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We offer terrarium and moss frame private workshops at our dedicated studio, stocked with a variety of plants, materials, creative add-ons and even crystals!

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a unique experience with a lot of elements to choose from where i could express my creativity! staff was friendly, patient, and very knowledgeable. she offered great advice on how to arrange the elements too! wo...


Lots of materials for ornaments and the tree was fresh and smelled good! A fun activity to get into the Christmas spirit! 🎄


Great glass blowing experience at Tombalek with Aloysius as our instructor. He is very detailed, patient and assuring throughout the whole process! All the staff are really friendly and I highly recommend coming...


Super fun workshop and the results were great. Daniel, our mentor was great and he helped us at each step. Took a little longer than expected but he was very patient! Thanks!


Had a great time at Sage Artelier! Brought my brother down for an art sesh and we had a nice time. Staff was very friendly and was also helpful when we asked for advice on our pieces. Only complaint is that the ...


Highly recommended. So much fun!! Will definitely visit again.


Em was amazing in her guidance and her patience! It was a memorable experience! 10/10 will recommend :)

Nigel Lim

The staff provided great care and guidance for all participants and were accomodating of our various levels of proficiencies. The venue itself is located in a quiet neighbourhood with an MRT located close by.


Helpful Questions

What are the popular types of creative workshops available in Singapore?
Some popular types of creative workshops available in Singapore are painting workshops, pottery workshops, photography workshops, craft workshops, and writing workshops.
Which organizations in Singapore offer creative workshops?
There are several organizations in Singapore that offer creative workshops. Some notable ones include The General Company, My Art Space, Goodman Ceramic Studio, Objectifs, and The Writers' Centre.
Are there any specialized workshops for beginners in Singapore?
Yes, there are specialized workshops in Singapore specifically designed for beginners. These workshops focus on teaching basic skills and techniques in various creative disciplines, making them accessible for people with little to no prior experience.
What are the benefits of attending creative workshops in Singapore?
Attending creative workshops in Singapore can have several benefits. They provide opportunities to learn new skills, enhance creativity, meet like-minded individuals, explore different art forms, and even relieve stress through artistic expression.
How long do creative workshops in Singapore usually last?
The duration of creative workshops in Singapore can vary depending on the type and level of workshop. Some workshops may last for a few hours, while others can span multiple days or even weeks to provide a more in-depth learning experience.
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