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Studio MU YU
21 reviews
Studio MU / YU strives to showcase the elegant imperfections of wood. Through distinctive wooden grains, contrasting layers of light and dark rings, an oval knot here and there, and exquisite textures, the beauty of wood permeates time and speaks to us through subtle details. Every handcrafted wood trinket tells a story, and no two pieces are the same.

What Guests Say

75 reviews

Loved the whole activity!
Brought my friend there as a bachelorette party activity, and she really loved it. Says to wear the rings during her wedding.
We could customise the ring types, and engrav...


Amazing experience. The team is extremely friendly and helpful. The result was great, and I have the exact level of assistance that I need it during the whole process.

Sebastian A

I have always wanted to try out making jewellery from scratch and it was a great experience since I learnt a lot of doing steps in making my own ring. I enjoyed the class a lot and both the instructors gave grea...


Had a fun and relaxing time, no rushing and the environment was calming. Great to do with a friend and if you are wanting a ring for yourself. Sizing is better with the actual ‘finger’ there :) the instructions ...

Davina L.

Would have given 7 out of 5 stars if there was an engraving machine for Elvish as I'd be able to enslave the world with The One Ring but I guess my plans can wait for another day


Very fun and interactive! Great date idea


The silversmithing workshop was so enjoyable! We learned the process of making our own silver rings and completed our ring in just 3 hours. The instructor was clear and the workshop was seamless with a nice pace...


The workshop was fun , instructor is friendly and patience!!

Ting Ting

Helpful Questions

What are the popular techniques used in jewellery making in Singapore?
The popular techniques used in jewellery making in Singapore are soldering, beading, wire wrapping, metal stamping, resin casting and enameling.
Where can I learn jewellery making in Singapore?
There are various places in Singapore where you can learn jewellery making such as Beads and Crafts, The General Co, The Owl's Attic and The Art Faculty by Pathlight. Additionally, there are also online courses available for those who prefer virtual learning.
What materials are commonly used in jewellery making in Singapore?
The materials that are commonly used in jewellery making in Singapore are beads, gemstones, precious metals like gold and silver, wires, strings, pearls, crystals, and enamels.
Are there any local jewellery designers in Singapore?
Yes, there are many local jewellery designers in Singapore that create unique and exquisite pieces of jewellery. Some of them are Carrie K., State Property, Choo Yilin, Ling Wu and Stones That Rock.
Is jewellery making a popular hobby in Singapore?
Yes, jewellery making is a popular hobby in Singapore, with many people taking up the craft as a means of relaxation and creativity. There are many workshops and classes available to cater to this growing interest.
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