Swinging 1960s

Go back in time with gorgeous theatrical sets

Imagine stepping onto a theater set, but instead of actors, you've got headphones, and instead of a stage, the whole city unfolds! This is Singapore like you've never experienced it: evocative sounds, hidden alleys transformed, and a '60s love story that unfolds as you walk the streets. If you love photography and art, you'd love this alternative art experience.

2. Visit Singapore's Last Kampong

See Singapore's last kampong

We love seeing Singapore's last kampong, because it reminds us of unique the Singapore story is - from third world to first within a single generation. Back in 1956, the kampong housed over-40 families. Today, it is the last kampong in Singapore, with 26 families remaining.

We would highly recommend coming with a guide as this kampong is actually privately owned. With your guide, you'll get to chat with the residents, and learn about one of the last reminders of Singapore's past.

3. Visit Quirky Haw Par Villa

Super quirky Haw Par Villa theme park, where gory things happen to children who don't study

Haw Par Villa is a mix of a cultural artefact, and a semi-terrifying theme park lost in time. The park is an homage of sorts to super traditional 'Chinese values' exhibited in terrifying ways! If you didn't study for your exams or if you were rude to your parents, a gory fate would befall you. It's a great off-beat place to visit to better understand traditional value systems, and it's just fun and unexpected!

4. Discover Singapore's Gritty Past with Ex-Gang Member

Support a social enterprise and learn Singapore's gritty past

Singapore may be super safe now, but it has a hidden past of gangs and untold stories. Discover this lesser-known side with Alvin, a former secret society member turned guide. This social enterprise tour offers a raw, eye-opening look at Singapore's history and how people like Alvin find a path to change. If you're up for something unique and meaningful, this is definitely it!

5. Uncover Haunted Stories of Singapore

See abandoned sites that have captured Singapore's imagination

This spooky adventure delves into the real spine-tingling stories of Changi. Your guide, a local history buff with a flair for the dramatic, will weave together chilling tales of hauntings with fascinating tidbits about Singapore's past. Prepare to hear about everything from restless spirits of war to local folklore creatures like the pontianak (get ready to Google that one!).

This isn't just about jump scares - it's a mind-blowing exploration of Singapore's unique blend of Asian supernatural beliefs and the island's rich history. And with these areas planned for redevelopment, this experience might not be around for long, making it even more unique.

6. Make Singapore Your Giant Game Board

See Singapore with fresh eyes when playing detective!

Turn Singapore's streets into your gigantic game board! Crack a Chinatown murder case, battle a virus on St. John's Island, or unlock hidden treats at Marina Bay Sands – all through outdoor escape games or puzzle hunts. Choose your adventure and explore the city like never before!

7. Learn the Disappearing Art of Traditional Pastry Making

Learn the secrets of this disappearing trade from an award-winning traditional baker

As Singapore modernises, we are rapidly losing a lot of the traditional trades that our parents would take for granted. One of them is the art of traditional pastry making. Here at an award winning pastry shop, you'll get to learn the heart of this culinary tradition that is slowly fading away. You'll also gain a deep understanding of our local heritage through stories of Chinese weddings, customs, and festivals.

8. Cycle Around Little India, CHIJMES & More

Cycle along iconic spots in Singapore

This colourful cycling sightseeing experience is a fun and chill way to check off ALL your sightseeing spots. Pedal to iconic spots at Little India, Chinatown, CHIJMES and find hidden spots you'd miss if you were travelling by bus/car. Your guide is also happy to make pit stops for some history-sharing, cute photo-taking sessions or a chill snack time.

9. See the Skyline at a Hidden Rooftop

See the skyline with the Supreme Court and MBS at a hidden rooftop.

Not many people know this but the top of Funan Mall is one of the best places to see Singapore's skyline! It's only accessible from the lift at Lobby B - and when you take the lift to the top you'll find a roof garden overlooking the spaceship-like Supreme Court, Marina Bay Sands, Esplanade, the Singapore Flyer etc!

10. Discover Singapore's Hidden Bars with an Insider

Uncover seriously hidden bars like this one! Can you spot it?

Even if you're a regular to Singapore's bar scene, this bar-hopping adventure will take you beyond your usual haunts. Uncover hidden speakeasies with an insider who knows everyone, and every cool new bar. Expect expertly crafted cocktails, insider access to all the coolest bars, explore quirky themed bars you never knew existed, and get a true taste of Singapore's vibrant nightlife.

Art & Culture

Meet local artisans passionate about sharing their art and see a vibrant side of Singapore.

11. Try a Quirky Creative Workshop

Make your own camera!

In recent years, lots of really cool crafty experiences have popped up in Singapore. We love this because it's a sign of Singapore being more open and creative as a city, and Singaporeans wanting to chase their creative passions!

You name it and we have it - you can do pottery in cute backyard gardens, paint a skateboard or camera, perfume making with scent engineers and make your own plushie!

12. Learn Leather Crafting

Learn the art of leather making with local artisans in Singapore.

Most people don't know this but Singapore is actually home to some of the world's best leather, with a LVMH owned crocodile farm. Head to a leather making workshop to learn from Singapore's leather artisans. Craft with Hermes leather, and even use a vintage Kinsley stamping machine!

13. Watch a Local Play

Singapore's local theatre scene has been getting increasingly exciting in recent years, and we'd highly recommend catching a play! One of our favourite playhouses is Wild Rice - they tell uniquely Singapore stories in ways that are both moving and incredibly thought provoking. Another favourite is Pangdemonium, which has consistently great performances.

Ps: Wild Rice Theatre is based in Funan so you can check out the rooftop skyline view after the play!

14. Batik Painting with Local Artist

Batik is the traditional art form of applying wax to create intricate patterns on clothing

Batik looks like Southeast Asia's version of a Hawaiian shirt, but few know that it's an intricate art form that's traditionally worn for big occasions. One traditional Batik shirt can take months to make as each pattern is painstakingly painted with hot wax.

Learn this intricate wax-art form from a passionate Peranakan artist and create your own Batik masterpiece! Choose your own design or paint iconic Singapore landmarks like the Merlion. Discover the techniques, get hands-on, and leave with a beautiful piece of art infused with Singaporean spirit.

15. Vandalise Freely!

Unleash your creativity at this cool hidden warehouse

While actual public space graffiti remains a no-no in Singapore, there IS a tucked-away hideout (located in a super cool warehouse location!) for you to blow off some steam by vandalising as you'd wish. Hidden warehouse, check. Otherwise illegal activity, check. It's a seriously cool thing to do in this most straight-laced of cities!

16. Art of Film Photography

Have fun learning film photography and doing a vintage photoshoot!

Step back in time! Ditch the filters, discover the art of film photography, and channel your inner retro star with a vintage-inspired photoshoot. Get those old-school vibes flowing and make memories that stand out. It's a really fun way to spend the afternoon for anyone who is curious about film photography, or just wants a fun nostalgic photoshoot!

17. Paint Tingkat with a Nyonya Artist

Gorgeous painted tingkats in Singapore

To us, the humble Tingkat isn't just a practical food container - it's a window into the vibrant Peranakan heritage that defines Singapore.

In this Tingkat painting experience, you'll step into the vibrant world of Nyonya art with a passionate Peranakan painter in Singapore. In her intimate studio, you'll learn about symbolic motifs that tell stories of community and heritage. You'll create your own stunning mini-Tingkat to cherish, while gaining a deeper understanding of Singapore's unique Nyonya culture.

Outdoors & Nature

Uncover Singapore's incredible rainforest and amazing biodiversity (even locals will be surprised!).

18. Go Back in Time at Pulau Ubin

Ubin is one of our favourite places in Singapore, where life is simpler.

Pulau Ubin is one of our favourite places in Singapore. A trip into the past, the sleepy little village island has always held a special place in our hearts as an untouched paradise. To get to this tranquil little island off Singapore, you'll need to take a rustic bum boat that already feels like an adventure!

Here you can go mangrove kayaking (very Lord of the Rings vibes!), hike up to gorgeous viewpoints, and just enjoy the rustic village vibes. Spend half a day here - kayaking, fishing, then having food at a seafood shack!

19. Explore Sentosa's Hidden Rainforest

See wildlife with a naturalist guide in Sentosa's hidden rainforests

Who knew Singapore had rainforests to explore?! Not us. If you want to see the closest thing to untouched nature in Singapore, head to Sentosa's rainforest with a naturalist guide and a pair of binoculars. Here you'll get close to Singapore's unique fauna, and if you're lucky you might catch sight of endangered wildlife!

20. Explore Sentosa's Hidden Fort

Deep in the Sentosa rainforest is an ancient fort, that's been reclaimed by the jungle

Most of us have been to Sentosa. But did you know that deep in the forest of Sentosa is a hidden fort that’s been reclaimed by the jungle? It’s like Singapore’s very own Angkor Wat! Its location is so secret that you’re blindfolded on the way in 😯 If you're looking for an adventure, this is for you!

21. Cycle Around Coney Island

Rent a bike and cycle amidst the towering Casuarina trees in Coney Island

Need a nature escape but short on time? Swap Pulau Ubin for Coney Island. This rustic gem offers a slower pace, perfect for wandering. Keep an eye out for the resident otter family! Our favourite spots include the towering Casuarina trees (they feel so European!), the mangrove walk, and hidden beaches.

Top Tip: Rent a bike at Punggol, and and pair your Coney Island trip with nearby Pasir Ris Park or the picturesque Punggol Waterway for an extended adventure.

22. Discover Secret WW2 Bunkers

Duck crawl into gigantic WW2 underground bunkers.

If you love off-grid trails, head to the gigantic underground Marsiling WW2 bunkers. These bunkers were used to store ammunition during the war, and we were surprised by how vast they were. The bunkers are super hidden and in order to find them, you'll need to walk off-trail into the jungle!

23. Hike the Rail Corridor!

See the iconic train tunnel off the Rail corridor, by Clementi Forest

The Rail Corridor is a 24km trail on abandoned railway tracks, and one of our fave hikes. Our fave part is the hidden tunnel – perfect for photos! To get to the tunnel, start at Greenleaf View, detour at Bukit Timah Railway Station (ask for Clementi Forest), and end at the tunnel. Grab breakfast at Springleaf Prata after. Top tip: Come early (6-7am!) to beat the crowds and snag epic shots – it's like a movie!

24. Uncover Hidden Marine Life in Singapore's Intertidal Zones

Spot hidden marine life in our intertidal zones with a marine biologist!

Did you know that along Singapore's beaches are intertidal zones that are incredibly biodiverse and teeming with hidden marine life? Going on an intertidal walk with a marine guide is as close to a wildlife safari as you'll get in Singapore. Here you'll explore Singapore's very own oceanic wildlife and see things you could've never with the naked eye! Perfect for families and wildlife lovers!

25. Nocturnal Animal Safari

Spot cool nocturnal animals with a naturalist

Forget the night safari, go wild instead! During this wildlife night walk, head to Sentosa's little known rainforest to see Singapore's nocturnal creatures' in their natural habitat. With a small torch in your hand, you'll be venturing into the dark rainforests to spot Singapore's wildlife with your knowledgeable guides who'll be sharing about these fascinating creatures and their way of life!

27. See Giant Reptiles at our Wildest Park

Sungei Buloh is a national park surrounded by mangroves and teeming with wildlife

Sungei Buloh is our favourite nature reserve in Singapore because it's the wildest. Here you'll easily see several huuuge monitor lizards walking alongside you, crocodiles, herons, kingfishers and more. Once, we even saw a 4-metre long King Cobra here!

A walk in Sungei Buloh gets better with an experienced guide to share about the wildlife that thrive in this local mangrove and how the ecosystem changes with the environment. You may catch various migratory birds in action, as well as reptiles like the shore pit viper and the estuarine crocodile.

Watersports and Island Hopping

Head out onto the water to get close to nature, and explore Singapore's 64 islands (yes, 64!).

28. Go Mangrove Kayaking

Kayak in gorgeous mangroves

Kayaking in Singapore is hands down one of our favourite ways to get outdoors and recharge. There are a lot of really cool kayaking adventures you can head on. You can kayak through mysterious Lord of the Rings-looking mangrove trees, go kayak fishing, try night kayaking, or even visit disappearing kelongs.

Along the way you may spot wildlife like eagles, herons and otters if you're lucky!

29. MBS Skyline Cruise with Local Food

You don't need to propose, but the views are so pretty on this cruise that you may want to!

On this cruise that takes you to see the Singapore skyline on a private yacht, you'll get to see Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer from a boat while enjoying classic Hainanese Chicken Rice and Sugarcane Juice. It's a fun and yummy way to sightsee!

30. E-foiling- Fly on Water!

Try e-foiling - it feels like you're flying on water

Watersports fans are going to love this super cool alternative to surfing - eFoiling! eFoils are battery-powered surfboards with a motor that lets you tour up to 14km - you'll feel like you're basically flying over water! It's beginner-friendly so you'll learn the ropes pretty quick 🏄

31. Try Your Hand at Fishing!

Singapore's waters are great to fish in - you can head out on a boat, try pier fishing or even kayak fishing

Fishing is a really chill way to spend the day in Singapore. You can try pier fishing, head out on a fishing boat with expert anglers (and BBQ your own catch onboard!) or you can even do kayak fishing. You can even pair your fishing trip with mussel harvesting - how cool is that?!

32. Sail to the Southern Islands on a Private Yacht

Sail out on a yacht and enjoy water activities!

Everyone thinks of Singapore as this tiny island, but Singapore is made up of over 64 different tropical islands! Heading to nearby islands on a yacht is one of our favourite ways to explore Singapore's nature, and see different parts of Singapore that we never knew existed. You can sail to Lazarus Island or less-known Hantu Island, and you can do water activities, karaoke and BBQ!

It is also a lot more affordable than you'd think - a yacht trip can be S$50-$100 per person for a 4 hour getaway!

Food and Drink

Find innovative twists on traditional cuisines, some of the best cocktail bars in the world and experimental private dining.

33. Try Private Dining

Enjoy private dining in a gorgeous local home

One of our favourite dining trends that has emerged is private dining. It's a really interesting, once-in-a-lifetime experience to have a passionate chef curate an experience for you in the privacy of their home. You can try a fancy pan-European omakase in a gorgeous flat in Tiong Bahru, a lovely Mediterranean feast in a historic Joo Chiat shophouse or a foraging walk with incredible Asian seafood feast.

34. Try Drinks inspired by Street Food

Taste quirky spirits like Rojak Gin

Singapore food.. but in a drink?! If you're a curious foodie, you'd love this. Try locally-inspired handcrafted spirits (rojak gin, anyone?), learn about traditional techniques and get hands-on with the art of Southeast Asian spirit-making. It's a delicious crash course in Singapore's unique multicultural spirit.

35. Roast Coffee & Brunch!

Roast your own raw coffee beans and experiment with different brewing techniques!

This is probably Singapore's first and only coffee roasting experience, where you'll experience coffee farm-to-table. See the coffee plant growing on the farm; select and roast raw coffee beans over a fire; grind them up by hand; and experiment with different brewing techniques. When you're done, you'll also get to enjoy a brunch of bagels and churros with your coffee!

36. Try Asia's First Gin School

Learn from a Singapore icon at Asia's first gin school

When the founder of this iconic brewery realised that Singapore was famous for its Singapore Sling, but there were no local breweries that made gin, she set out to change that. She travelled around the world from farm-to-table Portland, to traditional Black Forest where she learnt tricks and techniques of gin from the master distillers in the world. Now you can learn the secrets of Gin at Asia's very first Gin school!

37. Bean to Bar Chocolate

Transform the humble cacao bean into chocolate. Great for families!

This is Singapore's first and only live chocolate making workshop, designed for anyone who loves chocolate or who is curious about where their chocolate comes from. Explore the origins and creation of chocolate, roast raw cacao beans and slowly transform them into an edible bar of chocolate! YUM.

38. Gin Tasting in the Jungle

Taste lots of yummy gin in a super cute distillery

We never knew we had gin distilleries until a couple of years ago, and turns out, we actually have world-class gin in Singapore. Here at Singapore's original gin distillery, you'll get to both try out the distillery process yourself AND have your stomach's fill of gin. The venue is really chic - perfect for a date or showing around out-of-town visitors!

39. Make Singapore Sling with Local Gin

Learn from the super talented bartenders how to recreate the iconic Singapore Sling

If you love the super iconic Singapore Sling, why not learn to make the Singapore Sling with local Singaporean gin no less! Here you can taste a bunch of unique local gins, and use homebrew gin to make the iconic Singapore Sling cocktail🍹

40. Make Traditional Kueh on a Rooftop Farm

Loving our homemade kuehs!

Relive your childhood by learning how to make old-school kueh-kuehs and snacks in a unique farm-to-table kueh experience!

Start off by harvesting the freshest leaves from banana trees and pandan plants growing atop a super cute rooftop farm, and learn how to hand-make them into 3 different delicious tea-time snacks. During this session, you'll learn to make yummy Kueh lapis, Naga sari, and Putu ayu!

Urban Farms

Singapore aims to be semi-self-sufficient in food by 2030, and urban farms are key! See how we grow everything from microgreens to fish in creative spaces.

41. Bee Rescue + Honey Tasting

Learn about rescued bees at a rooftop farm

This whimsical rooftop farm is one of the coolest urban farms we've seen in Singapore. It's got a really interesting story - it houses bees that have been rescued from homes all around Singapore, that would otherwise have been killed as pests.

Here, the rescued bees are in paradise as they feed all-day on the plants on the rooftop and produce honey. As well as beekeeping, you'll also learn about organic farming and end your day with a honey tasting session here!

42. Check Out a Veggie Farm

Bollywood veggies, a green oasis

Bollywood Veggies is more than just a farm, it's a local institution. It's a place where people can learn about sustainable agriculture, connect with nature, and enjoy the simple things in life. You can head to their bistro for yummy food cooked with their fresh produce (the nasi lemak with blue butterfly pea flower rice, and chicken curry are yummy!). Come early on weekends as it does get packed at mealtimes!

Ps: This is a short drive from Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve, so you can pair this with a nature walk there!

43. See Singapore's Disappearing Kelongs

See Singapore's traditional floating fish farms

Singapore's floating fish farms (kelongs) are a vanishing part of our heritage, yet they offer a window into the old ways. Witness this fading tradition alongside modern fish farms on a unique boat trip. See Singapore's past and future side-by-side, all through the lens of fish farming.


44. Try Forest Bathing

Learn the art of meditating in nature

Forest Bathing (shinrin-yoku) is an ancient Japanese practice of 'bathing' your senses in nature and the environment around you. In a way this is the perfect thing to do in Singapore. Though in our garden city, we are surrounded by trees, we're also so plugged into our devices that we're disconnect from nature.

This forest bathing experience takes place in a nature park in Singapore with an experienced therapist guide who will lead you into meditation in nature. You'll feel recharged, and a lot more connected with nature and your surroundings afterward - at least that's how we felt after our own session!

45. Floating Yoga with Gorgeous MBS Skyline

Try floating yoga against the gorgeous MBS backdrop

If you want to try something cool & super IG worthy, this floating yoga experience is it! It takes place on a rooftop pool - with a gorgeous backdrop of the skyline of iconic Marina Bay Sands! While yoga-on-water is new to many, there's NO need to be a pro - simply take it easy and have fun! After all, falling into the water just means more time to admire the view.

46. Chill with a Sound Bath

Release stress with sound

If you're looking for a day of relaxation, a sound bath session is perfect for you. Head over to try this Tibetan Singing Bowl therapy 🥣 - a sound bath experience that helps your body release stress! Simply close your eyes and immerse yourself in the gentle sound waves.

Sports & Games

47. Zovb down a hill in a giant bubble

Play like a kid again in a giant bubble

If you thought that you've run out of things to do in Singapore, think again. Rediscover play by rolling down a slope in a giant bubble (Zovb!), and let your adrenaline take over! Feel what it’s like to be a space traveller with the ball’s anti-gravity weightlessness 🤩

48. Laser Clay Shooting

If you love gaming, try real life laser shooting!

If you've always wanted to try clay pigeon shooting - this laser clay shooting is a safer version! Here you'll use a shotgun to fire laser beams at actual targets. Unlike clay shooting, these shotguns don't have any recoil and don't cause bruising! This is a great and unexpected way to spend time with your friends - see who can get the highest score on the scoreboard!

49. Learn Longboarding Tricks!

Try longboarding!

If you're looking to try something new, try long boarding! We especially love the community vibes here where boarders beginner & experienced support each other. Under the guidance of passionate instructors, you'll learn the basic techniques of longboarding, which includes pushing, carving, and braking. Who knows, if you're a natural skater, you'll pick up a cool trick or two!

50. Underwater Spinning!

Don't worry about breaking out a sweat with underwater spinning!

If you love spinning, why not mix it up and spin... underwater! At this unique underwater spin class, you'll find yourself spinning while partially submerged in a pool, pumping away to the energizing high tempo beats. Great for a challenge, or just a good time with friends!

51. Dragon Boating

There's nothing more iconic than dragon boating against the MBS skyline!

We can't think of anything more iconically Singapore than having a dragon boat race against the gorgeous MBS skyline. Experienced trainers will share the history and stories of dragon boating, and you'll cap off the experience with a 200m race. It's fun, educational and really memorable all at the same time. You'll need at least 6 persons for this experience, so bring your friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Singapore Best Known For?

Singapore is best known for being a densely populated financial centre, with a world class airport, and lots of trees! Thanks to Sir David Attenborough, Singapore has more recently become known for its otters and other wildlife that co-exist with people in the city. Singapore has also been glamorised in Crazy Rich Asians as a glitzy playground for the rich, and is also known for its UNESCO hawker food and iconic Gardens by the Bay/Marina Bay Sands skyline view.

How Can I Have Fun In Singapore?

There are SO many fun things to do in Singapore! It wasn't the case even five or ten years ago, so even locals sometimes fall into the trap of thinking Singapore is boring. But that couldn't be further from the truth. If you love museums, Singapore has some word-class museums like the gorgeous National Gallery, the amazing National Museum and Art-Science Museum. If you love the outdoors and hiking, Singapore is pretty much connected end-to-end by park connectors so you can do an urban hike along the Southern Ridges, hike the water pipes from Mandai to Dairy Farm or even do a off-the-beaten-path hike to the enormous abandoned Marsiling WW2 Bunkers. If you love shopping, Singapore has boutique and high-end stores at the fancy shopping malls at Orchard Road & Marina Bay Sands, as well as thrift markets. And if you love food, Singapore is a paradise of super cheap & yummy street-food, to award-winning Michelin Star restaurants, to amazing private dining.

What are the must-visit places in Singapore?

Touristy (but worthwhile!) things to do in Singapore are: the Singapore Zoo, Botanic Gardens (UNESCO), Universal Studios Singapore, National Gallery Singapore, Jewel Changi Airport (for the indoor waterfall!), Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay. We would recommend pairing a touristy visit with a slightly less touristy one so you can see the authentic side of Singapore as well as what the shiny attractions are. We would also highly recommend Pulau Ubin (for hiking and kayaking - to see Singapore as it was as a sleepy fishing village), wandering the colourful streets of Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Glam, and having brekkie at Tiong Bahru Market!

What are the off-the-beaten-path places to visit in Singapore?

We're glad you asked - this is close to our hearts at Seek Sophie! For outdoors/nature, we would highly recommend kayaking and hiking in sleepy Pulau Ubin (or cycling around Coney Island if you can't spare half a day), doing an intertidal walk to see Singapore's hidden marine life, and going to Sungei Buloh nature reserve with a naturalist to see crocodiles, monitor lizards and birdlife.

If you're super adventurous, we would recommend the Marsiling Bunker trek to see enormous abandoned WW2 bunkers, and Fort Serapong in Sentosa. If you want something chilled in nature, do an island hopping yacht trip so see lesser-known islands around Singapore! Singapore also has a ton of heart beneath its gleaming skyscrapers, and we would recommend going on a walking tour with triad members to understand some little known history of Singapore.

Finally, for foodie adventures, we would highly recommend going for private dining (peek into a local's home with yummy food!), prata breakfast/supper at Springleaf Prata (coupled with a hike at railway corridor!), and enjoying Peranakan food that's unique to Singapore/Malaysia.

What are fun activities to do with friends in Singapore?

These days instead of meeting up with friends for dinner and drinks, we prefer to go hiking, a gallery or play instead! Usually this means we have even more to talk about and it's also a fun bonding experience of trying something new together. For hiking our favourites for a catch up are: Railway Corridor (top it up with a Springleaf Prata!), Fort Canning Park, Botanic Gardens and Dairy Farm Reserve as it's so quiet. If you want to do something creative, why not try an art jam or something like pottery, rug tufting or even leather making? You can do something fun and chilled, and catch up at the same time! Or wander around National Gallery Singapore as they always have new exhibits coming in. If you opt for the gallery, you can go for coffee/lunch at Funan beforehand or even yummy Burmese food at Peninsula!

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