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Studio MU YU
25 reviews
Studio MU / YU strives to showcase the elegant imperfections of wood. Through distinctive wooden grains, contrasting layers of light and dark rings, an oval knot here and there, and exquisite textures, the beauty of wood permeates time and speaks to us through subtle details. Every handcrafted wood trinket tells a story, and no two pieces are the same.

What Guests Say

107 reviews

Interesting workshop with good facilitation from the main facilitator (a lady but I didn’t catch her name). She was very patient and clear in giving instructions. The other facilitator, Johnny, was relatively he...


Very fun, it's impossible to mess up with the hands on instruction. Left with one of a kind jewelry!


I had a really fun time designing my ring, especially with the instructor who really knows how to help us. It was a fun and meaningful activity as a couple!


Is a pleasant learning class.
We followed the sequence of work flow as guided by the instructor and everything is completed with ease.

Will Cha

This was a great experience for us as a group of 3 girls as part of a bachelorette party. Facilitator was really kind and helped us logistically with the booking. Experience was enjoyable as we didn’t think we w...


We really enjoyed our time making wood earnings for my friend’s hens party! It was a memorable time and we learned so much about pine wood and the process behind everything that goes into a beautifully crafted p...


It was great! The instructor was v patient with us and helpful too


Helpful Questions

What are the popular types of jewellery making techniques in Singapore?
Some of the popular types of jewellery making techniques in Singapore include wire wrapping, beading, metal stamping, resin casting, and clay sculpting.
Are there any jewellery making courses available in Singapore?
Yes, there are several jewellery making courses available in Singapore. These courses cater to different skill levels and teach various techniques, such as basic beading, advanced metalwork, and gemstone setting.
Where can I find jewellery making supplies in Singapore?
You can find jewellery making supplies in specialized craft stores, online marketplaces, and even at some local art supply shops in Singapore. These stores offer a wide range of materials like beads, wires, findings, tools, and gemstones.
What are some famous jewellery brands in Singapore?
Some famous jewellery brands in Singapore include Carrie K., Choo Yilin, and Ling Jewellery. These brands specialize in creating unique and handcrafted pieces inspired by local culture and heritage.
Are there any jewellery making communities or associations in Singapore?
Yes, there are several jewellery making communities and associations in Singapore where enthusiasts can connect, learn, and share their knowledge. The Singapore Beading Society and The Association for Contemporary Jewellery are some examples of such communities.
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